Muhammad, Lord of the Flies

Yesterdays post on Islamic flies prompted WoJ cartoonist Shem to draw us another cartoon we had to have: Muhammad, Lord of the Flies:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “If a housefly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.” (Al-Bukhari)

Allah Flies and other Islamic NonsenseWould you like to have flies with that?



No cure for this Arab-Muslim sickness


Any thinking Muslim with a shred of self-respect must have cringed in disgust on watching the buffoonery of Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN recently.

These two leaders taking centre-stage at the General Assembly displayed the sickness that has turned the Arab-Muslim world into a cultural wasteland and political prison.

Adonis is a cult figure of Greek mythology and the pseudonym of the Arab world’s most revered living poet, Ali Ahmad Sa’id (born in 1930), a native of Syria and residing in France for the past three decades.

In a television interview on the Lebanese Arab News Broadcast done in November 2006, Adonis expounded on the emptiness of the Arab world. He said (translation provided by MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute):

“If I look at the Arabs, with all their resources and great capacities, and I compare what they have achieved over the past century with what others have achieved in that period, I would have to say that we Arabs are in a phase of extinction.”

When asked to explain, Adonis replied: “We have become extinct. We have the quantity. We have the masses of people, but a people becomes extinct when it no longer has a creative capacity, and the capacity to change its world.”

History is a cemetery for people and cultures driven to extinction for the lack of freedom under the arbitrary rule of tyrants.

Gadhafi and Ahmadinejad are the poster images of despots in the greater Middle East, and the nature of their rule explains how their people have been crippled by the Islamist ideology at war with freedom, democracy and Israel.

This is a sickness for which there is no immediate cure. And certainly no cure can be provided through concessions to Arab-Muslim demands by Israel, when such concessions will only fuel the deep-seated anti-Semitism that pervades the region.

Mezri Haddad, a Tunisian writer in echoing Adonis on Arabs, has observed there is little distinction to be made between moderate and extremist Islamists in Iran, for instance, since both are responsible in reducing “the Qur’an to a case of nauseating anti-Semitism.”

In regard to the Iranian regime Haddad writes (MEMRI’s translation from November 2006), “One cannot reform a theocracy; one must throw it back into the wastebasket of history from which it never should have cropped up in the first place.”

Adonis and Haddad are not alone in understanding the sickness of the Arab-Muslim world, and what this means for their people.

Iranians in vast numbers have shown their deep contempt in recent weeks for their rulers and their wish to be free of them. They know how depraved are these rulers, being neither Islamic nor republican in a tyranny diabolically called Islamic Republic.

But there are many outside the Arab-Muslim world, and not merely Muslims, who entertain the illusion the sickness there results in part from wrongs done to Arabs and Muslims by the West.

Hence if the West and, in particular, the United States atone for these wrongs the Arab-Muslim world might be then sufficiently cured of its sickness.

Such illusions embolden the wicked and condemn those living inside tyranny to wither away in their wasteland without complaining.

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  1. Salim Mansur has long been a voice in the darkness, a muslim who is unafraid to speak out against the evils of islam and the threat we all face from this primitive ideology.
    He stated in 2008, “Islam is my private life, my conscience……[but] my faith does not take precedence over my duties…to Canada and its constitution, which I embrace freely……..” “I am first and most importantly a Canadian…….” and “only in a free society will you find Islam as a faith and not a political religion.”

    1. But Islam is not pick and chose, its the whole nine yards or nothing.

      And we all know that these marginal muslims, those for identification purposes only, out of filial piety or whatever reasons, will not be able to stop those who take their religion seriously.
      One wonders why Salim Mansur, having come this far, still holds on to “his faith”- if he does indeed hold on to it. Don’t you wonder why he is not able to separate himself from this ‘faith’ entirely?

  2. Freedom of choice – You can be a Christian and not a fanatic. You can also call yourself a muslim and respect all others equally without demanding that the world call itself muslim. The goal is not to alienate muslims but to destroy the islamic fundamentalists. And to do this fairly we need the held of the moderate muslim community – and they are slowly starting to help.

  3. One wonders why Salim Mansur, having come this far, still holds on to “his faith”- if he does indeed hold on to it. Don’t you wonder why he is not able to separate himself from this ‘faith’ entirely?

    I asked the same question of devout Muslim American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, narrator of the film “The Third Jihad” and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD).
    If he can talk so frankly about “the threat that radical Islam poses, and “shari’ah law is part of Islam, then why is he still a practising “devout” muslim?”
    I still haven’t had a reply from him.

    I wonder why these people are unable to separate themselves from this ‘faith’ entirely?

    What is the tie that binds them to such a ridiculous ideology?

    Could it be the “fear of death that is stalking apostates to Islam”?

    Surely it isn’t that Allah will strike them dead for leaving it?
    Answers any one?

  4. And to do this fairly we need the help of the moderate muslim community – and they are slowly starting to help.

    sez kaw.

    Really? Now that is news that has passed us by. Would you mind giving us some examples about this “moderate muslim community” and where they are -slowly- starting to help?

  5. Here is an example of the “moderate muslim community” faking away
    as they do, pretending that a terrorist muslim who sought to blow up a
    Dallas tower was “troubled, not a terrorist”. How many pipe bombs
    left over from birthday parties, muslims who didn’t know they were downloading illegal bombmaking instructions, muslims who were marginalized and disempowered, who were enraged by (the west, Israel, USA doing A, B or C) and all the rest of it – not to mention the
    “history of mental illness” routinely associated with islam and muslims.

    Their religion is simply antichrist – by denying that Jesus Christ is
    the Son of God, and that He died on the cross – eliminate that antichrist element of islam, and there might be some hope, but it is
    not going to happen – islam will run its prophetic course until God deals with it.
    * Dallas plot suspect’s family says he was troubled, not a terrorist
    08:19 AM CDT on Sunday, October 4, 2009
    By DAVE TARRANT / The Dallas Morning News

    AJLOUN, Jordan – Hosam Maher Husein Smadi cradled his mother, weeping. Just 16 years old, the eldest of four children, he had dreaded this moment. During his mother’s 18-month fight with cancer, he had kept vigil by her bed.

    Now it was time to let her go. Along with his brother, Husein, and several loved ones, he gripped his mother’s cloth-wrapped body. They began to lower her into the freshly dug 3-foot-deep grave.

    Suddenly, he froze. Please, he implored of his uncle, a doctor. Check her pulse. Maybe she is still alive.

    Hosam Smadi’s relatives here in Jordan see that childhood trauma as evidence that he did not start out determined to blow up one of Dallas’ signature skyscrapers. He came to the United States in April 2007 because he saw it as a land of opportunity, they said. He faked a marriage to stay here. He even considered converting to Christianity. They blame the FBI for enticing him to become an Islamic extremist — and entrapping him in a dangerous gambit.


    See, nothing to do with islam that he wanted to destroy the Dallas
    tower – it was a combination of the death of his mother and FBI enticement of a “troubled” young man …

  6. Kaw
    You can believe that the so-called moderates will help, good luck with that,, I call it wishful thinking. who do you think they (moderates) are going to side with when the shit hitts the fan? us ? or them?

  7. There have been several recent arrests of potential terrorists that could only have been make with the assistance of the muslim community. So it is not wishful thinking – there are a few people withing the muslim community who realise the danger that fundamentalist islam poses, both to their communities and to ours. If you go to war you do so intelligently. And this does not mean alienating every members of the “other” side. Some of you do not seem to realise that the best sources of intel will always come from within the muslim community. This also means keeping your mouth shut about the levels of co-operation you receive from within the muslim community – so the vast majoritiy of people will never know how significant the level of cooperation between communities is. It has to be this way – muslims who work against the threat of fundamentalist islam are at the greatest danger from the islamists. No one disagrees that islams ideology should be destroyed – but you will not achieve this by alienating the entire muslim community. And yes – there is a difference between the radical Mullahs and adherents and the general muslim communtiy – at least that is my observation and I have been watching these folks carefully for a very long time now. Will the moderates side with us – yes – when you can show that you can destroy the extremists and that you can protect the moderates. You need the moderates to accelerate the process of change that is required in islam. What you do not need are the PC fools who are giving succour to the extremists, and often against the advice oF the moderate community. You want to do something useful in this war – then work to have the PC moonbats kicked out of politics (political influence is critical) and work to get the media back on the straight and narrow again (media control is critical) – these goals are achievable and will have far greater impact against the islamists then yelling abuse at them across the internet.

  8. Hi Sheik
    No. I think that both political control and media control need to be regained. The islamic problem is only a problem in our countries because we have done nothing, and we have allowed the extremists a voice – this voice needs to be silenced now. The media control needs to regained because the MSM are dishonestly painting the false picture that nothing can be done and that we should accept the bad rubbish that comes from the islamic world. This could easily be a long term strategy from the islamists – to weaken the resolve of a people – and I suspect it is – driven by funds from Saudi Arabia and easily corruptible media magnates . Politicians are people and people are easily influenced, usually by those that control the media. Find whom is responsible for the current behavior of the left wing MSM and charge them under a court of law for treason – I can guarantee you that within 10 years the problems we face now will be greatly diminished. The islamic movement is also not a juggernaut – another myth from the left wing MSM and associated hangers-on, and it can be brought to its knees very quickly if the appropriate actions are taken. The moderate muslims must be given a chance however – and the situation is not so dire that we should start behaving like the islamists. Islamists are narrow minded violent idiots who believe that they somehow have inherited a place from G_D. They have inherited nothing from G_D, except extreme stupidity – this idiocy is their strength and it is also their terminal weakness – and it should be exploited. I fully concur with those who say destroy the islamists – but the moderate muslims must be given a chance to contribute to the future in a meaningful way. While we have the majority population we can resolve these issues peacefully – this will change if muslims ware allowed to become the maximum population group – then it is quite possible that the only way to resolve the issues will require extreme violence. It is up to us to protect our systems – and we can starrt by removing the dead wood left wing social reformers from the sphere of political and media influence. So we can certainly work positivly against the islamist threat and it is up to muslims to develop their religion – if they cannot do it without threatening non-muslims then the muslims have to be shown the door. There are many good people in the muslim community and they deserve a chance to make sometime positive out of their belief system – they have a great deal to contribute: the islamists have nothing to contribute and deserve a bullet – nothing else.

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