More Jihad Every Day

Sydney Moonbat Herald/Henry Samuel

Opposing the burka makes the French “right wingers”

Disquiet has grown at what many regard as a threatening presence of Islam in France, which is home to about 6 million Muslims. Right-wing MPs want a ban on the burka and on foreign flags at weddings in town halls. Sydney Moonbat Herald


Australian Newspaper Wins Dishonest Reporting Award/ by Cassandra

Yemen to America: Just give us the money and go away

American taxpayers forked over nearly $70 million to Yemen in security aid last year. The Yemeni government is demanding more now in the wake of the Crotch Bomber attack.

What they don’t want: U.S. troops to help them fight jihad effectively: Michelle Malkin

Yes, America still operates the dangerous Diversity Visa Lottery

Eight years ago, I reported on the State Department’s idiotic Diversity Visa Lottery program and called for it to be abolished in Invasion. Why, I asked, are we leaving homeland security to random chance in the wake of September 11? Michelle Malkin

Fuckwit of the Month:

Just another Tingles?

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: Dick Cheney’s “Emboldening the Terrorists” and “Must be Stopped”… ZIP


He doesn’t mention Islam but it isn’t far from his thoughts, as a matter of fact, it’s exactly what he referring to but doesn’t dare say it out loud. Islam is changing Europe, and if nothing is done to change the flow of mass immigration, then Europe will be one day counted as being part of the house of Islam. Europe has chucked out its Christianity, and has nothing in place to counter Islam.KGS/Tundra Tabloids

Another Dhimmi Wanker Blames Kurt Westergaard for Mohammedan Lunacy:

Kurt Westergaard, Al-Shabab Terrorist: Same Thing!

Südwestpresse: Westergaard is as Dangerous as his Attacker

Read further…/Gates of Vienna

“The Police Made Him Do It”

Abdication of responsibility; while totally denying  that the perp has a long history of terrorist activities:

The sister of the Somali accused of attempting to kill Kurt Westergaard denies responsibilty . The woman maintains that the Danish PET (security police) coerced her brother into attacking the cartoonist in his home. Read further…

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  1. The Burkha is the fashion from the dark and ignorant past. Designed by the inhabitants of the dessert for todays dwellers of an intelectual dessert.

  2. “Europe has chucked out its Christianity, and has nothing in place to counter Islam”

    Probably just as well, as the cure will prove worse than the disease.

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