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Brussels: Muslima fails to chose the veil,  promptly murdered by brothers…/as usual, nothing to do with Islam, look away, nothing to see here…

jihad-news-caster-1Today’s “Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with Islam” report

Today’s report comes to us from Sydney, Australia, where a Lebanese man was sentenced to 12 years for writing a book on jihad and martyrdom that he claimed was merely “religious journalism” / Australian Associated Press

Father of Alabama jihadist blames “US foreign policy”  for son’s radicalization

If caught, lie and deny everything: Jawa Report

So the father of Al-Shabaab jihadist Abu Mansour Al-Amriki (aka Omar Hammadi), who we recently learned was raised in Mobile, Alabama gave an interview with WKRG-TV this week where he blamed US foreign policy on Somalia for his son’s decision to get into the terrorism bizness.

But since Shafik Hammami is one of the primary leaders of the Islamic community in Mobile, his real purpose was to assure everyone that his son’s radicalization didn’t occur in Mobile, which is the first point he makes in the video below. His son was just magically translated to Somalia by the beneficence of Allah and was radicalized there in response to US foreign policy. Whatever.

Here’s the interview on youtube

Immigration Agencies Ignored Dallas Muslim Terror Plotter’s Red Flags; The “Guybrow” Terrorist/By Debbie Schlussel

Raping Prisoners of War without the Side Effects/(Islam Watch) Sex during the time of Muhammad:

This is a cartoon, but it contains VERY explicit images. Muhammad’s men wanted to rape the women they captured in battle, but they didn’t want to get them pregnant. What did the prophet of Islam have to say about this?

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  1. Nothing to do with islam, allah & its false prophet & koran of course,
    but Germany has banned flights over Oktoberfest in Munich, following a series of threats of “man caused disasters” …

    Terror threats prompt flight ban over Oktoberfest
    (AP) – 2 hours ago

    BERLIN — German authorities say they have banned flights over the annual Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich after a series of terror threats aimed at Germany.

    (wars and rumours of wars)

  2. Ohhhh Mullah,its just a Coincidece if those who made the threats are Muslims, a poor Coincidence….a Bad Luck…..Thats sure !

  3. Brussels: Muslima fails to chose the veil, promptly murdered by brothers…/

    Did anybody try reading that article?
    One minute they’re talking about a female and the next couple words the say “he”, or “his, and their”, so I begqan to wonder if they were referring to a hermaphrodite with a multiple personality or something.
    Example: Latest victim in Belgium of a crime of honor, Claudia had disappeared June 14 in the last quarter Helmet in Schaerbeek. Son corps a été repêché le 29 dans une valise flottant sur le canal de l’Escaut à Trith-Saint-Léger (nord de la France, près de Valenciennes), les mains liées dans le dos et les pieds entravés. His body was recovered on 29 in a suitcase floating on the canal with the Scheldt Trith St. Leger (northern France, near Valenciennes), hands tied behind their backs and feet shackled.

    I guess there was much lost in the translation.
    Leve it to beaver(Google translator).

  4. “son corps” would be “her body” in english ,that’s correct.
    a male person referring to his mother would say “ma mere” in french.

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