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Update: Spin overboard

Update 2: Column – The 42 dead that Gillard can’t see

Australia’s PM Parvenu in chief  KRudd went to Indonesia to pay the jiziya to prevent  further mass-migration of third world migrants to Australia


“The honor of Islam lies in insulting the unbelief and the unbelievers (kafirs).  One who respects kafirs dishonors Muslims…  The real purpose of levying the Jizya on them is to humiliate them… [and] they remain terrified and trembling.” Islamic Jihad

illegal-immigrationArchive photo: Mohammedan invasion of Italy. The more we pay, the more keep coming…

Is KRudd’s failed immigration policy the boomerang that will come around to   hit Australia’s “caring”  Socialist government in the ass?

Since word got around that the  Australia’s Socialists opened the flood gates to third world immigrants, the boats keep coming, and  all know how to play the game. Whether these unwanted Afghans or Tamils  set their boats on fire or use children to appeal to the Australian public on TV, they are determined  to make their way to Australia. And once again, Indonesia, this wonderful Muslim nation parasite next door, sees Australia as the stoopid cash cow it is:

0,,7085666,00Hey Mr KRudd:  why on earth would someone spend 18 months on a leaky boat? Why would “asylum seekers” travel through numerous countries with a similar culture, or religious belief, to cross water to a country that is 60% desert and full of infidels.

Wouldn’t have anything to do with the benefits of living in a Western society now, would it? More>>

Andrew Bolt: Our charity isn’t free:

If we’re saving their lives, that’s most of the argument right there. No question. But let’s not pretend there’s no cost in bringing in people who are often from very different cultures and educational standards:

Refugees are creating a soaring welfare headache for taxpayers with the total annual cost of Centrelink benefits up nearly 40 per cent to an estimated $628 million in just two years.

The hypocrisy is astonishing. What Kevin Rudd promised two years ago:

The Pacific Solution is just wrong. It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s not the right way to in fact handle asylum seekers or others and therefore we think the best way ahead is to use Christmas Island instead. It’s a facility which is part of the Commonwealth of Australia….There will be no continuation of the Pacific Solution under a Federal Labor government.

What the Rudd Government still jeered as of yesterday:

On the resumption of parliament yesterday, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith challenged the Coalition to nominate which of Labor’s policy changes it would overturn… ”Would you reintroduce the Pacific solution, where processing is done on Manus Island and Nauru?

What Rudd now copies from John Howard, substituting only “Indonesia” for “Nauru”:

SEVENTY-EIGHT asylum seekers who were picked up by an Australian customs ship at the weekend are likely to end up in detention in Indonesia after a diplomatic impasse over their fate was broken late yesterday.

It’s the hypocrisy and spin which is most revolting.

No. It doesn’t end there.

KRudd’s sucking up to Indonesia makes everything worse, much worse. And way more more expensive. Remember: infidels are expected to pay the jiziya with willing submission and KRudd is there today and tomorrow to pay up. It will be years before we even know how much KRudd is paying to bribe Indonesia while occupying the Australian public with the so called oil for food scandal. (As if anybody could sell anything in Iraq without bribing the regime in then days!)

But the damage done will be irreparable….

*  History of Mohammedan invasion

9 thoughts on “Welcome to KRuddistan”

  1. How come the Saudis, with all their big oil dollars, aren’t paying for these poorer nations that have gone to Allah?
    They should be helping their own instead of laying the burdens on infidel nations.
    Mygawd, even Obama is going to sign this stupid Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty which is really a cash cow meant to suck “jizya” from carbon users living in the developed nations world-wide to make to the poorer Islamic nations rich.. Their reasoning is that, if we give more money to them and make them fatter they will become better educated and therefore will breed less. Is that a fact of nature? Not when it comes to Islam. With Islam the richer you are the more wives you can have and therefore the more children you can have.
    All the Saudis use their money for is to promote Wahhabism in the lands of dar al-harb. They send money to our Universities to make sure that we’re teaching Islamic studies. They send money to organizations like CAIR and ISNA to help with the spread of Islam. They send money to build new mosques where they aren’t welcome.

    But when it comes to helping their own they ignore them.
    Where is the charity to fellow Muslims that Mohammad spoke so lovingly about?
    I say we cut off the “jizya” now and tell the Saudis to start supporting their own nations under the Organization of the Islamic Conference, OIC.
    It seems to me that if these poor nations like Indonesia had some of that Saudi oil money they wouldn’t have to emigrate to Australia, Canada, the USA, Eurabia, and the UK.
    The same goes for Iran. If they were forced to take care of their nations of Islam they wouldn’t have as much money to spend on nuclear weapons development.

  2. Darrin,

    Berlusconi has done a lot to stop illegals from coming and also cleaned up a lot of the crime in the cities and along the autostrada. No wonder that the left files lawsuit after lawsuit to get him removed.

    Berlusconi is the best Italy can get, despite all his faults. Everything that comes after him will be worse, far worse!

  3. In word and deed, for many years, I have done my best to counter Islamic fundamentalism and the evils that it brings to our shores. However, I’m not prepared to sit back and have the Prime Minister slagged in articles such as this. There is very little real difference between this government and that of John Howard except for the extreme rhetoric. I have a great team of sympathy for refugees, especially since the Tamil population of Sri Lanka has been persecuted for years. Many of them are fine people and it’s as a great deal about their courage that they are willing to put themselves and their families in the hands of people smugglers, who are a blight for both the Indonesian and Australian governments. As a former intelligence officer, I think it extremely unlikely that people arriving in rickety boats would be valued assets of Al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization.

    By all means let us be vigilant and defend our country and its values but one of those values is compassion. No government has stopped almost indiscriminate migration of Islamic fundamentalists into this country. That problem is far more important than refugees from Sri Lanka in leaky, unseaworthy vessels. I am quite sure that the visit to Jakarta is to talk turkey and obtain more assistance from the Indonesian end.

    This particular effort is unworthy of Sheikyermami and its usual more pertinent remarks on the dangers of Islam.

    1. Dear John,

      I appreciate your views and your sympathies for Australia’s PM Kevin Rudd.

      I beg to differ on refugees. Especially those who try to enter by paying people smugglers and land here in leaky boats. As you know, there are currently tens of millions of would be refugees around the world who would be only too happy to resettle in Australia. However, it is up to us to select those who will in the long term benefit this country, integrate and assimilate, and not to try and force their belief-systems on us.To protect our society and the rule of law is one of our fundamental rights and responsibilities.

      If we don’t uphold the fundamental right to decide who comes to this country our kids will have no future, because the country will turn into the same kind of dysfunctional 3rd world mess that these refugees are fleeing from.

      PS: Kevin Rudd will not get more cooperation from the Indonesians, but will have to pay them a lot more then we ever paid for Howards socalled ‘Pacific solution”. The situation is the same in Europe, Italy especially, and the relationship with Libya. If we pay them the jiziya, Gaddafi sents less refugees. When he needs more money (he always does) he sends more.

      It has to be stopped. Totally.

  4. There is no doubt the ‘compassionate’ changes to our illegal immigration laws by this Government has seen us as a soft touch. Many refugees are waiting in squalid camps around the world hoping to come to this country legally, they are not jumping queues, and fewer are likely to be economic refugees.

    Where does it end?

    The Government has an obligation to protect our borders and decide who come into this country, and Australians expect them to do no less.

  5. John

    Fine if you support Kevin Rudd. I just happen to think he is a light weight who is all about self-promotion.

    Matter of fact I would prefer Julia Gillard as PM.

    Rudd is riding a wave of popularity but as sure as the sun comes up to-morrow, his day in the sun will not last.

    By the way, given the proximity of Tamilnadu to northern Sri Lanka (Tamil country up to recently), why would not the Tamils of Sri Lanka head for Tamilnadu where they surely would not face persecution?

    As far as I am concerned this puts paid to the K Rudd opinion that its purely a push factor driving the Sri Lankan Tamils to hop on “leaky boats” to Aussie.

    The pull factor is a significant factor in this equation.

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