NYT: Obama Prefers PRAVDA

Jawa Report: See no ACORN. Hear no ACORN. Speak no ACORN.

Hear-No-ACORNWeasel News:

Saudis give Obamessiah the finger:

Leading Democratic and Republican congressmen expressed outrage following a report in Monday’s Jerusalem Post that Saudi Arabia has been violating its promise to Washington to stop enforcing the Arab League boycott of Israel.

Remember: “War is deceit”

Satellite-1“This is a very disturbing report,” Berman said, “particularly in light of the fact that US officials assured us four years ago that Saudi Arabia would abandon the boycott as the condition for its entry into the World Trade Organization.”

Berman declared that he would take action on the issue. More from J’Post

America’s MSM wears PRAVDA


No one shifted an armchair, moved a flower arrangement or asked an unexpected question.

big spending negro

President Obama gave five back-to-back television interviews broadcast on Sunday that were as tightly choreographed — and eerily similar — as the multiple Magritte bowler-hatted men milling in the remake of “The Thomas Crown Affair.”

The president’s talk show grand slam, conversations with CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Univision, all taped on Friday in the Roosevelt Room, was a remarkable — and remarkably overt — display of media management. Mr. Obama even doled out equal doses of presidential charm, chuckling ruefully about “rambunctious” protesters to Bob Schieffer of CBS and speaking self-deprecatingly to George Stephanopoulos of ABC, conceding that he had not presented his health care proposals in a way that allowed people to put “their whole arms around it.”

“And that’s been a case where I have been humbled, and I just keep on trying harder,” he said. “Because I — I really think it’s the right thing to do for the country.”

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Jihad News:


‘You get pregnant, you give birth. And that’s about it’

Obama’s commander warns of “failure” in Afghanistan

Hordes of Muslims
They just keep coming…