KRudd's Compassion Kills

The Indonesian solution

Andrew Bolt:

Yet more boat people drown – and it’s time to hold the Rudd Government to account:

A BOAT carrying 40 asylum-seekers that sank 350 nautical miles north-west of the Cocos Island capsized in darkness overnight as a commercial vessel attempted to rescue them.

The RAAF and Australia’s Royal Flying Doctors Service will today join the search for survivors, withgrave fears now held for more than 20 people unaccounted for after 17 were rescued.

I’m bloody angry. I warned again and again and again that people were once more dying at sea following Kevin Rudd’s relaxation of our boat people laws, and would continue to do so while those laws were relaxed.

The response? A wilful refusal to look at the brutal consequences of this display of “compassion”. In fact, when I warned last month that at least 25 boat people had died already this year trying to get here, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard claimed “there is no evidence to support this figure”.

I recounted and found that in fact at least 42 boat people had died. With these latest suspected drownings, the toll is now 61 dead at least.

61 dead. That’s the price to pay to allow politicians and activists to seem compassionate, by weakening the laws that had deterred boat people from risking their lives like this. Rudd weakened the laws again at the end of last July, and the signal was immediately heard, and my red dot marks the spot on the Immigration Department graph:


Is that the only one of Rudd’s signals the boat people heard? This boat sent out a rescue signal on reaching Australian search-and-rescue territory, and although it reportedly had a hole in the hull it only capsized – it’s reported, at least – during an unspecified interaction with a trawler and natural gas tanker attempting to help. We know that the Tamils on the Oceanic Viking had also issued an SOS, although their own vessel seemed to have only holes in the hull apparently drilled by the boat people themselves.

But how obsessed this political-media class is by seeming, rather than being. By flaunting their intentions, rather than take responsibility for the consequences of their dreams. Children are now in charge.

Kevin Rudd, do you accept responsibility for luring people to their deaths?

Julia Gillard, do you see these dead now?

You advocates for a more “humane” policy, do you see now the consequences? Did you ever consider that some may die so that you may feel noble?

But the answer so far from the Rudd Government? To refuse so far to even confirm if those who drowned were asylum seekers.


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