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Michigan: 100’s mourn police dog killed by radical imam

“Most of us are in a state of shock,” Ali said. (Me too. I hope the dog gets his virgins…)

In the past Michigan Muslims have come out in support of a pro-Iranian Mullah supporting Imam, the Islamic terrorirst organization Hezbollah, and now are supporting America hating Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. Just like we see across the world, Islam destroys societies from within. More from Islam in Action

Paki News: 60-Year-Old Homosexual Lynched/ Islam is “all-inclusive…”


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Anjem Choudary claims the country’s war dead are being punished by GOD “Allah”   - Sunday Express has more

‘Asian’ Gang Assaults Passersby in British ‘No-Go’ Neighborhood…

Jihad Watch:

Egypt: Christians hide in homes after Muslims distribute leaflets saying “burn, vandalize and clean the country of these evil immoral infidels”

“America and Islam…share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” — Barack Obama, Cairo, June 4, 2009

“Copts expressed their fear over leaflets entitled ‘These have to Die!’ which are being distributed to all Muslims in Dairout and neighborhoods, enticing them to ‘burn, vandalize and clean the country of these evil immoral infidels.'”

Islamic Tolerance Alert: “Egyptian Christians Fear More Muslim Violence,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, November 1:

Egypt (AINA) — Egyptian security forces have intensified their presence in the Upper Egyptian town of Dairout, in anticipation of a recurrence of Muslim violence against Christians. Copts expressed their fear over leaflets entitled “These have to Die!” which are being distributed to all Muslims in Dairout and neighborhoods, enticing them to “burn, vandalize and clean the country of these evil immoral infidels.”

Reports from Dairout, 313 km south of Cairo, confirm that Christian Copts are afraid to leave their homes and have stayed indoors since violence against them erupted on October 24, 2009. This collective punishment of Copts was caused by an illicit sexual relationship between a Muslim girl, Hagger Hassouna, and the Christian Romany Farouk Attallah. It was rumored that he sent videos of them intimately together to cell phones in Dairout before fleeing. This prompted the Hassouna family to kill his father, Farouk Attallah, on October 19, 2009, in revenge. Four of the Hassouna killers were detained by prosecution, leading to Muslim riots against the Copts (AINA 10-27-2009) .

According to Wagih Yacoub of the Middle East Christian Assosiation (MECA),Muslim-owned businesses are now displaying stickers with ‘Allah Akbar’ (Allah is Great) to differentiate between them and Coptic-owned businesses, as a form of pre-planning for a forthcoming wave of Muslim violence.

Handwritten leaflets (Arabic) have been circulated among Muslims in Dairout for the last two days; they call on Muslims to unite to take revenge for their religion and honor, claiming that Hagger Hassouna is innocent and that she was forced into vice, and “all Jews and Christians should come to learn that Muslim honor is precious.” The fliers state that Muslims are the masters of the world since beginning of times until the present day, and entices them to “burn and vandalize and clean the country of the evil immoral infidels.”

It also calls on Muslims to take revenge for the “rings of prostitution” which are the churches and in particular the church in the village of Ezbet Hanna. Those specifically named to be killed are Reverend Pavlos of the Church of the Virgin Mary, Coptic lawyer Gamal Youssef, two brothers who own an optometry practice, and a Copt who owns a beauty saloon and photography shop.

Muslims are asked to die for their honor and they will be rewarded with eternal paradise. “Do not say it is a matter of just a girl, no, it is a public and a serious issue, it is the biggest issue, it is Islam’s issue.” A transcript of the the leaflet (in Arabic) is published on Copts United website….

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