Islamic Tits & Ass Bombs

In Vegas they seem to be familiar with ’em, but these girls do not have these explosive tendencies and are safe to fly….

From Pamela:


Islamic Jihad Plan Breast Bomb Attacks: Britain is facing a new Al Qaeda terror threat from suicide ‘body bombers’ with explosives surgically inserted inside them.  Maybe the Muslim women will like their new tatas so much, they will want to live! laugh! love! as infidels. Hubba hubba boom!!!

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"Jews rule the world"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejew implied at a conference on Saturday that Iran controls the World. Carl in J’lem

“Da Jooozzz” must be controlling Iran’s prison’s also:

The Islamic Republic of Torture, Rape and Murder

Rape in prison is a cruel invasion of the helpless victim. In addition to its physical torment and transmission of sexual diseases, rape reduces the victim to a subhuman status—an object for the use of others to be discarded when no longer desired. Most civilized countries sternly guard against rapes and sexual assaults in prison, although with less than complete success. Under the barbaric rule of the Mullahcracy in Iran, sexual assaults have become instruments of policy for extracting false confessions, satisfying the boundless sadisms and sexual perversities of the jailers, punishing the helpless victim and leaving him with the sense of dehumanization.    Amil Imani has more>>

Other News:

"Martyrdom-Seeking Parliament Members"

Leader of the “Palestinian Freedom Movement” Khaled Abu Hilal: We Have Martyrdom-Seeking Parliament Members

Must be another “kafir we love death and you love Pepsi Cola” movement….


The following are excerpts from a speech given by Khaled Abu Hilal, the leader of the Palestinian “Freedom Movement”, which aired on Al-Alam TV on January 1, 2010.

Khaled Abu Hilal: We have a Legislative Council whose members are martyrdom seekers. We have national and Islamic factions, whose leaders are martyrdom seekers. We have martyrdom-seeking women. We raise our children from kindergarten to love martyrdom. We are not afraid of anybody, but…

Crowd: Allah Akbar. Praise be to Allah.

Allah Akbar. Praise be to Allah.

Allah Akbar. Praise be to Allah.

Khaled Abu Hilal: I am not addressing the rulers of Egypt. We washed our hands of them a long time ago, and we know that the rulers of Egypt orbit in the Zionist-American sphere. We have only one Abbas here in Palestine, but God help the Egyptian people, with all the Abbases they have to deal with.

Crowd: We place our trust in God.

We place our trust in God.


Khaled Abu Hilal: The great Gaza will turn into a curse that will haunt you in your dreams, a nightmare that will make you lose sleep, and an earthquake that will shake your seats and your bellies. We vow to escalate our protest measures, until [the Egyptians] back down from building the criminal wall of shame, with which they want to strangle Gaza. Brace yourselves, from this moment, for the procession of the living dead, which will kindle the flame and the wrath of the nation, against all those who oppress and harm us. Oh Allah, whoever wants to harm our people and our mujahideen – blind his eyes and deafen his ears.


Labour fails to understand ‘inequality’

If you pay people to be poor, you will never run out of poor people. And if you penalise those who do rise from disadvantage to affluence by seizing more and more of their earnings, how exactly is that contributing to “fairness”?   Janet Daley


Or is it MoMoMoMotown?

“I do believe this is a new record,” reports Mark Steyn. “The Four Mohammeds are the first all-Mo gang. Any quintets out there like to challenge for the prize?”   Tim Blair

Smutty Smut & Warming Fraud

Nobel Price Candidate?

The Telegraph’s Robert Mendick and Amrit Dhillon in Delhi write:

As the UN’s climate change chief, Dr Rajendra Pachauri has spent his career writing only the driest of academic articles. But the latest offering from the chairman of the UN’s climate change panel is an altogether racier tome.

Some might even suggest Dr Pachauri’s first novel is frankly smutty.


Money v Jihad

U.S. pledges $11 million toward jihadist rehab in Yemen

Crayons, water colors and paper. Spray-cans for the progressives, graffiti  vs jihad?

What could possibly go wrong? Oh, yeah. Jihadists go through the motions and resume the jihad. That’s all. “Indonesia tries rehabilitation to wipe out extremism,” by Anuj Chopra for The National, thanks to JW

Palau gets 250-million dollar aid package from the United States for Gitmo apes resettlement

Palau needs a giant mosque….

Palau had earlier rejected a 156 million dollar offer and the settlement came after the island nation agreed to resettle six Muslim Uighurs who had been held for more than seven years at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay.

The six arrived in Palau in November. But Johnson said the two issues were not related.  Australia Network News

Fillon’s Feelosophy: “we can’t hurt Muslim feelings…”

But… “Fillon’s letter stressed the need for a consensus and that it was important not to hurt the feelings of Muslims.”

Somewhat mixed signals, in an update on this story. What if standing up for Western values like equality and an open society hurts feelings? “French PM asks government body to study burqa law,” from the Associated Press/JW

Dollars can’t stop it, missiles can’t stop it, rockets can’t stop it: what to do, what to do?

Jihad/martyrdom bomber kills 14 in Pakistan

Only 14 this time.

“Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain…” — Qur’an 9:111

“Bomb blast in NW Pakistan kills 14,” from Reuters, January 30, via JW

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suspected suicide car-bomber set off his explosives near a security check-post in the northwestern Pakistani region of Bajaur on Saturday killing 14 people, police said.Pakistani security forces have in recent days stepped up operations against militants in Bajaur, an ethnic Pashtun militant stronghold on the Afghan border, as part of efforts to defeat Pakistan Taliban militants fighting the state.

“It looks like a suicide attack,” said Fazl-e-Rabi, a police official in the region, adding at least seven of the dead were passersby.

“I suspect the number of dead might go up as many of the wounded are in critical condition,” he told Reuters….

Climate Apes & Jihad Monkeys, Unite!

The loopy left found a new hero:

Osama bin Laden lends support in fight against climate change –

When a terrorist like Bin Laden has the same ideas as our current administration– what does that tell you?

Andrew Bolt

Guardian reader  quotes Chomsky, murders thousands

So from where does Osama bin Laden get some of his whackier ideas about the evils of capitalism?

Bin Laden also appeared to reveal himself to be a Guardian reader when he quoted from the newspaper’s recent interview with US intellectual Noam Chomsky.

Sleepless Wong

WHEN does Penny Wong sleep? According to her Climate Change Department, there are 210,507 documents to help inform or brief her on the government’s emissions trading scheme. /Andrew Bolt

KRudd’s “Australian of the Year” demands: Free asylum seekers!

An arse clown is awarded the Labor Party “Australian of the Year” title, yet a man who has laid his life on the line fighting to protect Australians from those who at every opportunity enunciate their hatred for everything Australia and the Judeo Christian west stand for is called a “Young Australian of the Year”- thanks to AussieNews&Views

“Divine Love” Spiritual leader faces court on rape charge


Mohammad Memar Zadeh, 38, of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order based in Balmain appeared via video link at Central Local Court . (?)    He was charged with aggravated sexual intercourse without consent in December with a woman who was, according to court documents, “under his authority” as spiritual leader of the organisation.

Mohammad Memar Zadeh, 38, of the Nimatullahi Sufi Order based in Balmain appeared via video link (?)   He was refused bail by the magistrate, Jane Culver, and remains in custody.   He did not enter a plea.

Iranian cleric: hey, lets murder some more protestors for the sake of Allah…

Jihad roundup:

Iranian cleric: Hey, let’s murder some more dissidents, for God’s Allah’s sake

More opposition should be executed,” from The Associated Press, better from JW

Obama’s National Security Adviser: Iran might “lash out” at Israel over pressure on nuke program

Can’t have that. Resistance is useless. War is not the answer. Can’t we be friends if we give them some money?

In other words: Israel, please don’t pressure Iran about its nuclear program. “Obama aide: Iran may lash out at Israel over pressure on nuclear program,” from theAssociated Press, January 30 (thanks to JW):

Thailand: Jihadists set off bomb in mosque compound, open fire on Thai soldiers

No one has claimed responsibility, but there is only one group in Thailand that opens fire on Thai soldiers. Thai Jihad Update. “Bomb near mosque kills soldier in Thai south,” from Reuters, January 29 (thanks to JW):

Malaysia arrests ten tied to Christmas underwear jihadist

Hey, didn’t the Muslim POSPOTUS Obama just tell us that he was just an Isolated Extremist?”

Update: “Nigerian underwear bomber: 10 terror suspects held,” fromNew Straits Times,

UK: telling the truth makes you an "ignorant racial bigot"

Tory MP says rapist was influenced by migrants’ ‘barbaric and medieval’ attitudes towards women

Related  “Nothing to do with Islam” News:

Muslim Advocating Murder of UK Troops is a ‘Progressive’…/ROP

David Cameron was last night challenged to deselect a Welsh Conservative MP who linked the case of a teenage Muslim rapist to “barbaric and medieval” views towards women “imported into this country”.

Monmouth MP David Davies made his controversial comments during a radio interview while discussing the case of Bilal Khan, 13, who was jailed for three years for raping a 20-year-old woman in a park at Stoke-on-Trent.

He said: “I think there is a wider question here. What is it about this young man’s upbringing, what about his community or his parental upbringing, that led him to think that women are second-class people whose rights can be trampled over like this?

“That is a very interesting question, and there are some sensitive issues here but there do seem to be some people in some communities who don’t respect women’s rights at all and who, I may say, without necessarily saying this is the case on this occasion, who have imported into this country barbaric and medieval views about women, and that is something that also needs to be addressed.”

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Bunglawussi on a roll, wins libel case against Mail on Sunday

Compo Jihad:

Bunglawussi stabs man in the back (6 times in self-defense) gets apology…$$$

Inayat wins libel case against Mail on Sunday

Bunglawussi, a government adviser on combating extremism among young Muslims today accepted substantial undisclosed damages over a newspaper claim that he supported al-Qa’ida. (He did and he does. Bunglawussi is a great fan of bin Laden, but the truth is no longer relevant in Nullabours Britannia./ed)

Extract: Prosecutors have decided that Inayat Bunglawala acted in selfdefence when a drunk turned up at his Pounds 300,000 house in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the early hours of the morning. After a scuffle, the 25-yearold man was left bleeding from six knife wounds to his back, requiring emergency surgery that confined him to hospital for four days.

The parents of the 25-year-old, a heating engineer and a local government employee, said they were ‘sickened’ by the CPS’s decision not to prosecute (Bunglawussi).

His mother said: ‘Mr Bunglawala has been treated very lightly by the police and the CPS. (Yes indeed. There are two laws in the UK now, one for the natives and  another one for all under the sharia/ed)

In other news:

Another Islamic terrorist gets off scot-free:

Appeal Court judges have overturned the conviction of a man branded a “wannabe suicide bomber” by prosecutors.   Mohammed Atif Siddique, 24, a student from Alva, Clackmannanshire, was convicted of terrorism charges in 2007.   But Lord Osborne said some directions given to the jury by the trial judge were a “material misdirection” and amounted to a “miscarriage of justice”.  BBC Scotland news report