ALL devout Muslims MUST be filled with hate, it's in the Koran…

“I am not a man filled with hate”- sez Mohammedan headbanger who went on a personal jihad against da Jooozzz…

Seattle jihadist gets life sentence for Jewish Federation murders


Soldier of Islam

Haq, like virtually all other jihadists, played the victim, blaming inadequate mental health care. He was singing a different tune when he called his family after the shootings – back then he called himself a “soldier of Islam.”

He blamed mental illness instead of Islam?  Islam is the mental illness that afflicted this c*nt. His condition is called  Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

The only known treatment is called apostacy (leaving Islam).

“Haq apologizes, receives life sentence for Jewish Federation shooting,” by Jennifer Sullivan for the Seattle Times, January 14 (thanks to Phil):

Naveed Haq was sentenced to life in prison this morning for barging into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle 3 ½ years ago, killing one woman and wounding five others amid an anti-Israel tirade.Addressing the court for the first time, Haq blamed the shootings on mental illness and lack of treatment.

“I understand you are angry,” said Haq, 34. “The tragedy wouldn’t have occurred if it wasn’t for bad medical care and mental illness.”

Haq apologized for the attack “from the depth of my being.”

“I am not a man filled with hate,” said the Tri-Cities man. “That Naveed Haq at the Federation that July day was not the real Naveed Haq.”…

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  1. We are all soldiers of Islam. We are duty-bound to KILL all non-Muslims according to the teachings of the Koarn. Long live Islam.(Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London/United Kingdom. (

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