Saudi dressed in pilot's uniform held at Manila airport

Breaking: “Unruly” Passengers Saudi Arabs Disrupt Northwest Flight 243 – Sources tell Fox 2 that a flight from Amsterdam into Detroit Metropolitan Airport was held on the tarmac after landing because of unruly behavior by some of the passengers.

The source says four men from Saudi Arabai were saying something in Arabic that alarmed four on-board Federal Air Marshals. The Marshals speak Arabic.  A decision was made to stop the plane  on the tarmac away from the passenger terminal and remove the men from the plane.

This  comes less than a week after the Nigerian ‘Knickerbomber” pleaded not guilty to trying to blow up a Northwest flight from Amsterdam as it was preparing to land in Detroit on Christmas.

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It appears that Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 suicide attacks, used this very same technique (wearing a pilots uniform) to spy on airlines operations: A Pilot’s Account/Atta in my jump seat

Will the Islamophobia never end? After all, don’t you dress up in your pilot’s uniform for a Sunday stroll? Come on, admit it. “Saudi Arabian posing as pilot held at Manila airport,” from Agence France-Presse, January 12 (thanks to JW):

MANILA, Philippines–A 19-year-old Saudi Arabian man dressed as a pilot was arrested Tuesday after he illegally entered a restricted area in the main airport in the Philippines, an airport official said.

“He was able to elude our security by misrepresenting himself as a pilot of Saudia,” said airport general manager Alfonso Cusi, referring to the Saudi Arabian flag carrier….

The detained Saudi, identified by the local authorities as Hani Abdulelah Bukhari, told airport police he was there to meet his father, a retired Saudia pilot who later arrived on a flight from Saudi Arabia.

He was wearing a pilot’s uniform from Saudia Airlines when airport security personnel noticed him lining up at the immigration section of the passenger terminal, Cusi told ABS-CBN television.

The young man produced a card identifying him as a dependent of a retired Saudia employee, he said….

An airport report on the incident said Bukhari was enrolled at a local flying school. The school said however, that he was not a student although his two brothers were….

Coincidentally, Muslims continue behaving badly on airplanes

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While Islamic advocacy groups like CAIR and MPAC complain about “profiling” of Muslims in airports, and egregious deceivers like Aziz Poonawalla whine about the perils of “Flying While Brown,” in an unrelated and entirely coincidental development, Muslims continue to be “unruly” and create “disturbances” on airplanes.

Here is one possible solution to treat this bad behavior:

Compulsory Enemas for Mohammedans?

The soldiers of profit Moe have caused this mess for all of us and for themselves. Whining over profiling and being singled out for  extra screening just shows the audacity of these loons. But even more so, it shows  their complete inability to accept any responsibility for the jihad, which they are obliged to wage against us.  ME Online

Now, these could be examples of jihadis trying to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60), which you can do in ways other than simply by murdering them. On the other hand, maybe it really is all just coincidence. Muhammad Abu Tahir, after all, was drunk — although he may have been trying to give himself some Dutch courage. In the same way that the 9/11 hijackers and Nidal Hasan went to strip clubs before their jihad attacks, so Muhammad Abu Tahir may have believed that all his sins would be outweighed by his act of jihad. Or maybe he had no jihadist intent at all. But one would think at least that if Islamic groups want to show that there is no need for profiling, they could at least advise their coreligionists to knock off the “unruly” behavior on airplanes.

“Another Flight Crew Made Jittery by Passengers,” by Scott Mayerowitz and Drew Sandholm for ABC News, January 12 (thanks to JW):

Another jittery flight crew questioned the actions of a few Muslim passengers today, causing yet another flight to be delayed and police to question the four men.

Northwest Airlines flight 243 from Amsterdam to Detroit — the same route taken by a Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a plane Christmas Day — was met by police, after one or more of the men reportedly pulled a blanket over their head. When the plane landed at around 1:05 p.m., it was kept away from the gate for about 15 minutes. The men were then removed and questioned.

No arrests will be made in connection with this incident.

Delta spokeswoman Susan Elliott said that “four passengers did not comply with crew-member instruction. Out of caution, the crew requested that authorities meet the plane upon landing.” Northwest is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta.

The Transportation Security Administration said it was “notified of unruly passengers” on the flight, interviewed the passengers and then released them….

The “unruly passengers” were from Saudi Arabia, home of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers.

And another unruly Muslim passenger was charged today: “Unruly passenger charged in AirTran incident,” from CNN, January 12 (thanks to Marisol):

(CNN) — A 47-year-old Virginia man was charged Monday with interfering with a flight crew during a flight last week in which he allegedly became intoxicated and unruly, leading authorities to scramble fighter jets and the pilot to make an emergency landing.

The incident occurred Friday when Muhammad Abu Tahir, a Pakistani national and lawful permanent U.S. resident of Glen Allen, Virginia, was aboard AirTran Airways Flight 39 from Atlanta, Georgia, to San Francisco, California.

During the flight, a flight attendant served Tahir, seated in coach, three airplane-serving-sized bottles of wine, then refused to serve him more, according to a two-page affidavit filed Monday by the FBI.

He appealed to the senior flight attendant, who granted him a fourth, then a fifth bottle, both of which he downed quickly, it said.

Tahir then went to a bathroom in the rear of the plane and closed the door, opening it a few minutes later and placing his shoes and socks outside the door, then retreating back inside, the affidavit said.

“A short time later, Tahir again opened the lavatory door revealing that he was shaving with no shirt on,” it added.

When a flight attendant knocked on the door and encouraged him to leave the bathroom so others could use it, Tahir refused “and started yelling at the flight attendant that he was being disrespected,” it said.

Notified of the passenger’s behavior, the captain advised the senior flight attendant to enlist the help of a passenger to stand outside the lavatory in case help was needed, it said.

But Tahir continued yelling and refused to obey the crew, at one point grabbing the senior flight attendant by her arms and hands, releasing her only after a passenger interceded, the affidavit said.

By this time, a fire extinguisher had been carried to the rear of the plane for possible use against the man and a beverage cart was repositioned to contain Tahir, according to the affidavit .

While Tahir remained inside the lavatory, the pilot made an emergency landing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where police officers took Tahir to the El Paso County Jail, where he remained Monday.

Tahir told the FBI that he felt he was being disrespected when the flight attendants denied his request for food, which was being served in business class, the affidavit said….