Why must 'Palestine' be judenrein?

Gee, and you thought nobody would ever ask why?

Former director of the CIA R. James Woolsey takes the Obama administration to task for its insistence that their be no Jews in a future ‘Palestinian state,’ something that even Salam Fayyad did not advocate at the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival this past July. Carl has more>>


Israel will not allow war crime trials over Gaza


“This warped document… written by this warped committee undermines Israel’s right to self defence. This report encourages terror and endangers the peace,” he said, repeating comments he made at the annual UN General Assembly.

“I want to make it clear — Israel will not take any chances for peace if it can’t defend itself,” he said. More>>

Exercise the veto, loudly: United States must ax anti-Israel report at the UN

The execrable Goldstone Report – accusing Israel of war crimes for daring to defend itself from terrorists hellbent on its destruction – will be debated in the UN Security Council this week. Read more

3rd “Intifadah” a fizzler H/T Carl

Haaretz reports that Hamas was unsuccessful in bringing out many demonstrators to ‘protect al-Aqsa’ over the weekend despite an entire week of incitement by Hamas and by the Islamic Movement’s Northern Front. Here’s why:

The fabricated history of the “ancient” palestinian

That’s right, folks. Everything you’ve read about the palestinians is fabricated, embellished, tricked up, falsified and exaggerated. Read it all, here>>

Jerusalem-RiotArab clerics follow the call to jihad against the Jews 1948


The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem

By Daniel Pipes

Where does Jerusalem fit in Islam and Muslim history? It is not the place to which they pray, is not once mentioned by name in prayers, and it is connected to no mundane events in Muhammad’s life. The city never served as capital of a sovereign Muslim state, and it never became a cultural or scholarly center. Little of political import by Muslims was initiated there.

One comparison makes this point most clearly: Jerusalem appears in the Jewish Bible 669 times and Zion (which usually means Jerusalem, sometimes the Land of Israel) 154 times, or 823 times in all. The Christian Bible mentions Jerusalem 154 times and Zion 7 times. In contrast, the columnist Moshe Kohn notes, Jerusalem and Zion appear as frequently in the Qur’an “as they do in the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, the Taoist Tao-Te Ching, the Buddhist Dhamapada and the Zoroastrian Zend Avesta”—which is to say, not once.2

khilafa1“Holy mosque?” My ass, that’s what these Pali Arabs are thinking, because they pray towards Mecca, not towards the mosque…

The city being of such evidently minor religious importance, why does it now loom so large for Muslims, to the point that a Muslim Zionism seems to be in the making across the Muslim world? Why do Palestinian demonstrators take to the streets shouting “We will sacrifice our blood and souls for you, Jerusalem”3 and their brethren in Jordan yell “We sacrifice our blood and soul for Al-Aqsa”?4 Why does King Fahd of Saudi Arabia call on Muslim states to protect “the holy city [that] belongs to all Muslims across the world”?5 Why did two surveys of American Muslims find Jerusalem their most pressing foreign policy issue?6

Because of politics. Read it all

hamasPalestinians will not Abandon their land, resistance, right to return, Jerusalem nor al-Aqsa Mosque. Mashal Says

Damascus, (SANA)- The equation governing the conflict with the Israeli occupation is clear, the continuation of the occupation means the continuation of resistance, Head of Hamas Politburo Khaled Mashal said.

In a speech delivered during a dinner banquet held Sunday on honor of the participants in International Golan Forum in Damascus, Mashal added that whether it takes a long or short time and even if the international community disappointed us or not, the Palestinian will continue their commitment to their rights and land and the resistance will remain their only option.

“The Palestinians will not abandon their lands, resistance, right to return, Jerusalem nor al-Aqsa Mosque. They will not accept the occupation or settlements,” he said…More

The West Looks On and Does Nothing While Muslims Eradicate the Christians in the Middle East and Blame the Jews


dome32Neglected Dome of the Rock  in a state of disrepair ca 1875

Muslim Jerusalem, or  Why do Muslims insist that Jerusalem is their Holy City?

Night journey, anybody? Too funny that Aisha, Muhammad’s child wife, said the profit of Islam never went anywhere and was instead snoring all night beside her…

The Prophet’s Night Journey; To Where?

Daniel Pipes

The whole story of the Mi’raj as found in the Hadith is pure fiction, a conclusion that will be reinforced through a study of its sources shortly. It is not at all certain that Muhammad ever claimed that he actually ascended to heaven. It is possible that he merely related a  dream, which he took as a vision, in which he imagined his journey to Jerusalem. Al-Hasan reported:

One of Abu Bakr’s family told me that Aisha, the Prophet’s wife, used to say: “The apostle’s body remained where it was but God removed his spirit by night”. (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasulullah, p. 183).
These words clearly teach that Muhammad never left his apartment the whole night. Furthermore the Qur’an plainly restricts the journey to the Isra as we have seen. What was originally nothing more than a dream of a journey to Jerusalem has been transformed into an actual physical event which was followed by an ascent through the heavens to the throne of Allah himself.

Blogging the Qur’an: Sura 17, “The Night Journey,” verse 1

When they heard the stories of his Night Journey, the pagan Quraysh scoffed: “By God, this is a plain absurdity! A caravan takes a month to go to Syria and a month to return and can Muhammad do the return journey in one night?” Challenged by some who had been to Jerusalem, Muhammad claimed one further miracle in connection with the Night Journey: “When the people of Quraish did not believe me [i.e. the story of my Al-Isra (Night Journey)], I stood up in Al-Hijr [Rock City] and Allah displayed Jerusalem in front of me, and I began describing it to them while I was looking at it.”

Evidently, however, his descriptions weren’t altogether convincing: some Muslims abandoned their faith and challenged Muhammad’s most faithful follower, Abu Bakr, to do the same. According to Ibn Ishaq, Abu Bakr was contemptuous: “If he says so then it is true. And what is so surprising in that? He tells me that communications from God from heaven to earth come to him in an hour of a day or night and I believe him, and that is more extraordinary than that at which you boggle!”

23 thoughts on “Why must 'Palestine' be judenrein?”

  1. An Infidel
    This won’t change until the “moderate muslim” usurps the islamists and we get rid of the left wing fools who are causing so many problems at the moment.

  2. Actually, I think the term ‘moderate muslims’ is a misnomer. Any muslim who truly believes the Koran cannot be a ‘moderate’.

    ‘Passive muslims’ would be more appropriate. Does anyone agree?

  3. The Palestinian propaganda machine leaves Joseph Goebbels wearing an ‘L’ plate and a Dunce’s Cap.

  4. Thanks for the great links you provided. I have bookmarked them for further reading : )

  5. “Where does Jerusalem fit in Islam and Muslim history?”

    “In Judea and Samaria, Arabs are the occupiers”

    WHAT!? “Judea and Samaria”? Can’t half see the CHRISTIAN bias. More religious hypocrisy!

    Since when are ANY of the holy books a sound basis for land rights?

    Get real.

  6. “‘Passive muslims’ would be more appropriate. Does anyone agree?”

    I think “moderate religionist” is misnomer, period.

  7. * Since when are ANY of the holy books a sound basis for land rights?

    “In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, To your seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates:” (Genesis 15:18)

    Looks like a sound basis for “land rights” to me.

  8. “Hmm, any idea why its called Judea and Samaria, Leyla?”

    Feel free to enlighten me, Shakey. Just don’t quote the Bible – or the Kuran, for that matter.

    “Since when are Arab claims and Mohammedan conquest a sound basis for land rights?”

    I don’t believe I made such an argument. Quite the contrary, in fact.

  9. To the incognito Christian:

    “Looks like a sound basis for “land rights” to me.”

    Clearly, you missed the whole Age of Enlightenment/Revolution thingy…..

    You know, the origin of the SECULAR STATE. Of course, exactly like every other religionist, you are not alone in this.

  10. I was around for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, when peace will
    guide the planet, and the “world teacher” will appear and tell us how
    we can live together in harmony, in One World without nations and
    borders and all the rest of the New Age dreaming. All they will get is
    the Beast whose number is 666.

  11. Shakey:

    Implicit in my latest replies to you and to the incognito Christian is the questioning of ALL religious states. Why does that keep going over your head?

    You’re not about to call me an antisemite, are you?

  12. Leyla, you go right ahead and question ALL religious states.

    I just asked you why Israel bothers you and 57 Islamic states don’t.

    I don’t know what you see when you look in a mirror, but whatever it is, its you who has to live with it….

  13. The problem with that feeble attempt at satire, incognito OT Christian, is that it was directed at the wrong subject and is therefore a clear demonstration of reactionary association. Nothing witty about it at all, love.

    Your understanding of the Age of Enlightenment and the Revolutions is, quite obviously, different to mine – which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  14. This post is called “Why must ‘Palestine’ be judenrein?”

    You are most welcome to find yourself a blog-post about “understanding of the Age of Enlightenment and the Revolutions”.

    So far, your ‘contribution’ here has been OT.

  15. Oh, brother.

    Let me give it to you again. RELIGION bothers me, period.

    I am under no delusion, however, that the world will suddenly forego its stale belief systems and become rational.

    I really hoped you would enlighten me with the knowledge you alluded to having in relation to ” why ‘it’ is called ‘Judea and Samaria.'” I guess you couldn’t do that without quoting the Bible, just like Muslims can’t act without quoting the Kuran. Hence, I make no ESSENTIAL distinctions between the religious. They all operate with the same mindset.

    Might I remind you that it was the Christian nations that fought for the emancipation of the Arabs from the (Islamic) Turks and that the Jews had flourished under the Turks at that time.

    History is an unforgiving lover. Desert her, and she’ll come back to ruin everything you cherish.

    I have a very clean conscience. Thanks for asking. 🙂

    1. Fine, Leyla.

      So religion bothers you. Strange enough, it seems the existence of Israel bothers you too. You don’t see a problem with an ever increasing number of Islamic states?

      “It appears to me that the argument against Palestine being judenrein is itself OT.”

      An absurd statement that can hardly be taken seriously. “Palestine” is an invention by imam al Husseini and Yasser Arafat who capitalized on it.

      “Palestine” doesn’t exist. It has no history, no people and no coinage. It is the name the Romans gave to biblical Israel when they destroyed the Jewish nation. We are in a new phase of a very old war, a religious war. If you deny the religious aspect, that means you understand nothing about the Middle East or Israel at all.

      That you are under no delusions is debatable.

      Enlightenment re why ‘it’ is called ‘Judea and Samaria.’”

      First of all Judea and Samaria are the historical names for an area that has been inhabited by Jews for more than 3000 years. “West Bank” is an effort by the enemies of Israel to denigrate the claims of the Jewish people. Obviously, history means nothing to you of the enlightened progressives for whom all lands are just real estate. For you only a value free, utopian society, preferably ‘egalitarian’ is the ideal that will make humanity wholesome, progressive sustainable, global and……………… fill in the rest yourself!

      “I remind you that it was the Christian nations that fought for the emancipation of the Arabs from the (Islamic) Turks and that the Jews had flourished under the Turks at that time.”

      I beg to differ. Read “Islam and Dhimmitude” by Bat Ye’or, or read some Andrew Bostom. Both of them have done tremendous work to undue the Islamic myths that are so readily propagated by willing tools…

      Helpful hints: Reversing the roles of the Arabs and Israel

      Israel is not an occupier. The Arabs of Gaza were not under “occupation”; they were living on land that by right had been allocated to the Jews of the Middle East and North Africa, and yet the Israelis never treated them as the Jews had been treated by Muslim Arabs. They never tried to evict them. Indeed, they gave them, even under military rule, the best government they had had until then, and the best government they are likely ever to have had — given the lords of misrule whom the Muslim Arab world throws up, and must, because of that blend of support for despotism, inshallah-fatalism, that inculcated habit of mental submission, and the rigid total belief-system that is, and forever will be Islam, and that alone explains the political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual failures of Muslim states and peoples.

      There is more, there is always more, you know that.

      For example this:

      Denying the thousands of years of Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, coupled with the invention of “Palestinian” history of thousands of years, have always been of supreme importance to the Palestinian Authority. The PA is struggling with the challenge of creating a Palestinian national identity when no Palestinian national history exists. Even the term “Palestine” historically had nothing to do with Arab identity, and most of the population only migrated in the last century after the improved living conditions and work opportunities brought about by the Zionist movement.

      Thus, incessant denial of Israel’s history and right to exist, and the
      invention of a PA history have been backbones of PA indoctrination and
      education for years.

      In a broadcast last week on PA TV the following are some of the main
      points of the “history”.

      1. The Hebrews of the Bible have no connection to the Jews today.
      2. The Hebrews of the Bible were Arabs.
      3. The Prophets of the Bible were Muslims.
      4. Biblical King Solomon was a Muslim Prophet.
      5. Solomon’s Temple was not built by Israelites but by Arab Canaanites.
      6. The Canaanites are the forefathers of the Palestinians
      7. The Bible is legends based on what Jews imagined and not on history.
      8. The Jews today are descendents of a 13 th Century Khazar tribe with
      no history in the Land of Israel.
      9. The location of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a Zionist invention.
      10. Zionism is Racism.

      So you see; I left the bible out of it. You deny the historical and religious claims of the Torah as well, so what’s bugging you? The existence of Israel?

      Tell me then: If Israel were destroyed, If all the Jews were killed, or resettled somewhere in the West, would the global jihad stop?

      Would Arabs and Muslims, who follow an ideology of global conquest, then stop jihad warfare (currently) in more than 30 theaters of war around the world?

  16. “This post is called “Why must ‘Palestine’ be judenrein?”

    “You are most welcome to find yourself a blog-post about “understanding of the Age of Enlightenment and the Revolutions”.

    “So far, your ‘contribution’ here has been OT.”

    It appears to me that the argument against Palestine being judenrein is itself OT.

    An argument FOR the secular state embraces the notion of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in civil society.

    What is the logic in finding another thread to argue it, therefore?

  17. The Palestinian Arabs are the occupiers of Jewish land

    Tell the World they are delusional in thinking that Arabs belong in Israel – There will never be an Arab/Palestinian State together or adjacent to Eretz Israel.
    There has never been such a nation as the Palestinian/Arab People.
    The Arab/Moslem Koran specifically states in
    The Qur’an 17:104 – states the land belongs to the Jewish people

    If the historic documents, comments written by eyewitnesses and declarations by the most authoritative Arab scholars are still not enough, let us quote the most important source for Muslim Arabs:
    “And thereafter we [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: ‘Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd’.”.
    Any sincere Muslim must recognize the Land they call “Palestine” as the Jewish Homeland, according to the book considered by Muslims to be the most sacred word and Allah’s ultimate revelation.

    Any building of housing in The Greater Israel is the right and duty of the Israeli government. There is no such a thing as occupied territory. It is the land of Israel for over 4,000 years.

    Sequence of historical events, agreements and a non-broken series of treaties and resolutions, as laid out by the San Remo Resolution, the League of Nations and the United Nations, gives the Jewish People title to the city of Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.
    Let the Arab nation take the Palestinian Arabs and settle the in the Million plus Jewish home that they evicted from their countries and allow the Jewish nation to live in peace.
    A true peace in the Middle East will be an economic phenomenon that the world has never seen. But this can only be accomplished when there is a real peace. The Arabs must stop preaching and teaching hate.
    Any liberal Israeli that is delusional about Arab intention and wants to give any land in Israel to the Arabs should live Israel; he does not belong in Israel.
    YJ Draiman, Northridge, CA

  18. The Arab/Moslem Koran specifically states in
    The Qur’an 17:104 – states the land belongs to the Jewish people.

    Muslims claim they are the “new Jews”, all previous religions are obsolete and to be replaced with Islam.

    A true peace in the Middle East will be an economic phenomenon that the world has never seen. But this can only be accomplished when there is a real peace. The Arabs must stop preaching and teaching hate.

    There can never be peace until the whole world is Islamic. That is the core belief of Islam. For Muslims to be means that ‘the other’ is not.

    Hope that helps!

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