Iranian woman raped five times in prison for not covering up

Islam is the most horrible thing I’ve experienced in my life. Islam means failure, Islam means rape, it means women are not human, that they are worth half. That’s what Islam means.


KGS from the Tundra Tabloids has the video’s here

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7 thoughts on “Iranian woman raped five times in prison for not covering up”

  1. I always keep such as stupid people as you! Do not put informations around here based on no facts.

    And also, if you want to talk about Islam, you may want to cover all its sides. Do not just take the informations that would make it look bad and just say it, I mean, be fair.

    If you want to know about the real rapers, then, you may want to check the American soldiers, and what they’ve done in Iraq, raping, killing children, humiliating men, and women, torturing, and finally, all these come under the name of freedom, and fighting terrorists. lol

    Now, you know how stupid you are, and how dump.

  2. This is @RAMON
    shut the FUCK UP you dogfaced baby raping piece of crap. The “real” rapers? Can a single word come out of a muslim man’s mouth THAT ISN’T A LIE? Why are muslims such filthy liars? BASED ON NO FACTS? What the fuck would you know about facts RAMON – every word out of your mouth is propaganda and lies !!

    MUSLIM MEN ARE THE RAPING PIGS OF THE WORLD !!!!!! Everybody knows it! THIS IS AS FAIR AS IS GETS WHEN DESCRIBING ISLAM, because it is the most filthy disgusting ideology on the planet.

  3. Remember this item from Jihad Watch…

    September 2, 2009
    Ahmadinejad’s Imam a Misunderstander of Islam, says Islam allows raping, torturing prisoners
    It’s so hard to get good clerical help these days. Even the top clerics misunderstand the Religion of Peaceâ„¢.
    “Ahmadinejad’s Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners,” by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz for Israel National News, September 1 (thanks to all who sent this in):
    ( A highly influential Shi’a religious leader, with whom Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regularly consults, apparently told followers last month that coercion by means of rape, torture and drugs is acceptable against all opponents of the Islamic regime. […]
    “Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?” was the follow-up question posed to the Islamic cleric.
    Mesbah-Yazdi answered: “The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it’s acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed.”…
    A related issue, in the eyes of the questioners, was the rape of virgin female prisoners. In this instance, Mesbah-Yazdi went beyond the permissibility issue and described the Allah-sanctioned rewards accorded the rapist-in-the-name-of-Islam:
    “If the judgment for the [female] prisoner is execution, then rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage [to Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent to making a pilgrimage to [the Shi’ite holy city of] Karbala.”

  4. The Strategy of Islam to Infiltrate and Dominate a Host Population

    – They seek out nations that have basic social freedoms or areas that our depressed or void of law

    – They immigrate to these areas using the laws of freedom or take advantage of those in depressed areas by offering the basic essentials of life

    – Once they have merged in the host country, Islam demands respect for its customs by the host population

    – They immediately begin to import their own laws into the host population

    – They use the “minority” radicals to spread fear among the host population and enforce Islam’s code

    – They begin to populate large numbers of Muslims through immigration and birth in the host nation

    – They do a show of force through large gatherings when outnumbered by the host population and center themselves in urban areas

    – When outnumbered, they will appear as the victim. When they obtain the majority, they become the aggressor

    – Once they gain the majority, they strike down the host population or drive them out by use of the “minority” radicals and seize what were the host population properties

    – Once Muslims move into an area, they spread into the social fabric through the establishment of mosques, by the economic through stores in every part of the city to bring Muslims into areas once dominated by only the host population, the use the political sphere to get Muslims elected into local, then state, then federal offices by sheer numbers in order to take over the entire social, economic, and political host through the protection of what is defined as a religion

    It more commonly fits the definition of a virus: a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms. Most viruses are too small to be seen directly with a light microscope. Viruses infect all types of organisms…

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