UK: Muslim Immigration Official Allows in 44 Potential Terrorists

Potential terrorists let into the UK by Mitcham mum and Croydon Home Office worker

Croydon Guardian

How could they refuse to help their Muslim brothers?  Those who follow Muhammad are merciful to believers but harsh to unbelievers (v. 29)


Nearly 50 potential terrorists or criminals were let into the UK after a Mitcham immigration officer doctored asylum applications and falsified computer records, a court heard.

Aliya Ali, 39, of Windemere Road, was sentenced to five years imprisonment today at Croydon Crown Court after pleading guilty to 12 counts of misconduct in a public office.

A total of 44 asylum seekers who should have been deported are thought to be unaccounted for in the UK as a result of the mum-of-two’s deception.

The court heard how Ali claimed she only broke the law to help Asian families settle in the country and earn a living.

But while handing down the sentence, Judge Ruth Downing said: “You say you only did it to assist because they wanted an honest life in this country.

“But you had no idea whether they fitted into that category or whether, hidden among them, were criminals, terrorists or the like.”

She added: “I am genuinely shocked. This is a most serious offence. You single-handedly decided on a course of action that enabled people to break the rules.

“Many speak of your high standing in the community and you should reflect on the disservice you have done to your community. It was a breach of trust in a senior position and you were promoted in the course of criminal activity.”

Ali, a senior Home Office case worker worked in the immigration department at Lunar House, Croydon, as an £80,00-a-year finance director.

Miss Joan Mitchell, defending, said: “She is utterly ashamed. Her family has been torn apart and her husband may have to give up his job because of the children.”

The court heard how investigators had spent two months searching for information about the asylum seekers, mostly from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, that were helped by Ali.

Only five of the 49 have been traced.

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  1. * a result of the mum-of-two’s deception.

    A result of the slave of allah’s deception.

  2. Why isn’t she and he r whole family being deported too ? Bet the 44 never get deported either once they are in UK the PC MC Islamophile moonbat ‘Yuman Rites’ INDUSTRY with slimy Lawyers making a fortune who will be on their case spending hundreds of thousands of UK taxpayers money to stop deportation. With the aid of UK’s PC MC moonbat Judiciary who almost NEVER agreed to deport. Then of course its the FREE house , the Social Security benefits , the FREE health Care , the guaranteed anonymity and Police protection and last but not least of course ALL their family allowed to join them on the GRAVY TRAIN provided bu UK Taxpayers. Needless to say even when they say they will NEVER pay Tax they are just here to BE paid by TAXPAYERS. Its their “YUMAN RITES” dont you know. But hey they usually vote SOCIALIST so thats OK.

  3. * Only five of the 49 have been traced.

    What, she brought them in but didn’t arrange the council houses?


  4. Yep the level of infiltration in the UK is now so severe, that the only way to reverse it would be to ban all muslims from getting a job of any sort and impose a strict curfew whist organising a mass deportation.

    Extreme measures, I know, but that is the only course of action that would offer some degree of success. Granted there would be mohammedan violence during the process, but there is also always the threat of violence from them anyway while we sit around and do nothing.

  5. The infiltration of radicals into the UK started in fact during the 1970s under the Thatcher years.

    The backfiring of the old-style diplomatic game of using the granting of amnesty to “political assylum seekers” to do a diplomatic slap in the face to governments for political leverage is the cause. Basically the concept is that if you accept a political assylum seeker you are saying loudly that you abuse human rights.

    Britain was on the forfront of doing this and accepting basically any Saudi, Egyptian, Pakistani and Iranian “disident” not realising that they were being subjected to punishment in their country because they were in fact dangerous extremists.

    Now they have had 30 years to establish themselves, build networks, encourage even amongst their own families to bread lawyers, enter into councils and all the important established places – immigration, customs etc.

    Other countries did the same, but not to the extent it is in the UK and that is the main reason why the UK is suffering now.

    1. See, Solkhar, sometimes you tell the truth and you make sense.

      That’s why we still keep you around and allow you to pour your heart out.

      Thanks for this one well reasoned post amongst 99 smears against Spencer and Fitzgerald and myself…

  6. This is also happening in Australia. It is now a major problem in the UK. Unfortunately KRudd is too busy practicing flawed social engineering or getting himself appointed onto important forums to worry about the internal security of Australia. People should go through the records of the immigration department – in terms of employees and employee background, and then correlate admissions into Australia against individual immigration officials – the results may be interesting.

  7. Kaw, when I was posted in Ankara there was a scandal at the Aussie’s Immigration Section in their embassy in Athens and they had to close their Immigration Section in Ankara pending an inquiry. Simply put a Greek who migrated, became a citizen, joined their Immigration department and because of his language skills was then posted to Athens and he had over 400 “friends” migrate. He used up the quota for that country and “stole” the quote from Turkey and Cyprus, whatever that meant.

    I think some countries see problems as beign something that they see in the movies and do not realise the truth of how these things can happen. That is like how people are still stunned in Stockholm with the organised and very violent, well planned and spectacular helicopter escape there – no it is not Mission Impossible, it was real. My work with tracking terrorism finance brings me in contact with those officials local and foreign on the investigator’s side and the reality is there. I have just re-crossed the border from Algeria and people are still being killed almost daily by the Al Qaeda off-shoot. I was with their Customs and documenting the seizeure of 14 million USD worth of fake goods that if sold goes to Hezbollah.

    What is critical is that things are taken serious and no tolerance is given to those who use political agendas to skirt from it and from all sides.

  8. Blog-owner, you do not smear and attack others let alone me?

    The fact is that I do take care and purpose on what I write, and my opinions of Spencer and Fitzgerald remain. I will put no value in anyone is does not reflect the reality on the ground and mouth’s off based on that lack of reflection.

  9. * My work with tracking terrorism finance brings me in contact with those officials …

    Do you do any “work” other than helicoptering around sites like this, pretending to be all sorts of things to deceive anyone gullible enough
    to believe you?

    * I have just re-crossed the border from Algeria and people are still being killed almost daily by the Al Qaeda off-shoot.

    Will you ever connect the dots between the desire of your “god” to strike
    terror into the hearts of “infidels” and those it uses to carry out its wet work?

  10. * I will put no value in anyone is does not reflect the reality on the ground and mouth’s off based on that lack of reflection.

    Poor Solkhar – told so many porkies for his “god” that no-one can believe
    a word he says.

    Who are you, Solkhar, and who do you serve? (apart from “allah” and its
    false prophet)

  11. * He sure has a vivid fantasy, doesn’t he?

    Born in country NSW, native Dutchman, ex-RAN, ex-Dutch diplomat, ex-political officer, snitch, terrorism finance expert – his resume goes
    on and on…

  12. I have stated from the beginning, it is in my own website and if the resident fundamentalist/evangalist actually was good at trying to expose my identity I have given sufficient clues that he should be able to work it out, albiet he would need to know French and Dutch to do so.

    When I retired from the foreign service I was part of an effort to track the movement of funding and financing of proscribed (identified) terrorism groups, type I, II and III for some groups. I lived in Australia, I enjoyed but regret, for two years in the outer suburb of Melbourne called Geelong. I had a teaching job for Military and Police on the same subject and a few other things. I decided in the end to pack up and leave for Morocco were I am a member of a private company that continues doing the job. The directors of this company are, apart from myself, a Turkish National in Istanbul were we have an office and a French National in Paris. The other two worked for the police and like me are sem-retired.

    There are four agencies that do this, all of us are given different areas to track, we are paid by the EU mostly and each of us have our local consulting contracts in our company name.

    That should be enough for the evangalist but he is rather lost.

    I do not chace terrorists, blog-owner, I do not see them but I do see their work. Most of my work is in fact following the paper trail with various Customs Authorities and national police services. I just came back from the port of Oran in Algeria as they had seized millions of dollars worth of fake razors and female sanitary napkins that I confirmed to them via the paper trail was for the benefit of the accounts belonging to Hezbollah. Nothing cloak and dagger but I know I am doing my part. Next month I will be in Brussels to attend a conference on the subject, that should be in the News, it will be a joint EU WCO (World Customs Organization) event. You might even get my picture if I am not careful enough.

  13. * outer suburb of Melbourne called Geelong

    Really, Solkhar? An outer suburb of Melbourne? 🙂

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