On the Jewish New Year, Obama Extends Greetings to Muslims?

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On Rosh Hashanah, Obama extends greetings on Muslim holiday

Atlas Shrugs:

On the Jewish New Year ….

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Perhaps, O is trying to convince Ahmadinejad that he’s the 12th Imam. I know, I know, impossible, Obama’s Muslim upbringing is Sunni. Today, on Rosh Hashanah, B. Hussein extends greetings on Muslim holiday.

And here is Obama’s Rosh message ………….  “let’s reject the impulse to harden ourselves to others suffering”…………is he preaching to us?

  • More Obama bastardy:

It’s better these days to be a U.S. adversary than its friend...

In Israel,  we are facing new problems:

‘Protecting’ Jewish girls from Arabs

Jewish girl

The phenomenon of mixed dating has grown, with violent outbursts breaking out frequently between Arab and Jewish youth… Moshe said that his group also maintains contact with the Arab men as well, in an effort to convince them that pursuing such relationships is not in their best interest. “One of the girls we’re in contact with, her father is a commander with the Jerusalem Police,” Moshe said. “Once the guy she was with heard about that, things changed.”


14 thoughts on “On the Jewish New Year, Obama Extends Greetings to Muslims?”

  1. You are a defilement on the face of Judaism. Racism? You think that’s OK, then I guess? I’m a rabbi’s daughter, and I think your page is VILE.


  2. Did anyone think that Obama was passing the end of Ramadan/Eid’l Fitr message which happens in the US to fall on the same Jewish event?

    In fact, all the US Presidents from at least Reagan have always given the main Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious greetings and message.

    Thus just another questionable report.

  3. Lets stop the unending games of Cat and Mouse, with OBAMA/SOETORO, who is acting like a Muslim 5th Columnist, to weaken and destroy the U.S., both Militarily and Financially.

    All to fulfill Mohammeds Islamic edict of World Domination.

    They are dedicated to War against us, we must be at total War against them.

    The U.S.A has the clauses of RECALL AND IMPEACHMENT, use it for a start.

    I as a Canadian can’t start it, otherwise I would.

    Check my “Ban Islam petition” on Google.


  4. Were is Geert Wilders? Easy, hiding as usual and avoiding debate.

    For those who bother to look and learn, he goes into Parliament and then makes an outrageous comment and demands and then disapears to avoid having to debate it.

    Looking further you will find that he does not debate “at all”. He goes on tours overseas (as he is unwelcome at home) and the conditions for his turning up is that there are ……. you guessed it……no questions!

    He claims security reasons, but we know that the Parliament is a pretty safe place and even when offered professional or State security, he declines.

    1. Good one, Solker:

      ” Wilders makes outrageous comment and demands” – why outrageous? And who is outraged, Solker, you? And why do you complain about his security?

  5. * Robert Fisk, the famous verb

    Unique, having his own private verb 🙂

    Good to see the site is back to normal

  6. With Obama depicted as a monkey it is interesting to note that the Darwinian evolution hypothesis holds that people with dark skin are closer to their primate ancestors i.e. not as evolved or devoloped as whites.

    That is why the Nazis held to their Aryan ideal of blue eyes / blond hair / white skin. Negroids were / are considered by such Darwinists to be close to apes. Mohammad compared them to raisins.

  7. I don’t like the association with Nazis and Aryan ideals.

    What I’m saying is reverse racism is still racism and in most cases far worse than the common obsession with white racism.

  8. What’s the problem here blog-owner, could not respond to the point on Wilders to had to return to personal attacks again? His comments are, of course, outrageous. We all know, as you certainly do, that his comments on Islam are pure BS. He of course dissapears for anyone to question him directly, clever man.

    I have never avoided debate, in fact it is you, who changes the subject rather than get involved in it, rather like that person you get all upset if I criticize.

    So, we can assume that you already new that Wilders does not debate at all, even when there is guarenteed security – such as in the Houses of Parliament.

    As for your coming to Marrakech, sure come along, I will not be hiding, I will even give you a tour, so you can see what normal life is like, I will take you to the conservative neighbourhoods and then even talk to some expatriats and then you will notice that life is not at all like you imagaine it is (not that you will report it as such).

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