Litigation Jihad, Compo Jihad

Bushra Noah screwed a hairdressing saloon out of   £ 4000 payout
This bearded Muslim police-freak  got….$$$

The profit’s  beard  got….. £11,000

Afghan hack sues Siemens for 2 million dollars

Sedika Weingaertner

She was fired by Siemens, because she  employed drastic Holocaust comparisons. Among other things Sedika Winegardner (photo) said the following: “No Jew in this country had to ever suffer such mental agonies as I.” In addition she called her superiors “under-exposed woman and Ausländerhasser” (xenophobes).  Now she turned the tables on them  and calls herself a  Mobbingopfer (victim of mobbing)  From Politically Incorrect

Yet another bearded headbanger demands 3 million dollars for  his hurt feelings:

Muslim security guard who works at FBI headquarters says he gets harassed because of beard: suit

BY John Marzulli/ DAILY NEWS

A Muslim security guard at the Manhattan FBI
headquarters claims he’s being forced to carry
around proof of his religion because he has a

Daoud Ibraheem, 72, was granted a religious
exception for facial hair when he was hired in 2007
by Wackenhut Services, but says the special
treatment has triggered harassment by supervisors.

WTF  does the FBI need a 72-year old security guard for?

In a $3 million discrimination suit filed in Brooklyn
Federal Court, Ibraheem says he is subjected to
daily spot-checks by officers from the Federal
Protective Service.

They repeatedly insist he must produce a letter
written by the imam of his Brooklyn mosque
vouching for his faith, the suit says.

They also falsely accused Ibraheem of sleeping on
the job and ordered him to stay outside a heated
guard booth while non-Muslim guards have
unlimited access to the shelter in freezing weather,
said his lawyer, Tamara Harris.

She said Ibraheem fears upcoming terror trials of
9/11 plotters could ramp up the hostility even

“The anger people harbor against Muslims might be
heightened by the proximity of his workplace to
Ground Zero, where 9/11 happened,” Harris said.

The Federal Protective Service, a government
agency, and private contractor Wackenhut are jointly
responsible for security at 26 Federal Plaza.

A lawyer representing both Wackenhut and the
Federal Protective Service did not return calls for

Muslims, tell us how you really feel:

Don’t you worry, don’t you fret: Dalia Mogahed, senior analyst and executive director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies has the cure for your Islamophobia:

Mogahed slyly links antisemitism with prejudice against Muslims, smoothly gliding over the inveterate antisemitism found among Muslims and justified by the Qur’an.

Mogahed said bias against both groups (Muslims & Jews)  should be tracked and studied together to understand the dynamic.”Groups working against the two types of prejudices should perhaps form a closer alliance,” she said….

“Let’s form a closer alliance,” said the fox to the hens. (JW has the whole thing)

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  1. I feel insulted and hurt in my feelings when I see this flock of crows brandishing a poster saying “British police go to hell.” Hell is against my religion. I think I’ll sue somebody for 3 million pounds.

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