3 thoughts on “Picture of the Year”

  1. Nice moustache Mr Ineedastraightjacket! And the other photograph depicts two arses, one useful, the other feeds words into the mouth of the mutant president in the first photo.

  2. Ahh those Pearly Boys the Mohammedans just love them. BTW we are STILL waiting for the PEA BRAINED Sulkher to explain why allah provides them in the Mohammedan knocking shop in the sky when here on earth they hang them also why evil, sadistic, illogical, stupid allah creates beings just to punish them in hellfire. Maybe his Dutch BF has not told him those secrets yet. Tell us too Sulkher just WHOSE Embassy do you work in in Morocco.

  3. The Amadinejad pic is a definite wienerwinner!
    I love how they used the corn in there for texture. That’s beautiful, man!
    It almost looks like a much older Ernesto Che Gueveraonly the moustachio is much thicker.

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