The Sick Man of Europe meets Islam

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Turkey was once known as the Sick Man of Europe because it appeared to be a failed state headed for collapse and ripe for colonization, but today it is Western Europe that appears to be sick, and Turkey’s Islamists, along with their co-religionists in the Middle East that are heading up the reverse colonization effort.

Yet it is an oversimplification to pretend that the problem began with Islam, Western Europe has been sick for some time now. Before Islam there was Communism and before Communism there was Nazism, and each time it appeared to only be a matter of time before Europe fell under the sway of one or the other.

The indecisiveness of the former great powers allowed a failed state like Germany led by a bunch of cheap thugs with a raving lunatic at its head nearly destroy them. What brought Europe to this catastrophic state of affairs was its emphasis on appeasement over defense, and even the willingness to carve up nations like Czechoslovakia rather than confront the clear and present danger of Nazi Germany. By the time they woke up, it was all but too late and only American intervention saved Europe from becoming part of the Thousand Year Reich.


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  1. “selfish Muslim thugs who manipulate Allah’s will,”

    If Muslims had the courage to stand up to the intellectual pathogens who seem to represent Islam in every corner of the world, maybe the world could become a safer and more peaceful and prosperous place. But while any society and that includes the wests lack of will to deal with crime, we are not going to move forward.

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