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cemetery-algeriaCatholic cemeteries are literally trashed in Algeria.   The government
refuses to protect or maintain them unless the crosses are removed.

Italy: Abducted Muslim Terrorist Seeks €15 Million in Damages

“My client suffered distress that cannot be imagined by any human being,” Nasr’s lawyer Carmelo Scambia told a Milan court on Wednesday. More from Adnkronos

China Jihad:

China: Al-Qaeda urges jihad to “defend” Muslims

When a Muslim land is attacked, it becomes the individual duty of every Muslim to do what he can to participate in the jihad to defend it. That is the rationale behind Al-Qaeda’s call here, and the background of its grievance-mongering. Note the use of the common Homeric epithet “restive,” always a mainstream media favorite to describe a land engulfed by jihad activity, in the first paragraph. “China: Al-Qaeda urges holy war to defend Muslims,” from AKI, October 7 (thanks to JW):

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The  reason for waging jihad has nothing to do with Israel or U.S. foreign policy:

So long as Islam endures, the reconciliation of its adherents, even with Jews and Christians, and still more with the rest of mankind, must continue to be an insoluble problem. … For an indefinite future, however reluctantly, we must confine our political recognition to the professors of those religions which … preach the doctrine of “live and let live” (The Institutes of the Law of Nations, p. 124).

In other words, political recognition — with all the attendant negotiations and diplomacy that come with it — should be granted to all major religions/civilizations except Islam, which does not recognize the notion of “live and let live,” as evinced by, among other stipulations, the Koran’s commands to its adherents to “enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong,” (e.g., Koran 3:110), that is, enforce Sharia law upon the earth.

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