The bear was simply enforcing its cultural traditions!

Allahbubu snackbar!

Islamophobic bear kills two jihadists in Kashmir – Jihad Watch

Four soldiers of Allah enter a cave. Two  leave.

Tim Blair’s site has the best comments, here’s mine:

the bear was just angry they didn’t want to share the pudding!

The bear was obviously in the pay of the Great Satan.

OK. Let’s get this straight. Was the bear Jewish?

The bear, when asked, stated that they “tasted like chicken.”

And the downside here is…….?

Even nature is against them…

The cops PRESUME that the pudding belonged to the “militants.” I disagree.

The survivng terrorists are now anguishing over the root causes for such hatred.

Meanwhile, the Beeb lovingly refers to bear-bait jihadists as “injured comrades” …..

12 thoughts on “The bear was simply enforcing its cultural traditions!”

  1. Funny how even bears get caught up in the jihad.
    Remember that English teacher who was nearly jailed for called the teddy bear Mohammed.

    Islam impacts on every area of our life.

    But I don’t blame the bears for not wanting to share their cave with such mean and nasty jihadis.

  2. Al-Kidya,

    I like IDB – Internally Digested by Bear.
    ICBS – Islamic appoved conversion to Bear S___

    Should be a lot more ICBS.

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