"Right Wing" Sarkozy

The most overrated polit prop in EUrabia:

What do you make of a guy who thinks you don’t have a right to defend yourself?

What do you make of a guy who believes “Arabic Is the Language of the Future”- ??

What do you make of a guy who has Jewish blood and fails to protect the Jews of France?

What do you make of a guy who calls rioting Muzz “canaille” , promises to clean up the carbeques and Mohammedan crime once elected, and then goes after the police instead?

What do you make of a guy who has citizen journalists arrested for filming or photographing Mohammedan attacks?

What do you make of a guy who hugs and pimps for Gaddafi and brags about billion dollar deals that are mere pipedreams?

What do you make of a guy who does nothing to ensure justice is served in the case of murdered Jews?

“I killed my Jew”: will the man who murdered Sébastien Selam ever go on trial?

What do you make of a guy who crows about banning burqas only to walk away with a limp dick?

France: Sarkozy calls burqa ban “unworkable”

Backpedaling, in an update on this story. “Sarkozy backs off ban of Muslim veil, calls it ‘unworkable’,” from The Raw Story, thanks to JW

France: 57% support burka banning law

An unscientific internet poll by French Muslim site oumma.com conducted several months ago showed 86% of French Muslims oppose such a law.

Fwance promises to ‘rein in’ Israel

London-based pan-Arabic dailyAshark Alawsat reports that French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised Lebanese President Michel Suleiman that France would ‘rein in‘ Israel and prevent it from attacking Lebanon.

The paper, quoting what it calls a credible French source, reported that Sarkozy “promised to deal with the matter” during a meeting where Suleiman expressed his desire for increased Western pressure on the Jewish state and asked Sarkozy for assistance.

If Hezbullah attacks us, good luck with that. Netanyahu will be thrown out of office if Lebanon Hezbullah attacks us and he doesn’t respond by destroying all their infrastructure.

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  1. Sarkozy is a Larva worst than Obambi une Merde,une Crotte et un Pur Traîte,nothing else to say i know that since long time.

  2. Originaly my Dear Sheik,my ancestor come from the ‘Champagne’ France, where is made the wine that everybody know,it’s even my own name…but that was very,very long time ago many Centuries ago.I have never been in France,i went in Europe a few times but not in France,not Yet ! Unfortunately I’ll probably have to go in France very soon for help to fight and expelled Islam.

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