All Muslim Chaplains are Jihadists

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All Muslim Chaplains are Jihadists

James Yee should still be locked up in Gitmo!

After reporting on the devout Muslim Chaplain who smuggled boxcutters into prison and was a convicted murderer, I thought readers should see this missive I received from the son of an ordained Catholic Deacon, a full-time prison Chaplin working in the system for over 20 years. I vetted and researched the man. He’s the real deal and of the utmost moral character. I am removing names, as I wish him to lead a long and productive life.

The Deacon’s only mistake is calling them radicals. They are pious.

Pamela, After reading the story of the Muslim Chaplin in NYC smuggling box cutter blades to inmates I forwarded the story to my father. My father, an ordained Catholic Deacon, has been a full-time prison Chaplin for over two decades. About 8-9 years ago he was elevated to the position of head Chaplain of a brand  facility in XXXXX. As you can imagine he has spent a great deal of time working with Imams and Muslim inmates throughout his career. Anyway, after I sent him the aforementioned story he responded with a plethora of information I thought might interest you.


A lot of these guys are clowns. When I started in corrections, all but two of the Muslim chaplains had served time in prison.

At the time, I worked with an Imam who did six years in prison. The head Muslim chaplain in Albany had been Farrakhan’s personal head bodyguard. One time, at a meeting in Central Office of all the head chaplains, he threatened to kill the wife and eight children of the Catholic Chaplain, a deacon. Amazingly, he stayed in the position until retirement several years later.

ALL of the Muslim imams were picked by the child-threatening Imam Umar, above-mentioned. The imam I work with now, before September 11th, praised the Taliban as being the best government on earth. He especially approved of their banning of music, their regulation of women, and their destruction of the Buddhist statues. He thinks Saddam Hussein was just swell: “What did Saddam ever do wrong?”

Believe me, the Department is full of radicals. Oh, after retirement, Imam Umar was doing volunteer chaplaincy work when he was found to be directly encouraging Islamic radicalism among prisoners. He has been banned from all correctional facilities for life. How about Imam Usama (whose birthday is Sept 11th)? He was convicted in federal court of being part of a network smuggling money to Iraq during the time of major combat. HE KEPT HIS JOB! After a two year leave with pay and pleading guilty, he was reinstated. But, get this, his workplace was designated as his home. He could stay home with no job responsibilities and receive full pay.

Oh well. Dad”

Farrakhan backgrounder from Robert Wistrich wrote in his book Hitler’s Apocalypse:

In a radio broadcast on 11 March 1984, Farrakhan claimed inter alia that ‘Hitler was a very great man. He wasn’t great for me as a black person but he was a very great German…He rose Germany up from nothing. Well, in a sense you could say there’s a similarity in that we are raising our people up from nothing’. In another broadcast in June 1984, Farrakhan repeated that ‘Hitler was great, but wickedly great’, adding that the Zionists had made a deal with him, which enabled them ‘to take the land away from the Palestinian people.’ The bulk of the black Muslim preacher’s remarks were. However, directed against Israel and the so-called ‘chosenness’ of the Jews. Judaism was a ‘gutter religion’ and the only true ‘chosen people of God’ were the black Muslim people in America. The Jews had, as the Holy Koran charged, falsified the Scriptures and fathered false religions. The state of Israel was the product of their ‘old naked scheming, plotting and planning against the lives of a people there in Palestine.’ They had been aided in this ‘criminal conspiracy’ by America, England and the nations. As a punishment for backing Israel, America and its allies were now ‘being drawn into the heat of the third world war, which is called Armageddon’.