Iran's Poison Dwarf and the Jews

Ahmadinejad: Zionists Aim to Destroy Civilizations in Region

Iran bombs the White House cartoon

In light of Sunday’s suicide bombing that killed five senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Council members, Time Magazine looks at the problem that really keeps the Mullahs up at night: Ethnic conflict. More from Carl in J’lem

Obama’s Website: ‘DISMANTLE ISRAEL’, Stop the Killer Jews and Stop the Jewish Trolls


TEHRAN (FNA)– Zionists intend to destroy regional civilizations in an effort to build their own foundations on the ruins, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday, after revelations that construction work by the Israeli regime near the Muslims’ holy Al-Aqsa mosque has inflicted damage on the holy site.

“The Zionist regime aims to destroy the regional civilizations to build its foundations on the ruins,” Ahmadinejad reiterated on the sidelines of a forum dubbed as ‘psychological operations and media’ here in Tehran.

* This from an adherent of a bizarre cult that destroyed just about all (higher) civilizations in the regions…


When the German Foreign minister recently called Ahmadinejad a shame to his own country and people, he spoke the minds of many.

He made the remarks in reference to the recent aggression of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people and Israeli claims that the Al-Aqsa mosque is built in the site of Solomon’s temple. Israel has said that it plans to rebuild the temple again.

Ahmadinejad reminded Iran’s anti-Zionist stances, and stressed that the Iranian people and government would continue support for the Palestinians against the Israeli regime.

“The Iranian people always chant the motto of ‘Death to Israel’,” he said.

Meantime, Moshir al-Mesri, a member of the Palestinian parliament, warned on Sunday that Israelis should wait for the Palestinians crushing response after their adventurism in the mosque, referring to the regime’s construction works near the holy site.

“Any adventurism by the Zionists will receive a crushing response from the resistance (movement),” Mesri told FNA.

“Zionists aggression against the Al-Aqsa mosque is a kind of crime. Now Zionists are seeking to perform their plans on the mosque,” he said, and added, “The Israelis claim that the Al-Aqsa mosque is built in the site of Solomon’s temple and want to rebuild the temple again.”

“Palestinians accompanied by other Muslim and Arab nations are opposed to the destruction of the Al-Aqsa mosque and building of the temple claimed by the Zionists and for this reason they have risen in support of the Al-Aqsa mosque and the holy Qods,” Mesri reiterated.

He also warned that Palestinians will never allow the Zionists to enter the mosque.

Otherwise, they will have to face the dire consequences of their aggressions, the Palestinian lawmaker concluded.

Nethanyahu tells Obama: No mass expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria

The Hebrew daily Yisrael HaYom reported on Wednesday that the Netanyahu government said no to a demand by the Obama administration that it commit to a mass expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria and a ‘Palestinian state’ within two years.

The Netanyahu administration has rejected a U.S. Middle East peace plan that calls for Israeli willingness to carry out a massive withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, Israel HaYom reported Wednesday. According to the plan, a summit would be held in another month based on the withdrawal and an Israeli commitment to establish a Palestinian Authority (PA) state within two years.

Intensive final status talks between Israel and the PA were to be opened after the summit.

Two words: Without preconditions.  Carl in J’lem

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  1. Greetings to all. The reasons for Arab-Israeli conflict is the occupation of Palestine.
    Palestine Arab Islamic state like the rest of the Arab and Islamic states surrounding
    Them. Means that there are Jews and Zionists in Palestine a big mistake, because this entity
    Zionist is not consistent with the surrounding area (such as language, customs, traditions and religion)
    The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine
    All of Palestine. The Jewish people will not rest and will not feel comfortable and stability
    But if it gets out of Palestine and the Middle East completely. If people continue to
    Jews in Palestine and the Middle East, the death and destruction will continue.
    Palestine Arab Islamic state and will remain

  2. * The only solution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is the expulsion of Jews from Palestine

    You may get a chance to bring it about, AM. What outcome do you think awaits allah and its followers when they try? What will become of the “peaceful” muslim invaders?

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