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From Harry’s: Iran to Execute Innocents “Pour Encourager Les Autres”

The Islamic Republic of Iran has shifted its tactics. Instead of merely shootingIranian democracy protestors in the streets, or abducting them to rape in prison, the regime is now holding show trials, ending in conviction on a bunch of trumped up charges and – inevitably – execution.

The first such trial took place last week. Three were sentenced to death.

Here is the story of Nasser Abdolhosseini, one of those who is to be hanged:

There is a God, I have done nothing wrong and surely He will protect me in the end.‘ This is how Nasser Abdolhosseini, accused of being an MeK member and sentenced to death in Iran’s Stalinist show trials comforted his brothers when they came to see him in Evin prison.

Iranian man executed for homosexual act

This is the story of one who was hanged: But remember: the Christian “Religious Right” is the real problem. “Rahim Mohammadi Executed in Iran for A Homosexual Act – Lavat,” from IRQR, October 14


Nasser Abdolhosseini is seen in this footage here during his trial, looking gaunt and confused, it is as if he is reading his confessions from an autocue, only he does not even know what a cocktail molotov is and calls it a cocktail molophone!

Nasser’s brothers say he has never been political and has never been arrested before, he is just a working class kid from South Tehran, who makes a living by selling car spare parts. He was arrested on June 26th, without any incriminating evidence. ‘Nasser has no computer, he does not even have an email, how was he sending information outside Iran as it is alleged?’ Nasser’s brothers ask in disbelief.

According to Nasser’s brothers, he was duped into making the confessions by his interrogators who had promised him an early release if he did so. ‘But contrary to their promises not only he was not released, he has now been sentenced to death. They took advantage of Nasser’s naivety. Our parents don’t even know about the death sentence, we have not had the heart to tell them. They think Nasser will be released soon. Our father is a war veteran who lives on his pension. Their son has been charged with waging war against God, Nasser has never harmed anyone in his life’

This is simply heartbreaking.

Warning: Graphic pic’s!

Iran Gives Another Three The Death Penalty for Crime of Free Speech While Obama decries Election Fraud in Afghanistan


Courtesy of Atlas Shrugs

Obama fools no one when he cops out to election fraud in the Afghan election. It is for this reason, Obama fallaciously explains, that he cannot commit to an Afghan surge, or better weapons, or even functioning guns.

Obama backs Ahmadinejad, a slaughterer who stole the Iran election, who is systemically executing anyone who dared to speak of it. The mullahcracy is crushing the Iranian freedom movement with incomprehensible violence. This is what Obama stands with. This is what America has reduced herself to. It is inconceivable to free men that we have degraded ourselves to such a low state in so short a period of time.

Iran: The Revolution

Iran defiant as 3 more given death penalty over election protests Rantburg

Iran has sentenced to death three more protesters who were arrested after the country’s disputed presidential election in June. The verdicts came despite a widespread international protest over the death penalty given last week to a man identified as Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani, a member of a group seeking to reinstate the country’s monarchy.

The sentences were said to be for involvement in the countrywide protests that followed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election as president in polls many Iranians said were rigged. The authorities have rejected the charges and portrayed the protests as a foreign-backed bid to undermine the Islamic republic.

Announcing the latest sentences through the ISNA news agency, Zahed Bashiri Rad, a spokesman for the justice ministry, said: “Three people who were accused [for their role] in the post-election incidents have been sentenced to death.”

The identities of the three protesters were not revealed. Instead Bashiri Rad supplied only the initials of those condemned. “MZ and AP were convicted for ties with the Kingdom Assembly of Iran” — an organisation that seeks to bring back the Shah — while NA was convicted for ties with the People’s Mujahideen, an exiled opposition group. It is unclear whether Zamani is the “MZ” mentioned by ISNA.

The four prisoners who have been sentenced in the last week are among more than 4,000 Iranians arrested for their part in the protests that followed the disputed election, many of whom have been accused of trying to overthrow the Islamic republic. Most of those detained have been released, but about 200 remain behind bars and around 110 have so far been put on trial.

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  1. Rumors that one of the ayatollas, ( Khamenei) is dead, or in a coma close to death.
    Not as yet confirmed.

  2. As per what Gramfan posted … unfolding:

    UPDATE (Wednesday Oct 14th): According to a bulletin from the Greens (Moussavi/Karroubi et al), there are widespread rumors in the Tehran Bazaar that Khamenei has died.

  3. Hey, maybe they finally caught up with Khamenei’s homosexuality and had him executed in secret.

    This whole Iranian judgement thing is so preposterous it reminds me of a Monty Python Court sketch.

  4. Don’t forget that the left helped the theocrats obtain power. Then the left were systematically killed or jailed, usually both after a bit of gratuitous torture. The left will never learn “your enemy is my enemy” turns out to be the lefts enemy when the useless idiots have been used up.

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