Israelis won't go to Turkey no mo

This should come as no great surprise. Not only do Israelis not want to go to Turkey: They don’t even want to change planes there. More from Carl

It’s time to stop fooling ourselves that Turkey is a western ally or an Israeli ally. Those days are gone.

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Turkey’s turnabout

By BENNY AVNI/New York Post

Turkey this week broke sig nificantly with Israel and the West — a strong sign that President Obama‘s outreach to the Muslim world is achieving nothing.

On Monday, NATO scrapped “Anatolian Eagle,” a regularly scheduled military exercise with various allies along the Turkish border — drills meant to assure coordination in case of war in the region. At the last minute, Turkey had announced its refusal to let the Israeli Defense Force participate. Standing by its ally, America dropped out as well — killing the whole thing.

A day later, Turkish and Syrian officials disclosed that their armies had just concluded their own joint military exercise. The same day, the two countries went even further, signing a strategic cooperation pact.

Armenian Genocide belittled as “Relocation”

“Our relations with the Armenians, ruined 100 years ago with the relocation, turned into hatred over time…” Mehmet Kamis in Today’s Zaman

A prediction come true: Turkey lost to Islamists

Professor William Jacobson finds himself in the bittersweet position of having a prediction come true.

On January 31, 2009, I wrote that Turkey Looking Like The Next Iran:

My prediction: Turkey is the next Iran, unless Obama stops blaming the U.S. for Islamist aggression and gives support to Turkey’s secular institutions, including the Turkish army. Jimmy Carter tried the blame America first tactic; it didn’t win us any friends and led to 30 years of tyranny and human rights abuses in Iran. Don’t repeat the same mistake in Turkey. More from Carl

War is peace, day is night, Syria supports “human rights”

TV series row erodes Turkey-Israel relations

Turkish sleaze blames “humanitarian tragedy in Gaza” for vilification of Israel and Jews and refuses to pay its debt:

Turkey cheats Jews: Israel’s exports to Turkey down 40%, Turkeys bad debts up 90%

“Allah has dissolved your obligations…”

Israel Credit Insurance Company, which insures payment on some $12 billion per year in Israeli exports, reported on Wednesday that exports to Turkey dropped by 40% during the first nine months of 2009, while debt payments in arrears by Turkish companies rose by 90% in the same period. Carl has more>>

Coincidence? I don’t think so. It sounds to me like the Turks have decided not to pay their debts.

I'm Geert Wilders! for blogBosch Fawstin

Geert Wilders on Turkey:

“Should Turkey as an Islamic country be able to join the European Union? We are the only party in Holland that says, it is an Islamic country, so no, not in 10 years, not in a million years,”


The promised Land:

The United Nations ‘Human Rights Council,’ of which Sudan is a member, spends most of its time lambasting Israel. Undoubtedly, this is why 1,000,000 (yes, you read that number correctly) African refugees – many from Sudan – are trying to reach Israel.

WTF is Turkey in NATO?. . . . continue reading . . . .

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  1. One never knows when the so-called secular Turkey can become Islamist. Too late then to throw it out of the EU. Hopefully Turkey goes the way of Iran. The last thing one wants is an Islamic ountry in NATO as well as EU,

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