Press Revolt Against Obama Bastardry


Tim Blair:

As a tactic, the White House’s shunning of Fox News has worked beautifully – but not for the White House:

For Fox News, its personal battle with the President and the scrutiny of its reporting has delivered it a ratings bonanza.

Anyone at Fox whose bonuses are tied to ratings must be weeping with joy:

This year, the Fox News Channel will post the highest ratings in its 13-year history.

Look at the numbers. Rather than hurt Fox, all this attention from the White House has actually helped the network, giving it a public relations bonanza and marketing blitz it could never have afforded to buy itself.


The decline in Barack Obama’s popularity since July has been the steepest of any president at the same stage of his first term for more than 50 years.

Andrew Bolt:

Press pool revolts against Obama

The Obamabastard delivers:


A revolt by White House correspondents against Barack Obama’s attempts to bar Fox News from a news event for daring to be critical of him. Good to see that other journalists realise that this extraordinary attempt to punish dissent is actually an attempt to cow them.

By the way, how loud would the Left howl had Bush tried anything so petulant and against the interests of an open society? And to think that no president in memory has had such a dream run in the press, too.

Glass jaw. Messiah complex. Authoritarian streak. These and other conclusions can, I think, be drawn.


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  1. Where was the AP, OR Fox news, with this article then?!?

    That’s a very good question. My eyes brightened right up when I saw that article and I thought the same.
    BTW, Sheik, hat’s-off to the ‘A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Productions’. That is an amazing likeness of “the true Barack Hussein Obama”.

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