75 % of Native Dutch Want Their Country Back

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Netherlands_dutch_muslims_burn_flagsMohammedans burn effigy of Geert Wilders

75 per cent of the Dutch  are  of the view that Morrocans are not Dutch and should  be thrown out of the country. Only 20 per cent of the Dutch(still)  see Muslims or Islam  as a component of the Netherlands. In the Internet there is now a popular film on the topic with the title:  The day, on which the last Morrocan leaves the Netherlands …”

De Telegraaf 20. Oktober 2009

south_african_muslim_with_bin_laden_shirtAngry Moslem demands freedom to force sharia on infidels….

Here in German:

Niederlande: Nur noch 20 Prozent der Einwohner akzeptieren marokkanische Mitbürger

75 Prozent der Niederländer sind der Auffassung, dass Marokkaner keine Niederländer sind und wieder aus dem Land geworfen werden sollten. Nur noch 20 Prozent der Niederländer sehen Marokkaner als Bestandteil der Niederlande oder “kulturelle Bereicherung” an. Im Internet gibt es nun einen beliebten Film zu der Thematik. Er hat den Titel “Der Tag, an dem der letzte Marokkaner die Niederlande wieder verlässt”…  Source: Jihad Watch Deutschland
bangledesh_cartoon_protesters-stop“Stop opposition of Islam”

Saudis want to fund new Wahabi-School in Berlin

Radicalism guaranteed/Article in German, here

Unbelievable: Mohammedans get paid to participate in “integration dialogue”

Amsterdam: Mohammedans, who participate in “integration meetings” get paid 40 Euro’s (taxfree) for their participation. (article in German)

Michael Savage interviews Geert Wilders/Video from Jawa Report

Als Steuerzahler und ethnischer Deutscher denkt man immer, bei Integrationsgesprächen an runden Tischen versammelten sich zugewanderte Mitbürger mit offiziellen Repräsentanten unseres Gemeinwesens, um aus eigenem Antrieb heraus über eine gemeinsame Zukunft mit uns zu sprechen. Offenbar ist auch das leider weit gefehlt, Beispiel Niederlande: In Amsterdam wurde nun bekannt (und offiziell bestätigt), dass Mohammedaner, die an “Integrationsgesprächen” teilnehmen, dafür 40 Euro vom Steuerzahler bekommen.
Mit Aushängen in Schaufenstern von Mohammedaner-Stadtvierteln wurden Moslems gesucht, die 40 Euro für “Integrationsgespräche” mit dem Bürgermeister abkassieren wollten. Bis zu 150 meldeten sich. Die Niederländer sind entsetzt, denn sie glaubten bis dahin, die Mohammedaner kämen zu solchen Gesprächen, weil sie es ethisch und moralisch für wertvoll hielten und sich integrieren wollten. (Quelle:De Telegraaf und De Telegraaf ). Der schlimme Verdacht: Auch in Deutschland kassieren Mohammedaner Geld vom Steuerzahler für “Integrationsgespräche” – wird es vielleicht getarnt als “Aufwandsentschädigung”…?
Nachtrag: Wir haben zu dieser Veröffentlichung viele Zuschriften bekommen, unter ihnen auch einige von deutschen Teilnehmern regionaler “Integrationstreffen”. Schockiert hat uns eine Zuschrift, in der belegt wird, dass es in Deutschland – je nach Bundesland – bis zu 750 Euro als pauschale “Aufwandsentschädigung” für Zuwanderer, die an solchen Treffen teilnehmen, gibt. Und zwar zusätzlich zu Reisekosten etc. – und das alles steuerfrei.

12 thoughts on “75 % of Native Dutch Want Their Country Back”

  1. Oh man, a muslim ad to marry them off to make more muslims. gag.

    Anyway, my comment was about the muslim demanding his freedom to take away other’s freedoms.

    I think that the Dutch are getting the point. whew!

  2. It is not the islamist scum that are the problem – it is the left-wing elite that are trying to change the face of our societies. We need to vote them out for good.

  3. The Dutch are certainly getting the point – wonder when the Brits will?

    Oh how ridiculous they look, all those men furious about nothing, baying for blood, blood and for the gift of being allowed to live under a totalitarian regime where ALL their activities will be curtailed and they’ll get executed for the smallest transgression.
    How ludicrous in their medieval get-up and awful facial hair. They should be laughed at day and night, laughed out of Europe and back to the middle East, where they can enjoy life just like it was in 1620 with no mod cons, fun hand amputations and stoning. That’s what they want isn’t it?

  4. Moroccans belong, in morocco.

    The Dutch belong in the Netherlands.

    Moroccans have TWO passports. The Dutch have ONE.

    Who should we allow our country to be COLONIZED? WE DON’T!

    maroccans have a nice, large, sunny country by the sea: MOROCCO! why should WE give up OUR land: to ‘prove’ we are not ‘rassist’?

    our country is being INVADED: colonized! and the Dutch: have NOwhere to run to…

    We will no longer allow two passports: either you choose, to be dutch, or you GET THE HELL OUT of OUR country!

  5. Brullio We will no longer allow two passports: either you choose, to be dutch, or you GET THE HELL OUT of OUR country!

    That will be a mistake. You are lucky that Moroccans have two passports. This allows you to withdraw their Dutch passport as a first step, without any discussion.

    When the going starts to get rough, which is inevitable, the second step becomes an option, and they have no second leg passport to stand on.

  6. “Unbelievable: Mohammedans get paid to participate in “integration dialogue”

    it was not in amsterdam, but in rotterdam that this happened. As the ( moroccon) maire discovered this fee was advertised on shop windows, in three hours time, all the ads were removed.

  7. i think it’s all because of imperialism. Now, the oppressor have to pay for what have they done century ago. i think ;D and it’ not that really bad.

  8. Like these? They will pay alright, if they include Israel on their
    conquer agenda (which they will).

    * 1.1 Byzantine–Arab Wars: 634–750
    * 1.2 Conquest of Persia: 633–651
    * 1.3 Conquest of Transoxiana: 662–709
    * 1.4 Conquest of Sindh: 664–712
    * 1.5 Conquest of Hispania: 711–718 and Septimania 719–720
    * 1.6 Conquest of the Caucasus: 711–750
    * 1.7 End of the Umayyad conquests: 718–750
    * 1.8 Conquest of Nubia: 700–1606
    * 1.9 Incursions into Southern Italy: 831–902
    * 1.10 Conquest of Anatolia: 1060–1360
    * 1.11 Byzantine-Ottoman Wars: 1299–1453
    * 1.12 Further conquests: 1200–1800
    * 1.13 Decline and collapse: 1800–1924

  9. ” it’s all because of imperialism”- agreed. Absolutely.

    Its all because of Mohammedan imperialism, exploitation and oppression. Not to mention the destruction of far better and more advanced civilizations, the enslavement of large populations of unbelievers (dhimmitude) and their expropriation by the jiziya tax.

  10. Ohmygawd! That guy in the second picture, wearing the Osama tee, looks like my old supervisor. I hated that camel-jockey.
    It’s always nice to hear stats like that if they are true.
    If only the rest of the west would start thinking in that direction we’d be much better off.
    I think the tide is turning though.
    More from the religion ideology of hate.
    And they get tax-free status???
    In an Imam has been accused of “hate speech” instead of “love talk” at his Toronto mosque.

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