Look who really won the election in Germany…

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5.6 million German residents with “foreign roots” have the right to vote. Here is the result:

15 Muslims in German parliament

The last parliament had 11 representatives with what Germans call “immigration background.”


The most multicultural MPs belong to the environmentalist Green party, which has five, including Iranian-born Omid Nouripour, who entered his second term after Sunday’s election. (Make no mistake, the greens in Germany don’t give a f*kc for the environment, they are red-hot Commies under false flag/ed)

Meanwhile the centre-left Social Democrats have four, and the socialist Left Party now has three.

For the first time, the pro-business Free Democrats, who are also Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats’ preferred coalition partner, also have two new MPs with foreign roots – Turkish-German Serkan Tören and Iranian-born Bijan Djir-Sarai.

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11 thoughts on “Look who really won the election in Germany…”

  1. Germany’s doomed!
    Europe is lost to the third jihad.
    The next step is war with N. America

  2. al-Kidya,
    Germany is NOT lost. The islamists have no place in this country – and those that are here are very carefully watched and are barely tolerated. The non-muslim German birthrate is rising and people are well aware of the danger. Europe is also not lost – and if it becomes really necessary the islamists will just be disappeared. Germany recognises that most muslims are reasonable people, but there exists a minority that have been given time to mend their ways – and if they cannot do this they will vanish. If Iran decides to initiate a nuclear attack then Iran and its supporters will be obliterated from this planet – there will be no compromise and there will be no uncertainly and there will be no pause until the endgame is successfully concluded.

  3. Kaw

    You are right. Muslims are living on borrowed time in Europe. In Europe they know that they have no inalienable rights, and if push comes to shove, all of them will be required to leave. No ifs and no buts. It is this reason why almost all Muslims in Europe do not relinquish their home nationality.

    Situation is quite different for the USA. The USA does not have this intrinsic attribute, and is thus in far greater danger.

  4. DP111
    I think that you are correct. I should note that I refer specifically to islamists – I still believe that we should make that distinction. Unfortunately, the Democrats are not terribly helpful in the USA and Obama is likely to do a great deal of damage – I sincerely hope this scenario is incorrect.

  5. Western Europeans are idiots who have lost their survival instinct. I wish this Muslim invasion would have happened to the azzholes before they were able to run their “Campaign of Hatred” on Americans to make us feel horrible about fighting radical Islam and for having conservative values, which led us to this POS Obama because of our “image in the world.” Die already, Western Europe. I’m sick of hearing about worthless cowards who use propaganda to attack their allies.

  6. Americans are more conservative than europeans.
    Muslims are only 2% of the US population.
    US birthrate is 2,2 (Europe 1,2) enough to sustain
    the country for 40 yrs ( in theory).
    Europe can’t survive if things stay the same there.
    They must change; the most likely thing to happen?
    “the prince of the people who willl come”(antichrist)
    Paul Henry Spaak said it in the 1950’s:”Europe needs
    a strong man, let him be of god or of the devil, let him
    come, we will accept him!”

  7. The stage is setting in europe for the big deceiver;
    Many people in europe don’t believe in god anymore:
    Sweden 80%, Finland75%, Norway 70%, Denmark 65%,
    Benelux countries 55%, Germany, U.K. and France 50%,
    Ireland 40%, Spain 30%, Portugal 25%, Italy 15% (2007).
    (The USA between 10 and 13%).
    Europe is the only continent with the name of a greek godess
    perfect for the idolatry thus it will be the devils playground.
    prepare for the ultimate dictatorship.

  8. SM,
    The fact that Obama is now POTUS suggests that, on some level, the US is not more conservative than Europe. Europeans are far less likely to accept what the Media and its political masters state as being the truth – unlike the USA. European are more politically active, and therefore Europe is much more difficult to control as the islamists will start to discover. Tony Blair now becomes the new European president – a fool whose failed social integration policies has placed the UK in jeopardy now gets to play within a more global scope. And this is the main problem – far left politicians who have little interest in maintaining the standards of the society they wore called to protect – get rid of them and the islamic problem will quickly dissipate.

  9. Americans are politically more ignorant than europeans.
    in general they are more conservative than europeans.
    But the election of Obama is not a proof of a proggressive
    majority in the US nor would the election of McCain have
    proved the contrary. this two party system is so out dated
    and so they divide the power, ruling in turns for certain
    periods of time. it does not go anywhere.
    worldwide politics are not going to solve the problems,
    the nations are all slipping into dictatorship without knowing.
    As said before the antichrist will have an easy time convincing
    the entire world. but Obama is not that ONE

  10. Kaw,

    Another thing; just because someone is elected to be
    President of the US does not mean that he can do as he
    pleases, remember 4 presidents were assasinated and 4
    others died in office. as mentioned before; since 1880
    when the american economy became the worlds largest,
    it really didn’t matter who’s in the white house, they were
    (and Obama is) all replacable! real power is always behind
    the curtains, you can’t exercise and control power by running
    around in representative functions, one needs oversight,
    cover, the means and the money to manipulate and rule.
    politics is just a theatre to put on the show.

  11. The problem with America is not that it has swung more liberal, it’s that the generally moderate to conservative population as a whole has become far reliant on MSM editorial news for their basic information on politics. Obama passed himself off in blatantly obvious deception as something else than a far left marxist, with the vague non specific “change” rhetoric…and the majority of Americans took it as something that was meant for the benefit of America as a republic. BUT this extreme liberalism has over exposed itself here and thin little labels of “progressive” and such have failed. There is a awakening & anger arising in the USA, which I think is making the outrage after 9/11 seem pale…because this time it is not just a knee jerk reaction to the attacks, but it is a well informed focused rage against the likes of Obama. The recent tea party event in D.C. so overwelmed the left wing establishment [the real numbers of those who marched on the capital was probably was closer to 2 million people] that every single point of Obama’s plan are going down in flames. Government run healthcare is dead, cap & trade and all the rest of the quasi marxist/socialist agenda is going belly up even before the official bills are coming before congress.

    The REAL America is getting enraged and the looney left & their Islamic brothers are living on borrowed time when it comes to their political power.

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