CAIR spent $160,000 to silence Savage

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A hired killer would have done it cheaper, but that could also mean the end of CAIR, a Muslim terrorist supporting entity in the US:

An explosive new book based on a daring six-month undercover operation exposing the subversive agenda of the Council on American-Islamic Relations reveals the Muslim group spent $160,000 in an unsuccessful effort to run top-rated nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage off the air.

By Art Moore, World Net Daily H/T ZIP


Meet the ‘father of world currency’

As far back as June 2008, Mundell was telling Reuters a major dollar crisis would come within five years, and China was discussing with him proposals to reform the global monetary system.

House Republicans accuse Muslim group of trying to plant spies


Caught in the act, Hooper (honest Ibe) whines:

Four House Republicans are accusing a Muslim advocacy group of trying to plant spies on Capitol Hill.

Republican members of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus said the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) have tried to plant “spies” within key national-security committees in order to shape legislative policy.

“God forbid American Muslims take part in the political process and exercise their rights,” said Ibrahim Hooper, a CAIR spokesman…..

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Here on CAIR WATCH you can get regular updates on CAIR’s criminal activities…

4 thoughts on “CAIR spent $160,000 to silence Savage”

  1. Michael Savage and Geert Wilders can not enter the U.K.
    but people of Hamas and other terror organizations can.
    People in Britain can not protest against islamization,
    but the imam who says;” i will not rest before i see the
    islamic banner on top of the houses of parliament is living
    with a government allowance in a big mansion while preaching
    freely against the british state every friday.
    history repeated while England slept?

  2. If the citizens of the UK wish to get the UK back start with the expulsion of NullLabor from Whitehall.

  3. Wilders can now enter the UK – it remains to be seen if the FO will bow to its political muslim masters and contest the descision of the courts.

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