No, Islam is not a "black" religion…

Bare Naked Islam:

Black pastor says, “Every mosque is a breeding ground for terrorists.”

Here’s one pastor of a black church who understands what Islam’s all about: the spooked CNN tart who interviews him  gets her knickers in a twist and quickly runs to the local imam to get some ‘balance:’

Florida Christians are fighting to keep a mosque out of their neighborhood. But the condescending liberal reporter from CNN is obviously disgusted by this.

Truth Tube Video

Finally, some black Americans who don’t think Islam is wonderful.

2 thoughts on “No, Islam is not a "black" religion…”

  1. The interviewer asks the muslim about someone they have ties with who is connected to alquaeda – he , of course , says there is no such person – and she leaves it at that – how about this person’s name and any info she can dig up on him ?

  2. The imam says he is “promoting understanding of Islam”- which means da’awa: spreading Islam, calling people to Islam. Nothing else matters.

    The CNN tart is not an investigative reporter, she knows nothing about Islam and doesn’t know how to ask the right questions. The imam sez “prove it” when she asks him about AQ ties. she leaves it at that.

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