Desperate Deals With Genocidal Lunatics

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Pals, Hamas thugs conferenceHamas, just in case you don’t know it yet, has genocide written into its constitution. Masked Palestinian Hamas militants speak to the press during a press conferencein Gaza City, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009.

Israel and Hamas militants announced a deal Wednesday that will see Israel release 20 Palestinian women from prison this week in exchange for a videotape proving that a captive Israeli soldier held in the Gaza Strip is still alive. The decision was the first tangible sign of movement in more than three years of talks over the release of the soldier, Sgt. Gilad Schalit, who has not been seen since he was captured by Hamas-linked militants in a cross-border raid in June 2006. (AP Photo/Hatem Moussa)

For the first time in a while, the press has decided that it’s safe to run glamor shots from a Hamas press conference again. Those of you who are new to this site might not remember, but Snapped Shot was involved in loudly protesting such thug conferences back in the day, which I believe had led to these photos being barred from the newswires.

3 thoughts on “Desperate Deals With Genocidal Lunatics”

  1. I look at the above photo and long to see the tell-tale vapor trail of a tomahawk anti-personnel missile coming in toward the bank of microphones. Talk about a target rich environment for Israel, the US, and all who are fighting against muslim terror and ideals.

    About the reporters present…they are all too familiar with the hidden suicide vest tactics muslims employ…they know not to get too close to muslims, yet they do, out of sympathy. Their lives are also forfeit. They could have easily set up a microphone and stepped waaay back and zoom in any camera shot.

  2. Pointless attacking these Jihadis. Each missile costs a $1m, and possibly far more, if we factor in the cost of the launch system, the surveillance system etc.

    War has always been between national groups, with the” armed wing” simply being the armed wing. Muslims recognise this, and wage war on the civilian population as best as they can. Defeat the civilian population or defeat it by making it lose its will to fight, as has happened to Israel (started in the Olmert era), then victory is in sight. That is why the Pali moral is so high, even though they have none of the firepower of the Israelis.

  3. I think that we need to distinguish between the real will of the people and the rubbish spat out by the left wing MSM. Israelis are tired of fighting but they will not give in – they know that they can win the coming battle. I suspect that they are more tired of the idiot Europeans and Americans who keep insisting that they know best. I think the pitiful anti-Israel bleating of the MSM earlier this year really exposed the true intent of the left wing MSM. Actually the left wing MSM is the main weapon of the jihadists, and when this is all over I hope that the left wing MSM editors and journalists who have basically sold all of us out for whatever poorly thought-out reasons that are used justify their actions are jailed or strapped to a post… Given that the Palis are blaming their carelessness wrt to snakes on “israeli attack snakes” one suspects that their moral is not high, and that once again the left wing MSM is lying through its yellow/green teeth. When the arab rhetoric is at its highest the arab is at its weakest. Man for man, the IDF deserves a great deal of respect, which is why cowards like hamas, hizbollah etc engage from within the civilian populations because they know that the IDF rules of engagement are tactically restrictive within this environment – however in term of long term strategical aims I ssupect the IDF is well on top. The real tragedy is that muslim arab political and religious leaders are basically screwing their own populations to ensure that their own goals are achieved and very few from within these populations can act against this abuse from within. Incidentally the MSM should be reporting what happens, not flavored and filtered variants – so both left and right wing MSM people have no place in the journalism industry – well just my opinion.

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