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French Army providing special plane, low-cost Mecca trips for Muslim soldiers


Don’t be surprised if they hijack the plane and crash it into the Eifel Tower on the way back…

Winning hearts and minds. The French are hoping, of course, that this kind of treatment will blunt the force of the jihad against France. But this manifests — yet again — ignorance of the jihad doctrine. The Qur’an and Sunnah mandate that Muslims must wage war against unbelievers simply because they are unbelievers. It makes no exception for unbelievers who are kind to Muslims. “France Army Organizes Hajj Trips,” from (thanks to Creeping Sharia): via Jihad Watch

Counter Jihad:

“Stop Islamisation of Europe” is a dangerous slogan

Asharq Al-awsat – Dr. Hamad Al-Majid

Stop Islamisation of Europe

FBI raiding Colorado Muslims

* Nothing to do with Islam. You must be a real Islamophobe thinking something like that….

NYdailynews – James Gordon Meek, Rocco Parascandola AND Larry Mcshane

Moscow Battles Muslim Insurgency

NPR – Anne Garrels/

Moscow Battles Muslim Insurgence Soldiers of Allah

Russia is facing growing violence in Muslim regions on its southern rim. Islamic extremists seeking to create an independent Muslim state in the Caucasus regions are attacking security forces and officials on an almost daily basis.

If children are taught that patriotism is wrong, Britain’s very identity is at stake

DailyMail – Melanie Phillips

Wilders on trial: “I am considering calling on radical imams and other idiots as witnesses”

This would be a superb strategy, since Wilders doesn’t say anything about Islam that hardline imams don’t say. Geert Wilders Trial Update. “Wilders’ discrimination case in January,” from Dutch News, September 14 (thanks to JW):

JW News:

Media Whore Obama:

When it comes to the state-run media, it’s all Obama, all the time….


“Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War “

Weasel News:

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  1. * Chicken licking Jihad.

    “History of mental illness” coming up? No relation to Poo Jihad, Solkhar?

  2. * “Obama Is Pushing Israel Toward War “

    This “rumour of war” will take place, but unlikely to be Israel that
    initiates it – they will simply get the task of burying the dead invaders.

  3. “The Qur’an and Sunnah mandate that Muslims must wage war against unbelievers simply because they are unbelievers.”

    Incorrect, no facts given, no references but only historical examples of events of then…. typical agenda based BS.

  4. No blog-owner, I believe that they are believers whom simply ignore it either through ignorance or the simple and popular human failure of greed, power and politics.

    Just like good Christian Germans gave up and ignored their faith to help support war and murder, as did Serbs, Croats and Bosniak Muslims during the Balkan War.

    You are, for your own agenda, capitalizing on this greed and claiming that they are because of the religious faith instead of the real reasons. Guess your obliged to condemn all of Germany as Crusaders against Judaism.

  5. “Guess your obliged to condemn all of Germany as Crusaders against Judaism.”

    Why would the Sheik be obliged to do that, Solkhar? Do you really get
    paid for your services to Morocco, because if this is typical of your work,
    the Interior Ministry is being dudded. There is no Biblical sanction for
    a Crusade against Judaism. Do you attribute the Holocaust to the God
    of Israel? It has satan / allah’s fingerprints all over it, if anything.

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