Allah is Not God: Malaysia Bans Bibles

ALLAH IS NOT GOD: Malaysia restores ‘Allah’ ban for Christians

Robert Spencer explains: But, didn’t the smiling apologist quote Qur’an 29:46? That’s the verse that says: “And argue not with the People of the Scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better, save with such of them as do wrong; and say: We believe in that which hath been revealed unto us and revealed unto you; our Allah and your Allah is One, and unto Him we surrender.”

However, that line of discourse is intended for use in Islamic proselytizing, or dawah. Just as seeking new believers is a one-way street under Islamic law, it would be forbidden for a non-Muslim to employ this argument under Sharia, since the underlying message of the verse is: “We worship your deity, too, but you’re doing it wrong.”

An update on CNN, October 29 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

Non-Muslims in Malaysia fear that Islamism is seeping into the moderate nation's fabric.

When Muslims have the upper hand, they don’t need to pretend any longer that “we all believe in the same god” and that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all “Abrahamic faiths”- in Malaysia,  the Muslims rule  and Islam is a work in progress*. The ruling Muslims need no longer pretend that Al-Ilha, the pagan moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs, is not the God Jews and Christians worship.

Malaysia: Bibles Confiscated Because They Refer to God as “Allah”

(CNN) – Authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 20,000 Bibles in recent months because they refer to God as “Allah,” Christian leaders said Thursday.

The seizures have fed fears among minority groups, which see signs of encroaching Islamic fundamentalism in the predominantly Muslim but multi-racial country.

“There is a growing sense of Islamic assertion, yes,” said the Rev. Hermen Shastri, general-secretary of the Council of Churches of Malaysia. “There is some concern.”

The Bibles were written in the country’s official language, Malay — in which the word for God is “Allah,” as it is in Arabic.

However, Malaysia’s government says the word is exclusive to Islam.

Use of word “Allah” in Christian publications may confuse Muslims and draw them to Christianity, government says

(watch out dhimmies! We have enough angry Muslims already. We can’t have any confused ones…)

*  Islamization [Islamisation]: The erasure of the customs, norms and laws of any country or region in order totally ensure Islamic dominance. This can be done through political pressure – as in the West – where full out Jihad is not possible, such as in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the ultimate goal of Islamization has been achieved by violent Jihad and finally through political pressure for peace – which in Islam can only come under Shari’a rule.

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7 thoughts on “Allah is Not God: Malaysia Bans Bibles”

  1. elohim and god and allah are no names;
    there is only one name for the Supreme Being
    and the 3 monotheistic religions don’t use it.
    because they carry the wrong concepts of
    the deity therefore judaism, christianity and
    islam religions can never rule the world.
    (nor hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, shintoism, etc)
    Moreover animism is more popular than all the
    religions combined, religionists are many but
    real believers are few.

  2. This is very worrying..about twelve years ago when I was moving to the most moderate part of Malaysia , my bro in law had to pay a lot of money to stop the customs officials from taking my Bible and going thru the rest of my books. When I left about six years ago I was very sad for my Catholic and Christian friends and for all the ingdigenous people most of whom were Christians or animists..The march of islam seemed to be proceeding at such a pace..It is proceeding like this in many places around the world but it was very disturbing for me to be so close to it and to be leaving so many lovely people to drown in it. This is how it felt… as if the non muslims were drowning in the rising tide of islam.

  3. “Allah” is not God, it is a name for the spirit that drove Mohammad to commit his vile acts. At least the Moz Malays know that we don’t ‘worship the same God’.

  4. But for every muslim that admits that “allah” is not God, a dozen Solkhars try and convince us that “good Christians and Jews” will
    stand together with muslims on the day of judgement… bit hard to
    pin down what they mean by “good”, though.

  5. If we ever needed it, we now have it: Allah is not God and I find that most comforting. We now know from our enemies own mouth that Allah is their true God but he is not the God of the Torah and the Bible. He is a bloodthirsty and vengeful pseudo-deity whose desire is for the sword.

    I once liked Malaysia very much and enjoyed my visits but not now. The tolerance of others has fallen by the wayside. Heaven forbid that Indonesia should follow these crazies. As for the sword, to quote a favorite TV character of mine talking about cold steel: “They don’t like it up ’em.” He was talking of the Germans but also the fuzzy-wuzzies when fighting against whirling dervish’s of the Islamic persuasion during the 19th century.

  6. My country, NZ has recently signed a signed a free trade agreement with Malaysia but somewhere else I think on Sheiks site , possibly on the BNP site or on an Aussie nationalist sight, there are reports of thousands of Bibles being confiscated. As I have posted previously ,this issue mainly affects the indigenous people of Sarawak who are predominatly Christian and Malay language educated…they have stolen their land , their forests , their wildlife , …etc…now it is time to hurd them into all those beautiful mosques…
    Just before I left Sarawak in 2,003 plans were announced concerning the building of a multi million dollar revert centre to be built somewhere near Kuching , the state capital.
    ” Malaysia , truly lies , theft and hypocrisy.”
    Boycott their products and holiday somewherelse.

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