Who is crazy in Holland today?

From the desk of Thomas Landen / Brussels Journal

God Bless Hitler cries Muslims

The former Soviet Union used to send dissidents to psychiatric wards and treat them for the mental disease of not seeing the benefits of communism. In Europe, we have not gone so far (yet) that people who do not see the benefits of the multicultural society are treated as lunatics. They are merely considered to be “fascists” or “racists.” Nevertheless, some intellectuals on the left truly seem unable to understand how anyone who is right in the head can be “right” in the head.  continue reading>>

“Geert Wilders is a racist.”

Those are the words of the respected Dutch opposition leader Alexander Pechtold. (“respected” for what? For pissing on Wilders leg?/ed) So far national political figures have been reluctant to express themselves so bluntly about the far-right Freedom Party leader.

Mr Pechtold’s comments came after anti-immigrant politician Wilders had once again used shock tactics during a major political debate in the Dutch parliament.

But Islam is not a race….

The ‘Racism’ Canard [Victor Davis Hanson]

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Lets get these wankers out!

EU: We would not want to hurt Muslim terrorists’ feelings

Gilles de Kerchove

Another unelected f*kcwit beaurocrit  inflicted on us by commie-bastard Xavier Solana: Gilles de Kerchove

KUNA — Nawab Khan

The European Union’s top anti-terrorism official said here Thursday that there should not be any stigmatization of any people or religion in the fight against terrorism.

These incompetent, unelected wankers are way past their use-by date. They need to be put out to pasture!

France to close Calais Muslim invader camp

41 thoughts on “Who is crazy in Holland today?”

  1. LOL, “after anti-immigrant politician Wilders had once again used shock tactics during a major political debate”.

    What shock tactic. No, just the usual, he did not debate, he made his accussation and demand and then left the house. Why? Because he is in fact one of the worst debators around and gets eaten alive by real and professonals. I ask anyone, has he ever appeared on a debate, a radio or television interview with unplanned questions? No. His contract for appearing in places, such as in Copenhagen or when he visited the US was all on the basis that “no questions” be asked unless approved.

    This is the reality of the “so-called Great” Wilders. Le Pen at least is able to argue.

  2. “These incompetent, unelected wankers are way past their use-by date. They need to be put out to pasture!”

    Oh, I forgot, only the blog-owner is allowed to smear, the rest of us may not!

    It for me is just another example of how professionals know nothing but this blog-owner is the expert.

    1. Not a smear, Solker: just a clear opinion about what we need to do with unelected cowards who rather suck up to mohammean terrorists than doing their job.

      Btw: what makes you think this unelected, beaurocrat A-sole is a “professional” in anything?

      Just curious!

  3. What is the penalty for deciding to leave islam? That’s the only question one need ever ask or have answered by any “Islamic Expert”.

    The answer is simple : leaving islam is an automatic death sentence. All who would join are idiots, all who want to leave are prisoners.

  4. Apostacy is not a death penalty in North Africa (yes even Libyia), Malaysia or Indonesia, Syria or Jordan, Turkey and probably many more that I am not aware of the laws.

    Some people need to get facts correct before the open their mouths. Bryan has now done that on each and every post he made.

  5. Interesting, I would rather put my confidence in Jiri Sedivy, a former Czech defence minister and foreign minister and the son of a defence minister than a questionable and agenda based blog-owner who admits to being satirical.

    1. ” Jiri Sedivy’s father was …”

      and what’s the price of meat in Marrakesh today?

      “This is the reality of the “so-called Great” Wilders. Le Pen at least is able to argue.”

      So what would that old drunk Nazi-bastard Le Pen argue about? How to eliminate da Joozzz to please the mohammedans? Some argument, that!

      Try again, Solker. You can do better than that!

  6. “Apostacy is not a death penalty in North Africa (yes even Libyia), Malaysia or Indonesia, Syria or Jordan, Turkey and probably many more that I am not aware of the laws.”

    Interesting, Solker.

    So why don’t you go right ahead and tell us what the penalties are in these countries for honor killings?

    And while you’re at it why don’tcha tell us also whether you would kill your wife/sister/brother/father/mother or your children in case they become apostates?

    Update: No prison if you kill your daughter for honor

  7. I’ll tell you this, Solkhar, if you or any muslim EVER try to convert me to Islam, that will definitely be the last breath you or they ever take. I know islam through and through, and for their even to be a penalty for deciding to try another religion tells me every thing I need to know. I am a highly skilled rifleman with extensive bayonet/edged weapons training. You should counsel your fellow muslims against any Da’wa, for you never know when you’ll meet me. I am more than willing and ready to eliminate thousand upon thousand of muslim threats of Da’wa. Take some lessons today. Learn what an Arkansas Toothpick is.

  8. blog-owner,

    Murder is murder in Morocco and Tunisia, honor killings do not get some form of sympathy and the prison is full of such people. The death penalty occurs here for the most serious of crimes, such as the organisers of the terrorist attacks. I know of at least two occassions that brothers whom killed their sisters under so-called honor killings were excuted under Moroccan law, in both cases it was proven to be organised and premeditated and thus they got the death penalty.

    I am certain that there are honor crimes that do not get full attention and even reporting – just to many “accidents”, but the point is it is getting better

    As for myself, I have back home in the Netherlands an oldest daughter who does care about religion, that is her right, her boyfriend and perhaps future husband is a Suranemese origin agnostic Christian, he is a very nice guy – just finished his law school and is working for the courts now My oldest son is a musician in Amsterdam, drinks beer and is also not so insterested in religion. My other daughter is also in Holland, though not finished her baccalauriate is a scholarship student and a member of an orchestra (music runs in the family), she is more religious than I am but choses not to wear a hijab yet (in her words), and my five year old is more intersted in Power Rangers.

    So I think your question should be asked to someone else, I am a liberal moderate and not of Arab descent to have that cultural habit, because that is what it is. Did you know that honor killings are prevelent in Serbia, Ukrain, Russia as well as by Hindus in India and Nepal? Cultural, not religious.

    1. Solker,

      So you are saying you will not kill your family members if they leave Islam?

      Interesting that you mention that you are ” not of Arab descent”, have you been forced to adopt Arabic names and to drop your Berber heritage in the name of uruba, Arabness?

      I’m not sure whether you’re a “liberal moderate”, in your world you may see yourself that way, as a snitch and Islam propagandist on your governments payroll you are certainly not in my view. But in the eyes of the zebiba people that alone would make you an apostate. But hey, don’t accuse me of making you a better moslem, that’s not my intention…

  9. I am born and bread in The Netherlands, white European, not sure what this berber comment comes from? I have a vocablulary of Amazigh (chil’ha) of about 12 words.

    But then most of your postings are confused rantings.

  10. Bryan, your knowledge of Islam is obviously nil and probably from rubbish books like Spencer’s and Fitzgerald and way-off agenda based websites. I know this for certain because what you say is basically cr*p and that is not just the above but each time you said something it is totally incorrect if not “strange”.

    Thus also we can say that with that very large lack of knowledge, it makes your threat of retaliation against someone trying to convert you rather moot if not equally “strange” considering you base it on BS.

    But do not worry, I am not into prosthelitizing, in fact I destest those that do it, like a certain evangelist on this blog.

  11. Did you not receive the hometown reference and thus access to my town’s website and the photos I made of my street? It even showed my car and if you search the website (mind you it is in Nederlands) you will even see my extended family.

  12. Solker, you must be mighty desperate:

    “rubbish books like Spencer’s and Fitzgerald and way-off agenda based websites”- you keep posting the same drivel, smears and nonsense and then you wonder why you’re getting snipped and eventually booted off?

    Prove them wrong! Prove me wrong!

    Show us what you got, Solker, on an intellectual level, give us something we can work with like reason, logic, common sense instead of ad hominem attacks, lies, smears and absurdities.

    Btw, I’m so glad “you’re not into prosthelitizing”- not even a little da’awa here and there?

  13. Frankly speaking blog-owner, I am not going to spend time with point by point critique that will certainly be ignored as “I do not care”.

    The reality is that I will point out that the majority of quotes from say Spencer are quotes from the Qur’an that are real but as I mention time and time again are argued as being events of the time. In return Spencer would say that there are enough people today using those arguments as excuses and I will say yes but there are an equal if not more that say no – and thus argument goes in circles because Spencer relies on the fact that they are “half-truths”.

    Additionally, Spencer will quote either other right-wingers or radical Muslims to prove his point and again, he is correct that they exist and they say these things, and pointing out that they are also a minority is of no value because he will go back to his initial “half-truth” protection clause.

    Thus the subject is moot. I know as most people know that using this “half-truth” method to justify an argument was thrown out of academic institutions in the 1950s and that is why he avoids going around in such circles which is the only method of gaining credibility. I also find it rather shameless that he has said that he speaks at various universities as being a sign of credibilty when in fact he is invited by the right-wing faction of a student’s union and some universities have no control over saying yes or no, thus he goes to one and then adds to his self-promotion that he “spoke at” such and such university.

    So blog-owner, I will not waste my time going into that game and if you wish to call them lies, smears and absurdities then I should remind you that you are the single greatest smearer on this blog, it is you who attacks constantly and your only ammunition is the above source and his like, and until you get similar quotes and references from all sides of the political and social spectrum, you will remain in the “questionable fringe”.

    One other thing, I question your constant statement that Islam is in a jihad and state of war with the west and yet not one government, be it Muslim, from the West or other nations have claimed, acknowledged or declared a war against Islam in response. None, including the State of Israel believes such a war exists. Do you not find that a sign that you are wrong or would you consider that you and your miniscule group as being the only one’s that understand and the rest are obviously all stupid, ignorant and unintelligent? Explain yourself blog-owner.

  14. Solkar is using his
    TAQIYYA skills as a jihadi liar.

    He is know dutchman and never will be.
    He is a muslim liar.

    Find out about the use of taqiyya and frustrate jihadi’s like solkar all over the net.

    Suck them empty and frustrate them by using the knowledge of taqiyya against them.

    I swear it will work. If solkar says yes you say no, if he says white you say black. Always speak in absoluut term and never let an argument open.

    So frustrate the E-jihadi’s all over and have alot of fun.


  15. taqiyya is the escape clause for a bigot who is unable to find a real argument and no matter what is said, they can always say ….. aah, he is saying taqiyya. Rather pathetic.

    i also suggest that this hjkl goes to http://www.sgravendijkwal.nl/ and take a look at “mooie foto’s van onze mooie straat” and even better go there and ask my mother “welke nationaliteit is uw zoon?”

    1. Hmm, solker, you’re arguments are becoming nauseating:

      “real” arguments vs what? “Real” media vs, blogs,”real” wakademics like Esposito vs Spencer & Fitzgerald, “real” taqiyya vs bare faced lies, “real” moslems vs ordinary terrorists, “real” state sponsored snitches vs missionaries, “real” Islam-terror vs history, “real” riots vs police raids, “real” politicians vs Wilders.

      Sounds to me like “real waiters don’t serve quiche” –

      or does it mean “real” mohammedans kill for their religion?

      For me, that means back to square one: telling the truth about Islam makes mohammedans go apeshit. Why?

  16. @ solkar

    The blog owner doesn’t have to explain himself especially not to you
    so piss-off ass-wipe.
    Go demand that muslims stop violance and pushing their sick doctrine.

  17. @ solkar

    So you are deniying there is such a thing as

    If you lie about this what more do you lie about?
    And don’t come back and say that it is only a shia thing because sunni muslims use it also.

    1. Well, what solker is saying is that for a kuffar to accuse a moslem of using taqiyya is just an “escape clause for a bigot who is unable to find a real argument”- unfortunately for us kuffars, solker never tells us what the “real arguments” are, apart from telling us that we got it all wrong about Islam and his dirty book is all about peace and kumbayah.

      But Solker forgets that we can read, the texts are clear for everyone to see… hehe..

  18. * Solkar is NO dutchman

    Country NSW boy, lived in Frankston & supported Geelong. Nothing
    Solkhar & his various aliases claim can be accepted as true, as he has
    gone to great lengths to establish that he is a liar.

  19. * ask my mother “welke nationaliteit is uw zoon?”

    Which part of NSW is that, Solkhar? Bourke? Orange? the Hill?

  20. The Sulker is no more Dutch than I am he may????? have been born there but definitely not to DUTCH parents and he ran away to Morocco with his BF pretty quick too.

  21. 9:73 “Sheikyermami, make war on the muslims and the hypocrite solkhar and deal rigorously with him. Obsessive self inflicted torment shall be its home.”

    The word “al-Taqiyya” literally means: “Concealing or disguising one’s
    beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies at a
    time of eminent danger, whether now or later in time, to save oneself from physical and/or MENTAL INJURY.” A one-word translation would be “Dissimulation.” (al-islam.org)

    # Dissimulation is a form of deception in which one conceals the truth. It differs from simulation, in which one exhibits false information.

  22. Mart,

    which people suffer terribly under Islam? I don’t, people here in the Maghreb do not or do you think the Islamic world is Iran, Saudi, Afghan and Pakistan?

    It is better to learn a bit then ask questions once you have knowledge?

  23. I wonder how many of you have actually tried or gone to the Muslim World and asked if they even know the word taqiyya and the context it was given. You will find that only those in the madrassas learning Islam at a clerical level even know the word, the rest have no idea.

    Of course most people who use it are those on blog-sites like this one and they are not Muslim.

    Taqiyya – the bigot’s escape clause so that any argument with a Muslim will at a minimum be claimed to be a lie.

    1. Solker sez:

      ” You will find that only those in the madrassas learning Islam at a clerical level even know the word, the rest have no idea.”

      Really? Which is an inadvertent admission that we know more about your belief-system than most (ignorant, Illiterate) moslems do, is is it not, solker boy?

      Besides, complaints about taqiyya, when they come from a habitual, pathological liar like yourself cant be taken seriously. Separating the truth from reality seems to be not only your own problem, it becomes increasingly difficult if we, the hated kuffars, are supposed to sort the ‘radicals’ from the ‘moderates’- I dare say we separate from the lot and let allah sort them out!

  24. Solkhar the snitch wrote “which people suffer terribly under Islam?”

    Christians in Morocco, for starters – unable to preach the gospel without
    snitches to dob them in to the satanic authorities; muslims seeking to
    accept Jesus Christ, forbidden to worship in churches and so on.

    You, being a snitch, should have some idea of the terrible suffering.

  25. Solkhar the bigoted anti-Christian snitch wrote “Taqiyya – the bigot’s escape clause …”

    Don’t you go lecturing on bigotry, Solkhar. Want to see a bigot? Do you
    have a mirror handy?

  26. Incidentally, Solkhar, the “muslim world” may not be around much
    longer – not because of claimed bigotry of bloggers and blog-sites, but
    it denies and rejects Jesus Christ the Son of God, and His crucifixion.

    That is enough to seal its fate.

  27. Solkhar, may God bless you and give you peace.

    I have a question…If you children have no interest in Islam and you consider yourself a moderate then why would you even be arguing these obviously now-moot points with Brian?
    Have your children found something about Islam that disturbed them to the point of leaving it? Or is it that they simply got smart and left you behind?
    You must be a very devout Muslim otherwise you would not be so argumentative.
    What is it that bothers you?
    Are you having your doubts about the religion of peace?
    Do you ever feel threatened by peaceful religions like Christianity? Hinduism? Judaism? Buddhism?
    Surely you must have seen something in Islam that disturbs you?
    Don’t you ever wonder why, every time you open a newspaper there is an article about the mayhem that Islamists are causing world-wide?
    Do you hang your head in shame that you could be associated with an ideology that encourages people to die killing innocent people to promote its Sharia laws and overtake, politically, economically, and immorally, countries that have enjoyed freedom of thought, freedom of choice, and most importantly, freedom of speech through democratic process?
    You must be having some doubts but perhaps you are afraid to leave for fear of reprisal from your mosque.
    I think you argue in hopes that you will be convinced and yo will gain the strength to leave it all behind you and enjoy life the way it should be lived without fear, and in utter freedom.
    As a Muslim, you must be holding feelings of insecurity about the Islamic beliefs as were purported and demanded by the tyrant, child molesting, narcissistic, racist, murderous, pathological, lying, thieving, torturing, megalomaniac Muhammad (Piss be upon him)?

  28. Solkhar wrote: “You will find that only those in the madrassas learning Islam at a clerical level even know the word, the rest have no idea.
    You will find that only those in the madrassas learning Islam at a clerical level even know the word, the rest have no idea.”

    Cults tend to operate like that, Solkhar – start off with nice sounding
    stuff like “islam is peace” and slowly work your way up to the top
    where you can start with the heavy stuff, like “death to infidels!”.

    What level have you reached, Solkhar – stoolpigeon grade 2?

  29. Wilders latest speech in parliament:

    “But, fair is fair; there is also a lot being achieved by this government. For instance, integration goes very well… At least, the integration of the Netherlands into Dar-al-Islam, the Islamic world. This government is enthusiastically co-operating with the Islamization of the Netherlands.”

    From EuropeNews, September 18:

    It is over. This government has run aground, like an old car that got stuck in loose sand. It still squeaks a little, it cracks. Anyone can see that the little creature will never move one meter again. The battery is dead. It’s all over. Madam Chairman, it would be laughable if it were not for the future of the Netherlands. Then you could make fun of that little club of helpless people who stare out through the misty windscreen, hoping there is someone who can tell them which way to go. They know themselves that if you look closely, it is way past saving. That they only made the wrong decisions and did not take note of the little sign: “swamp to the left”.

    Then they did turn left. Because their ideological GPS is programmed to only turn “left” ever since the sixties. They cannot do anything else. Wouter [Bos, Vice PM, Finance Minister PvdA, Socialist] behind the wheel, Andre [Rouwvoet, Youth and Family Minister CU, Christian Union] in the baby seat, and to Jan Peter [Balkenende, PM CDA, Christian Democrat] anything is okay as long as his party gets to stay in the front seat. [V1]
    They tried to throw some ballast overboard. Mrs. Vogelaar [former Integration Minister PvdA, Socialist] was tied to a tree.

    Aboutaleb [Moroccan-Dutch mayor of Rotterdam PvdA, Socialist] got out in Rotterdam with all his passports. Van Geel [fraction leader CDA] would have preferred to take the turn to Brabant to become the Queen’s Governor there. Jan Peter [Balkenende] cries out all the time: “I want to go to Brussels!”, and the Al Gore parrot, Miss Cramer [Environment and Housing Minister PvdA, Socialist] trumpets from the back seat: “Not too fast, that is bad for the polar bears!” The only route the PvdA is proposing is to do a few turns around the [Amsterdam] canals.

    Prime Minister, please just stop with this. Send that rusty piece of junk to the junkyard. Collect the scrap fee. It makes no sense anymore. There is only one reason why the government [“Cabinet”, coalition government] continues stumbling: that is out of fear of elections.

    I do understand that. I get it. For when the Netherlands gets to vote, it will show that the crisis mainly is happening in one specific place… and that is in the government. The Balkenende/Bos people, who are most of all good at throwing billions towards the chalk lines, to the big banks. If the Netherlands is allowed to choose, it will choose against the snatching habits, the big fat bonuses and bungling with side jobs. How dare the government go after ordinary citizens while they simultaneously spend billions on banks and leftist hobbies, and hundreds of millions for the 19,000 asylum seekers that await us next year, about double the number of last year!

    If the Dutch get to say what they think about the budget cuts, well then, I can predict what it will be: care, the police, and education will be spared. According to the Dutch there should not be any pinching and scraping on that. But the borders will be closed immediately to more fortune-seekers. Then the development aid spigot will be turned off tight, and there will no more be billions flowing to that bureaucratic Moloch, the European Union. Then the left-wing public TV will have to do with far less money, and there will be no expensive JSF [F-35 Joint Strike Fighter].

    If the voters have their way, the fraction of the PvdA will fit in a Mini Cooper. Looking away just won’t help anymore. The coalition that has run aground may stick its head deep under the dashboard; the voters are on the verge of losing all patience, they are counting the days until the next election, which at the latest will be on May 11, 2011. The voters want a new parliament and a new government instead of this helpless bunch in that run-aground little car.

    But, fair is fair; there is also a lot being achieved by this government. For instance, integration goes very well… At least, the integration of the Netherlands into Dar-al-Islam, the Islamic world. This government is enthusiastically co-operating with the Islamization of the Netherlands. In all of Europe the elite opens the floodgates wide. In only a little while, one in five people in the European Union will be Muslim. Good news for this multiculti-government that views bowing to the horrors of Allah as its most important task. Good news for the CDA [Christian Democratic Appeal, the party of the PM]: C-D-A, in the meanwhile stands for Christians Serve Allah [Christenen Dienen Allah].

    Madam Chairman, this government, this elite does not have even the slightest will to oppose Islamization. No, it looks to it as a great enrichment of the Dutch landscape. All those snug mosques, those cute headscarves, those cozy burkas. Yes, the Netherlands really becomes more beautiful with that. Here and there from time to time some are left dead, or some are raped, and eventually our country will go bankrupt. But all that may not spoil the fun. Only a grumbler would pay attention to that. Just have patience for a little while, because we await the Islamic Utopia.

    Madam Chairman, a better environment begins with yourself. Many Dutch are irritated by the pollution of public space by Islam. In other words, our streets in some places are increasingly looking like Mecca and Tehran. Scarves, hate-beards, burkas, men in long weird white frocks. Let us do something about that. Let us start to reconquer our streets, and ensure that the Netherlands will look like the Netherlands again.

    Those headscarves are a true sign of oppression of women, of subjugation, of conquest. It is a symbol of an ideology that is out there to colonize us. Therefore: it is time for a big spring-cleaning of our streets. If our new Dutch citizens want so badly to show their love for that seventh-century desert ideology, then they should rather comfortably do that in a Muslim country, but not here, not in our country.

    Madam Chairman, this country has an excise tax on petrol and diesel, it has parking permits and a dog-tax, it has an airline ticket tax and has a packaging tax, so why not tax the headscarf? A Head Rag Tax. Just pick up a license once a year and immediately pay for it in cash. €1000 a year [$1500] seems like a tidy sum to me. Then we will finally get some money back out of what has cost us so much. I would say: the polluter has to pay. My question: is the government prepared to introduce a headscarf-tax?

    Madam Chairman, the government refuses to tell the citizen what mass immigration and the presence of non-western immigrants costs us. The government refused to answer our questions on this. Fortunately we know approximately what this joke costs us. The Dutch weekly Elsevier did a calculation and came up with over two hundred billion euros. To be precise: 216 billion euros [$318 billion]. For this year alone that already means nearly 13 billion euros [$20 billion].

    But, Madam Chairman, this government does not want to know it. “For we aren’t going to calculate how much the elderly cost us, either,” the government says. How is it we do not know how much an elderly person costs? Someone in a nursing home costs €165 a day, a prisoner €192 and a TBSer €476 euros. But when it comes to the electoral cattle of the Socialist Party [PvdA] then suddenly it is: all eyes closed and all peckers tight. Then the truth has to remain under the hood. When it comes to immigration, that information suddenly almost seems a state secret. And this while immigration is the result of government policy, the result of the decision to open the locks wide.

    Madam Chairman, The Netherlands has approximately one million Muslims. Many of them are immigrants. And none of those really came over here out of love for the Netherlands. They did not really come en masse to the Netherlands because they find it such a fabulous country with all those unbelievers, all those kaffirs. What did they come over for then? Well, for state benefits, for instance. And before you attack me on this, I am not the only one who says this. GreenLeft MP Tofik Dibi recently said that young people in Morocco view the Netherlands as a utopia where you can get free benefits. A takeaway counter for free money, as I understand it. In short, they come here out of an economic calculation. Over there penniless, here a fat benefit.

    Madam Chairman, is it such a surprise then, that we start to wonder how much that leftist hobby costs us? That we carry out an economic calculation? If they do it, why can’t we? The message of the government is: you pay and you shut up, and you know what? The immigration party must go on, you just are going to enjoy working two years longer for it [past your pension year]. Two years of toiling and sweating, to finance Islamization. What a vision!

    The government remains silent over those costs and sets aside Constitution because of it. The PVV will reward that tomorrow with a vote of mistrust. We will also start an investigation ourselves. All of the Netherlands is very welcome to contribute their ideas. What do we have to count for it? What items have we forgotten? How much does mass immigration cost us? Everyone will soon be able to go to the new website http://www.watkostdemassaimmigratie.nl [what-does- mass-immigration-cost]. Coming soon. We will do our own research or we will subcontract it.

    Madam Chairman, all the money that mass immigration is costing us we can use in much better ways. For example, for our own elderly. Hands off the AOW [state pension]. We do not accept that there will be reductions of the AOW. What an antisocial proposal! What nonsense too: of the 63- and 64-year olds, less than 15% are working now. According to us those people do not have to trudge an extra two years longer [until 67]. The people on the street know what the problem is. They can tell you exactly. They know that mass immigration is the problem. That cost us at least 216 billion in the past forty years. Government, don’t get it into your heads to cut 4 billion of the AOW.

    So do not get it in your heads to send the bill to the common man. Everyone should just be able to retire at 65. Our proposal is: close the borders to the fortune seekers from Muslim countries. This provides us with billions that we can make good use of for the defense of the AOW.

    We stand at a crossroads: do we opt for more mass immigration or do we choose for our own elderly? The Party for Freedom chooses for our elderly.

    Madam Chairman, sound economic policy starts with lower taxes. These are necessary for the first steps on the road to a better Netherlands, and that can already be done next year. Therefore we created a counter-budget proposal. In 2010 we start with a cut of seven billion on leftist hobbies and subsidies. With this we lower the income tax in the second level [tax on income and property and for social security “insurances”, now circa 42%] by 3%. This means not a few euros less [like in the government budget], but a few hundred euros more for an average family.

    Many people therefore will have more money in their pockets. We also reduce the deficit by over one billion euros, so we budget one billion extra for care [like old pensioners’ houses] and will finally return the stolen “quarter of Kok” [temporary extra petrol tax of 25 cents, introduced by Socialist Finance Minister Wim Kok in 1991 to help budget cuts, and which became permanent] at the gas station. And from the PVV, no cuts in the police budget. Not a penny. We will completely annul the irresponsible cuts by this government on the police.

    And, apart from tax reduction, we have to other plans to plans to slightly soften where possible the economic crisis. Two plans to boost the economy. First: we cut the property transfer tax in half [tax on house sales, circa 6-8% of the sale price]. That will make the housing market slowly start up again, because buying a house becomes cheaper.

    Second: we boost job creation by temporarily making labor cheaper. The PVV budgets 320 million euros to help people who lost their jobs get on a faster track to a job in the private sector. We scrap the social security charges for one year for employers who take on people from unemployment. This enables 100,000 people who could no longer have jobs because of the crisis to get back to work faster! 100,000 people! Chairman, this seems to me — during the biggest job losses since the Second World War — many times more effective than to continue to allow hordes of Polish workers in, as the government does.

    The government is preparing itself for the biggest reductions ever. “All political taboos are open for discussion,” said Wouter Bos [Vice PM and Finance Minister, Socialist], the man who has embellished the bankers with many billions and now wants the common man to pay the bill. Chairman, the financial policies of this government are indefensible; I understand that the financial spokesman for the Socialist Party [PvdA], Mr. Tang, has really done everything he could not to have a debate about that.

    Madam Chairman, Monsieur Bos should finally begin with his own leftist tough meat. And keep your hands off the care, the police, and education. It will not be easy to address your own constituency, but it can be done. Madam Chairman, cut that leftist public broadcaster, minimize the contribution to the European Union, stop those arts-subsidies, stop — except for emergency aid — this crazy development aid, and no expensive JSF aircraft.

    Madam Chairman, crime must be taken on much harder. The Netherlands should be reconquered, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, beach party by beach party. With officers who act rock-hard against criminals instead of issuing speeding fines for driving a few miles too fast, as ordered by people from above.[V2] Madam Chairman, the scum who is caught by the scratch also has to receive real penalties. Thus longer behind bars. Never again a community service or a low prison sentence for rape. Moroccan street terrorists we must pick up. We must take them on rock-hard.

    Madam Chairman, in our new Netherlands, the heaviest punishment will be imprisonment, and therefore not in the nursing homes. The nurses are really kind there, but there are not enough of them, therefore, among other things, we want one billion extra for care. A 24-hour diaper replaces the toilet at the moment, there is no time for a daily shower. To have a cigarette, the elderly — often with wheelchair and all — have to be carted outside. But they often have not been outside for days, for weeks. They even have to pay extra for having their clothes washed, and a biscuit with your coffee? That is often something of the past.

    No such thing for the criminals though. They have it much better in prison. They are entitled to go outside one hour each day, they have the right to recreation and to sport. Clothing, shoes? Absolutely free. Prison cells are full of smoke, because they are allowed to smoke in there. They have more guards per inmate than there are nurses for the elderly.

    The PVV proposal is crystal clear. Older people must have it much better than prisoners. But now it is the other way round. That has to change, and I would like to see the Prime Minister to respond to that. Give our elderly in the nursing homes more rights than prisoners, and take away the luxuries for those villains in prison. No game computers, no TVs anymore, no halal food, no sport and recreation. Let them feel they are criminals. And spoil our elderly.

    Give them at least as many attendants as there are guards in prison. Give our elderly the right to have a shower every day, to go out every day, to have a smoke in their own rooms. Madam President, it does not seem too much to ask that the people who had to eat tulip bulbs in the famine winter [1944-45], who worked on the rebuilding of the Netherlands after the war — that these people may have a better deal than burglars, rapists, and murderers.

    Because of such abusive situations, the PVV wants to mount the barricades. The government occasionally also gets furious, but for other reasons. The [Socialist] Home Secretary Ter Horst, just before the summer, called for a true revolt. A revolt by whom? Well, a rebellion by the elite! Has a Dutch minister has ever before said anything so bizarre? Miss Ter Horst deluded herself that she was the Che Guevara of the Binnenhof [ parliament buildings in the Hague]. Above-average of all countries, unite! You have nothing to lose but your side jobs.

    Madam Chairman, I conclude. The Netherlands would look so much better without this government1. Richer. Safer. More social. And above all: more Dutch. The elite is dreaming their sweet pink dreams, but the people are not crazy. The people, who have been betrayed for decades, will no longer take it. Change is in the air. Hope glimmers on the horizon. You can taste it everywhere. There is no stopping it. Everybody sees it. Except the people in that little car, in the dead of night, somewhere in the middle of the woods. Stuck in the loose sand. The battery is dead.

    It is pitch dark and dead quiet. A dog urinates against a front wheel. Van der Laan eat his last bun with halal meat. It cannot last much longer. The wild animals already smell their cold sweat. Nobody dares to say anything. Wouter [Bos] hides his eyes of fear behind his — expense-account — RayBan sunglasses.2

    They are all lost. Nobody cares for them anymore. The silence is only disturbed by the little GPS that says to this government “You have arrived at your destination”.

    It is time for elections!

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