They should have given her an enema….

Another CAIR Howler:

CAIR: TSA Tells Muslim Traveler Hijab Now Triggers Security Checks

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Muslim civil rights group seeks confirmation of ‘troubling’ new policy

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations [The premiere American Muslim terrorism abetting organization] (CAIR) today called on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to clarify whether Islamic head scarves, or hijab, will now automatically trigger additional security measures for Muslim travelers.

CAIR made that request after a Muslim woman traveler taking a flight Tuesday from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Los Angeles (LAX) reported that TSA personnel first requested that she take off her hijab, then put her through a “humiliating” public full-body pat-down search when she refused. After the pat-down, the Muslim traveler’s luggage, coat, shoes, laptop, and cell phone were searched and tested for bomb-making chemicals.

When the traveler, a resident of Maryland, questioned TSA staff about the way she was being treated, she was allegedly told that a new policy went into effect that morning mandating that “anyone wearing a head scarf must go through this type of search.”  More here>>

2 thoughts on “They should have given her an enema….”

  1. A similar fuss has been made here, across the pond, with objections raised by the head (a Muslim!!!) of Libery which is a UK human rights orgasnisation. On-line in a debate with some Muslims I was accused of hatred and ignorance, then told that Muslims were feeling upset.

    Upsetter, hater and ignoramus – these are words that I reckon Muslims have decided are the most manipulative/effective.

    I am not self-sacrficing and told them so, so these words, always used in these instances don’t really work. I don’t mind being checked at border control, but then I’ve got nothing to hide.

    Border controls are nothing new, but are new to young Muslims I should suppose! Get those toys back in the pram.

  2. I read tonight that the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has enlisted the help of Yasir Qadhi, an official from Al-Maghrib.
    In 2001, Yasir Qadhi gave a lecture where he criticized the generally accepted historical view of the Holocaust , stating:

    “All of these Polish Jews which Hitler was supposedly trying to exterminate, that’s another point, by the way, Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews. There are a number of books out on this written by Christians, you should read them. The Hoax of the Holocaust, I advise you to read this book and write this down, the Hoax of the Holocaust, a very good book. All of this is false propaganda and I know it sounds so far-fetched, but read it. The evidences are very strong. And they’re talking about newspaper articles, clippings, everything and look up yourself what Hitler really wanted to do. We’re not defending Hitler, by the way, but the Jews, the way that they portray him, also is not correct.”

    In the same talk, Qadhi also accused the Jews of conspiring against Muslims within Academia, saying:

    “You can use this against them [Jews] so easily. … You go to America, you find that 95 percent of the Islamic Studies professors are Jews, you know that? 95 percent of Islamic Studies are Jews. And 0 percent of Judaic Studies are Muslims. I am not advising any Muslim to waste his time studying Judaism but I’m saying, why are Jews studying Islam? There is a reason, not that they want to help us, they want to destroy us … they want to bring about doubts, look at the doubts that exist, look at the divisions, the discord, look at the disunity, look at all these ideologies that are being spread. Know that the Yahood [Jews] and the Kuffar [Infidels] like this type of thing.”

    Later on, of course, after much outcry, he publicly declared that “his statment was taken out of context.” Isn’t that always the case with Muslims though?

    How insane (or smart if you’re a leftist) is this?

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