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Dr Daniel Pipes, Internationally Renown  Expert on Islam discusses radical Islam and the Middle East with Allan Jones, you can listen here….

Meanwhile, in Cauckistan:

Tarek Fatah: Montreal welcomes an Islamist extremist in sheep’s clothing

National Post

Tomorrow evening the citizens of Montreal will be treated to a  spectacle of Islamist double-talk that will leave them dazzled. Tariq  Ramadan will be speaking to a gathering at the University of Montreal.


Arab Street is Rejoicing at the Slaughter of US Soldiers – Give ’em Billions! Give ’em Nukes! But most of all, Give ’em Respect!

This time the voice of Islamism will not be the regular run-of-the-mill shrieks by sheikhs, but delivered by a man with a mellow  disarming smile. The guttural accent we have come to associate with  angry mullahs of the Middle East will be replaced by milky English delivered with a French accent.

But make no mistake. The message of Tariq Ramadan will remain the  same. The crudeness will be replaced by sophistication; the clumsiness by finesse. And Canadians, hungry for some sense of movement towards moderation in the world of Islam, will most  probably lap it all up.

So who is Tariq Ramadan?

My first encounter with him was in a TVO discussion about Sharia Law  in Canada in 2005.

I had heard Tariq Ramadan had spoken against the idea of introducing  Sharia Law in Canada. I was excited. The grandson of the founder of  the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt would have the maturity and  understanding to take a brave stand when the rest of the Islamist establishment was hell-bent on making sure sharia law found a  foothold in North America.

However, my hopes were dashed when the live show went on air. Tariq  Ramadan  made it very clear. He was not opposed to sharia law coming  to Canada; he just didn’t think it was the right time to introduce it.  In his words, Muslims were displaying a “lack of creativity”. He  suggested that rather than ask openly for sharia law, Islamists should have sneaked it in through the existing legal framework.

Taken aback, I was reminded of the Islamist doctrine of Taqiyaa, a  dissimulation methodology employed to hide one’s true agenda, which recommends appearing harmless to one’s adversary with the objective of having them  lower their guard.

After the TV show, I did some research on Tariq Ramadan’s position on Sharia law. In the issue of Egypt Today of October 2004, he wrote:

he Muslims in Canada’s battle to set up shariah courts to settle  domestic disputes is another example of lack of creativity. Within the  normative law in Canada, they have huge latitude for Muslims to  propose an Islamic contract. These courts are not necessary; all they  do is stress the fact that Muslims have specific laws and for the time  being this is not how we want to be perceived. (emphasis mine). We  need to show that our way of thinking is universal, that we can live with the law and there is no contradiction.”

e continued: “The term shariah in itself is laden with negative connotations in the  Western mind. There is no need to stress that.”

If I needed an example of doublespeak and dissimulation, I had found it.

On Thursday, the Muslim Canadian Congress and the Montreal-based Point de Basqule took out a full page advertisement in Le Devoir welcoming  Ramadan to Quebec and Canada, but exposing the hidden agenda that has mesmerized so many naïve Westerners.

Titled, “Greetings to You, Oh My Brother!”, Point de Bascule and the  MCC described Ramadan as an Islamist ideologue who pretends to  be a moderate, but acts otherwise. This was best reflected in his  refusal to outrightly condemn the practice of stoning women. He has asked for a ‘moratorium’ on such barbaric punishments.

Tariq Ramadan’s conference on Friday evening is organized by a group  of his disciples, but has the backing of many on the left as well as  such partners as the l’Institut du Nouveau Monde and the Quebec  Ministry of Immigration and Cultural Communities.

Ramadan reflects the new sophisticated arm of the worldwide  Islamist movement, which sees the West as the right place to wage a  cultural and intellectual jihad. It  preys on Muslim youth who are  tired of the old guard;  men in beards and long frocks, frothing as they denounce the evil West. The new technique is to undermine the  West from within, like parasites and termites, with the host society  never knowing what hit it, until it is too late. UK is one example.

Those dazzled by the charm of the new Islamists need to recognize that Tariq Ramadan in 2003 praised a book written by  Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the radical Islamist sheik based in Qatar; the man  who justified suicide bombing. Ramadan hosts a weekly show on the Iranian government’s PressTV network. He has never dissociated himself from the Iranian regime, not even during the repression of protesters who were opposed to the “re- election” of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As young Muslim men and  women were being beaten up and tortured by the Iranian regime, Ramadan was quite happy to give the Iranian ayatollahs a pretty face.

I close with the words of French Muslim journalist Mohamed Sifaoui: “Tariq Ramadan is an Islamist. He is among those who want political  Islam, the European version of the Muslim Brotherhood, to infiltrate  institutions, society, associations, parties, the media and so on, in order to pressure these same societies, to “reform” them from inside,  to Islamize them or re-Islamize them, the better to pervert them, to  progressively bring them to accept a medieval vision of the Muslim

Brother Tariq, your father Said Ramadan came to my birthplace Pakistan in 1948 as a Muslim Brotherhood emissary and was instrumental in  turning a secular Muslim country into a hotbed of Islamic extremism. I will not let the son of Said Ramadan come to my adopted home Canada  and do the same, without a fight. Your Islamist father ruined my birthplace; I will not let you ruin the place where I will die.

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