Moors Want Spain to Apologize after 400 Years

Socialist Spain plans no celebrations for  throwing out the Moors 400 years ago?  400 years of Mohammedan expulsion no reason to celebrate? WTF happened here?

The defeat of the Moors in 1492 and the expulsion of the Moriscos from 17th-century Spain has become a politically sensitive subject, with Osama bin Laden referring to it in repeated calls for the restoration of al-Andalus, the former Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula.

Reconquista-rendicion-granadaThe Capitulation of Granada, by Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz

Spain marks 400th anniversary of expulsion of Muslims

Earth Times

Revisionist History, Lipstick on a Pig:

Madrid – On September 22, 1609, the regime of Spain’s King Philip III launched the expulsion of the country’s 300,000 Moriscos, as Muslim converts to Christianity were known. The firstexpulsion orders gave the Moriscos of the eastern region ofValencia three days to get to the nearest port, with no luggage other than what they could carry, after which delay they faced reprisals including death.

As Spain marks the 400th anniversary of the launch of the massexpulsion on Tuesday, it is widely regarded as an early example of ethnic cleansing and as a major loss that delayed the country’s development.

The government, however, is not commemorating the event that official Spain feels “uncomfortable” about, as novelist Juan Goytisolo put it.

Muslims known as Moors ruled parts of the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th to the 15th century.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the Muslim conquerors and settlers were not Arabs, but North African Berbers (Amazigh), and  many Spaniards of indigenous origin also converted to Islam.

Muslim Spain, which was known by the name of al-Andalus, was a beacon of high culture in medieval Europe, with its civilization peaking in the 10th century. (The myth of the Mohammedan “Golden Age”, read it here..)

The weakening and divisions among Spain’s Moorish kingdoms facilitated the Christian reconquest of the country, which was completed with the defeat of Granada to Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

PH2007103101952Mohammedan train bombing in Madrid, which brought about Socialist appeasement and pandering…

That same year, the royal couple expelled all Jews from a kingdom they wanted to unite under a homogenous Christian identity.

Muslims were told they could continue practising their faith, but the promise was only kept for a few years’ time.  In the 16th century, not only were Muslims forced to convert to Christianity, but they were pressured to abandon the Arabic language, Muslim dress, customs, and all traces of their original culture.

Yet many of the Moriscos continued to practise Islam in secret, contributing to doubts about the sincerity of their Christian faith and making the Inquisition persecute them.

There were also doubts about their loyalty to the crown, with Philip III fearing that they might aid a potential Ottoman invasion ofSpain.

Finally, when the king suffered a de-facto defeat in a war against Dutch Protestants in 1609 and needed to compensate for it with a victory over an internal enemy, the Moriscos were ordered to leave.

The expulsions began in Valencia, where the converts made up as much as 30 per cent of residents.

The expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain, which lasted from 1609 to 1614, was one of the biggest in the country’s history, concerning about 4 per cent of the then population.

The exodus took place in brutal conditions, with up to 12,000 people dying in the process.

Most of the Moriscos were shipped to North Africa, where they created wealth and contributed to the culture of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Some even crossed the Sahara to Mali or Benin.

Others left Spain for France in order to travel on to Istanbul, while some went as far as Latin America.

Some of the Moriscos resorted to different strategies to stay in Spain, such as bribes, marrying Christians with no Muslim ancestors, entering convents or staging insurgencies, which were promptly repressed.

The departure of the Moriscos was “a real economic disaster for several regions,” Arab studies professor Luis Fernando Bernabe said.

The Moriscos were craftsmen, traders, agricultural labourers, experts in irrigation techniques, and the backbone of the silk industry, which was lost after they left. (take that with a grain of salt)

Still today, vestiges of the Moriscos’ rich heritage can be seen in regions such as Valencia, ranging from agricultural fields in mountainous terrain to olive and almond plantations and solid buildings.

Academic congresses, exhibitions, book launches and documentary films are marking the anniversary of the expulsion.

Yet no official expression of regrets is planned, despite Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero having launched the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations project to improve understanding between the West and the Muslim world.

After the reconquest, Spain began to see itself as having only a Christian cultural identity, and many of today’s Spaniards use the word “Moor” pejoratively to refer to Moroccan immigrants.

The expulsion of the Moriscos was an act of “civilizational and religious hatred” which created a perception of Muslims as aliens, Arab culture expert Gema Martin Munoz observed.

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24 thoughts on “Moors Want Spain to Apologize after 400 Years”

  1. Re Spain and it’s decision to respect the reality of the History instead of “celebrating”.

    The article is pretty much accurate, shame some loser with an agenda had to add his comments directly into it.

  2. No, unlike you I believe in realism. Andalus is gone, certainly to Morocco’s great benefit. Chaning history does not happen and actually in Islam the concept of “if only” is considered haram.

    See, unlike you, I accept the reality that both Israel and Palestine exist and will exist side-by-side, and if they are both smart about it and the radical bad eggs on both sides are muzzled, they can and would live in peace.

  3. What is YOUR reality for the MYTHICAL state of Palestine Solkhar do you want it created on Jewish land surely your ARAB Mohammedan invader brothers should give MORE land to them after all they already have 80% of the Mandate of Palestine already and TWO States Syria and Jordan the Jews less than 20%. Why ANOTHER Mohammedan ARAB State on Jewish land? Surely even YOU can see this is illogical unfair and criminal. BTW as Palestine does not now and never has existed how can anyone be a citizen of it and how can you be a refugee from it or how can it be occupied. Your comments are eagerly awaited.

  4. Im going to miss the yearly celebrations in majorca, where all the town folks would dress up as local Spaniards or arabs & they will fight.

    The mooors brought alot of culture in spanish’s daily lives.

    However the rulers of moors became too greedy & wanted spain. The moors were driven away not because of any religious war but as to avoid an invasion.

    The problem was, the Moors that stayed in the islands & in southern spain were not loyal to the king of spain despite raised there, given protection etc.

    They were forced to be loyal to the King of Moors. This was the real conflict that grew out of proportion.

  5. tjwork,

    We are destined to argue over fine points.

    The following statement is factually incorrect. “However the rulers of moors became too greedy & wanted spain. The moors were driven away not because of any religious war but as to avoid an invasion.”

    If you are talking about the end of the period, the facts are that the Andalousi Sultans and royals were not greedy but were lazy and they enjoyed the fruits of previous leadership and hard work and thus allowed the Sultanates to become decrepid and thus free-picking for the Catholic Zealot Ferdinand and Mary to conquer them.

    If you are going back to the beginning, the invasion would have made it to Paris except that a leading Berber prince died back home and an entire section of the invading forces left. After that it was basically a stalemate.

    The Andalousis were driven out, as I said because they were vulnerable and had nothing to do with any threat to invade the Castillians, in fact they were unable to do such a thing, it was due to a similar desire for land grabbing by the Castillians spurred on by the religious zeal of the staunch and radical Catholicism of the monarchy and in fact it became the prelude to the Inquisition that followed.

    Factually also, there was no Spain until the total take-over, and there definitely was no “Spain” when the Muslims first came.

    Interesting, a good part of the celebrations, I have watched them as well, such as the dressing up and fighting is not a problem for me and the Muslims in Spain or the Andalousis in Morocco. It is the religous claims in parts of them talking about kicking out the heathens and also the term “reconquesta” which is technically and morally false. It is good the government has ordered that to be removed.

  6. History of Reconquista against the Jihad in Spain (711 – 1492)

    There is an aggressive delusion amongst the Muslims that the lands which they overrun once, always remain Muslim lands. While the Muslims have a birthright to invade any non-Muslim land on the pretext of converting the non-Muslim population to Islam, the victims of the Muslim invasion have no right to eject the Muslims! They have to meekly subject to the will of the Muslims, who invoke the name of a fantasy they called allah.

  7. “”, yet again the blog-owner does not go to independant and non agenda based sources. He may as well have quoted Spencer and say “see I told ya!”.

    This site is one of the funny ones, if you look you would imagine it is a spoof because of its stupidity but it actually done seriously!

    Laughable items are like this:

    “El Cid – The legendary hero of the Re-conquista

    El Cid (1045-1099), also called El Cid Campeador, is the name commonly used for the important Castilian knight and hero, Rodrigo (or Ruy) Diaz de Vivar, who was born in Bivar (Vivar). He battled the Moriscos (Spanish for Moors or Muslims) ”

    During the mid to late 11th century, there was no Re-conquista, in fact it was a time when the Christian Castilians were on the run. The efforts of Rodrigo Diaz included hunting Jews since the Andalousi Armies were way to strong, better equiped with more sophisticated weaponry and techniques and simply better organised. This was also the time of the First Crusade declared by Pope Urban II that for the first year did not bother to even leave Europe and instead massacred thousands of Jews.

    Ironically the El Cid comes from the Arabic “al sayeed”.

    His most notable achievement was defeating a single Muslim city of Zaragosa and then turning his attention on defeating the Christians of Aragon.

    1. “yet again the blog-owner does not go to independant and non agenda based sources. He may as well have quoted Spencer and say “see I told ya!”.

      Got it, sokler, got it!

      Next time I buy my history lessons in a kebab shop from a real mohammedan. Or perhaps I can get one from my local imam, he wouldn’t lie to me, would he?

  8. Solkhar the blasphemer wrote “… actually in Islam the concept of “if only” is considered haram …”

    “If only” is “haram”, but denying that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and denying that He was crucified is central to islam?

    If only! But you, Mo, allah & 1.x billion muslims don’t get to change
    reality just by denying it – you simply seal your fate in the lake of fire.

    Your deluded phoney “if only” islam is doomed, Solkhar. “If only”
    it wasn’t so.

    Spin it, Solkhar!

  9. Typical muslim third-world propaganda. God Bless the Catholic Monarchs who free us from this scumbags.

  10. I am not apologising for what my ancestors did 400 or 700 years ago.
    They expelled the Moors because they were murderous.
    Man, woman and child.

    I feel a Crusade coming on, children! Mummy will be back soon!

  11. Sent 2 posts – initial indications were that they were correctly sent – but they didn’t arrive. Will have to put in a bit of detective work.

  12. Sheik,
    Can you go the this story below and see if the two link comment I sent at ‘Dhumme Dhimmi December 28, 2009 at 12:57 pm” is there waiting, please.

    ‘Turning Europe into Africa: SECRET PLOT TO LET 50 MILLION AFRICANS INTO EU’





  14. Dhumme Dhimmi,very nice your Blog,i will link it to mine,Ferdinand and Isabel are 2 of my Heroes,specially Isabel who was very cute….Porky.

  15. Aslam Alaikum.
    To all viewers:

    I do not intend to come onto this page again, for it is only a waste of time for me to be reading foolish and selfish comments written by viewers. Though I do have one intention, and it’s to get one thing straight through every one who is reading this comment.
    Islam comes from the arabic word, salam, meaning, peace. Islam is a religion of peace, and until now is. To be specific, Sunni Muslims, such as myself, who truly believe in Allah, SWT.
    Al-Andulus contained a great number of sunni muslims who were NOT lazy, who were NOT greedy, and who only wanted peace. King Ferdinad and Queen Isabella were too worried about their own selfish needs of taking compelete control of Spain. They knew full well that if they left things as they are, Spain would soon become mostly inhabited by muslim converts. THAT is the reason why they invaded Al-Andulus, brutally killed men, woman, and not even sparing the children. Those who mock Islam, Allah SWT, the Prophet Muhamma PBUH, and all muslims have been promised great punishment in Judgment Day. It is for you to decide what to do, weather you belive in Islam or not. Muslims, until now, intend and want to only create peace, and that is why they do not START wars. If what is rightfully theres is stolen, or if there is a brutual invasion like the previous one four hundred years ago does happen to occur, they WILL take action. That is the order that Allah had ordered us in the Holy Koran.
    You may think or comment what you like, for it is not in my place to change your minds forcefully. Though I have done what I should have done since seeing this page, and Allah SWT is my witness on this.


  16. * Those who mock Islam, Allah SWT, the Prophet Muhamma PBUH, and all muslims have been promised great punishment in Judgment Day.

    Interesting – those who, like the false prophet Mo and muslims, mock and blaspheme against Jesus Christ may be forgiven, washed clean by His atoning blood. He is very giving, and did the will of God the Father in going to the cross for our sins.

    muslims show their gratitude by mocking Him, and blaspheming against Him, denying that He is the Son of God, and denying that He was crucified.

    Hell awaits them, unless they change their minds about Him. What will you choose to do, Muslimah; mock and blasphem, or accept and believe. Your choice, but time for islam is fast running out.

  17. holy koran?
    “the ones among the children of israel who did not believe were
    cursed by the mouth of david and by jesus son of mary”5:79.
    “o you who believes don’t take jews and christians as friends,
    they are eachothers friends, and one of you who takes them as friends is one of them indeed”5:52.
    “o jesus, son of mary did you say to the people; consider me and my mother as two gods beside allah”5:117.
    YhM way, truth and life and YHWH Ruach gives testimony.
    islam is folowing the moon-god, not YHWH.

  18. Muslima
    Muslims do start wars!!! Take all the action you want – we will just destroy you – NOW PISS OFF YOU BLOODY IDIOT!

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