Yusuf rubs it (more furiously during Ramadan)

“Resistance is useless”- seems to be Yusuf Irfan’s latest message to the kuffar. Once again Yusuf is mighty upset that some infidels actually intend to do whatever it takes to keep our world safe from the soldiers of Allah….

irfanIslamic agit-prop and shari’a shyster Yusuf Irfan is once again mighty upset with the people he loves to hate: oh no, not the mad mullahs in Iran or the hate-preachers from Arabia to Morocco who regularly call for the annihilation of all Jews or “wiping Israel off the map”, no, Yusuf is mighty upset that a poster on Tim Blair posted this:

“The US should have immediately attacked Mecca with a nuclear strike and brought the war to the heart of Islam.”

Yusuf must have been choking on his momma’s best ramadan curry and is now so upset, that he will rouse the whole ummah to fight the pesky unbelievers until they’re either beheaded or embrace Islam…

I wonder if Michael Danby will make a speech in Parliament about this.

Tim Blair, far-Right opinion editor of the Sydney tabloid Daily Telegraph, published a comment on his blogthat literally calls for Mecca to be destroyed and facilitated all-out war in South Asia and the Middle East involving invasions of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria etc.

Here it is:

The US should have immediately attacked Mecca with a nuclear strike and brought the war to the heart of Islam.

They should have let the Indians off the leash to do what they want with Pakistan and Afghanistan, told the Israelis that they can smash the Jordanians, Syrians and Gypos, then landed half the USMC in Libya and Lebanon and steamrolled east and south until they linked up with the Israelis.

The US Army and the other half of the USMC should have been deployed to the Gulf and launched an invasion of Saudi and Iraq and pushed toward Syria.

Everyone else should have been told to eff off until the job was done and then some.

This is where Bush failed. He was too soft on them. Too soft.

Islam delende est.

murph of Blackheath (Reply)
Sun 13 Sep 09 (12:06am)

Yusuf fears the worst:

Wholesale massacre and genocide. Tim Blair allows it on. He thinks it satisfied his newspaper’s moderation policy. His editor Gary Linnell doesn’t seem to mind. And the Member for Federal Ports hasn’t said a word yet.

But hey, it isn’t racist to call for people to be murdered and bombed and turned into compost on the basis of their deemed religion. I mean, religion is a matter of choice, isn’t it? And Muslims aren’t a race, are they? It ain’t genocide, is it?

* Yes indeed, you got that right for once, Yusuf: Islam is not a race, Muslims are not a race. Now, lets start our interfaith dialogue and how we can peacefully repatriate the ummah back to Islamistan….

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  1. I have news for all of Islam.

    Gabriel spoke to me this morning, through my dream images, and he told me that your prophet Muhammad did unspeakable things to his own people, his chosen people(the Jews) and the people of his lineage(Christians) and to other pious and upright people of the world. He continued…his commandments, as set down by Moses and more importantly, of his only begotten son, Yeshua, were to be held and improved upon, and provided these commandments were held and improved upon, then their personal beliefs matter not.
    He further told me, through my mental images, that Muhammad has made a mockery of the Creator’s Laws as set down to Moses and his son, Yeshua, and has caused too much gnashing of teeth in heaven as well as hell.
    He said that the Geometrician of the Universe, through his most prized creation, is going to punish the followers of Muhammad(the Deceiver) with fire and brimstone if they do not repent and dissolve their beliefs soon. Then I asked Gabriel how long the Muslim people had to make amends and he said this; the Infinite One has ordained three passings of the earth around the sun for this to be accomplished. I said “That gives us three years…Amen to that”! Then I woke up, went to the bathroom to relieve myself and returned to bed.
    That was a weird dream, man.
    So immediately, upon waking I started reading the Koran and Hadiths to find out what the heck was going on that made God so pissed at Islam. I have discovered many reasons and I am sure that Muslims will too, if they read into it enough. They really should do some of their own research and dissemination amongst their fellow Muslims.

    So, there you have it my fellow Muslim inhabitants of earth…the truth is before you in the teachings of Muhammad. Read your Korans and find out why God is so pissed off with Muhammad for distorting his message and abusing it for his own self-gratification.
    You can either take my dream as prophetic or you can sit back and call me a blasphemer, a liar, or whatever you want. But when the end does come, and it will, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
    And who said Muhammad was the last propet?

  2. My apologies for the above.
    I was mistaken.
    It wasn’t Gabiel as I said…it was the angel Mitsriel or Mitzrael
    I have never heard of that angel before.

  3. Is it not said that all people are born muslim (according to muslims)?
    and that nobody is perfect (in general)?
    For Yahweh only the Perfect is acceptable.
    because all humans are sinners, all are in need for salvation.
    That means that if you are born into hinduism,
    buddhism, judaism, one of the 38 000 christian
    denominations, islam, agnosticism or atheism, than
    you need to be born again spiritually. otherwise you wont make it!
    Yeshua ha Mashiach; Way Truth and Life!

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