Aussie Police: "Jihad is an ongoing problem"

Yes indeed: jihad is permanent and relentless. As long as we allow Mohammedans to settle in the dar al harb, in what they perceive to be behind enemy lines, we are  asking for trouble. Because the soldiers of allah are obliged to make the world Islamic by all and any means, how can we possibly hope to stop jihad if we don’t even bother to scrutinize the ideology that drives it?

The reaction of the Muslims speaks for itself:

“… the only extremists are people like ASIO, they go way deep.”

(The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is Australia’s national security service.)

SBS NEWS offers this:

“Islam itself was not on trial but isn’t there a danger that the severity of the sentences will raise exactly that feeling in the muslim community”?


“It’s very likely that the severity of the sentences will raise concerns within the muslim community.The muslim community has expressed “fears” in the past about the disproportionate impact of Australia’s anti-terrorism law on them…they have exclusively been applied to muslim men and muslim organizations.

“Islam was not on trial”- the PC infected media already has their knickers in a twist. We can’t provoke the soldiers of allah, that would be “counter productive”…..

Terror tools (weapons) still missing, says judge

Update: why is the Australian media so coy printing their names? This Islamic website here has no problem at all posting it, here:

Police warn (Islamic) terror still a threat

At least the media calls it what it is: jihadism.

World News got video

Andrew Bolt backtracks, after he posted this: Jihadism: are we winning yet?


This, though, is a sign I might be fooling myself:

Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, formerly Australia’s most senior cleric—and still the imam of Australia’s largest mosque—said the five convicted terror plotters had “no connection to acts of terror whatsoever”.

“I can confirm 100 per cent and I have known these young men for a quarter of a century and I know their thinking and their families, they have no connection to acts of terror whatsoever, and that the system seems to have allowed itself to play the role of God, thinking that they can see through into a person’s true intentions,” he said.

Lovely. Turning convicted terrorists into martyrs to Australia’s evil system is precisely the kind of lethally dangerous rabble-rousing I thought we were now over.

And the rarrble is indeed being roused:

“That’s a very big sentence,” a supporter of one of the men sentenced said… It’s not fair to him, our community or our religion.”

Not fair to “our religion”? Uh oh.

Hmm. Just wondering: how far away is Andrew Bolt from  undergoing a Michael Smith reeducation session?


Islam, A Problem In Australia (Islam prohibits integration)

As five Sydney men begin jail sentences of up to 28 years for offences related to terrorism, police warn the community cannot become complacent about future threats.

Sentencing the men in the NSW Supreme Court on Monday to between 23 and 28 years in jail, Justice Anthony Whealy said their motivation had been “an intolerant and inflexible fundamentalist religious conviction”.

Supporters of the men said the sentence was too harsh, complaining that murderers are given less jail time.

“He was not planning any mass murder or terrorist attack,” one supporter said of one of the convicted men.

“He is no extremist; the only extremists are people like ASIO, they go way deep.”

Last October the men were each found guilty of conspiring to commit an act or acts in preparation for a terrorist act between July 2004 and November 2005.

NSW Police welcomed the sentencing, with the commander of the counter-terrorism and special tactics command, Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein, describing it as “a very significant result for NSW”.

“This was a very lengthy operation,” Mr Dein told reporters in Sydney after the sentencing.

Australia’s greatest terrorism threat was along the east coast, Mr Dein said.

“Before the arrests back in November 2005 there was some 18 months of investigation between the NSW Police, Australian Federal Police, with assistance from ASIO and the NSW Crime Commission.

“The operation in November resulted in some 400 police being deployed for the purpose of doing a number of raids and making arrests.

“On a number of occasions there were up to 100 investigators and support staff involved in this investigation.”

And while Mr Dein is confident there will be no further arrests or charges in connection with this matter, he said it is essential that Australia remain alert to the threat of terrorism.

“Complacency is a very important word in the business of counter-terrorism,” he said.

“It is something that we need to be very careful about in Australia.

“There is a tendency, and I don’t blame people, for starting to think that we can relax as a result of all the work that’s been done, the arrests have been made and the prosecutions occurring. But we still need to remain vigilant.

“It is an ongoing problem. We are on top of it but it is necessary to make sure we do not become complacent.”

“We are working on a 24/7 basis for the purpose of investigating all of the information we receive in relation to the potential threat,” he said.

“That does involve a lot of work, we have a lot of resources. In my particular command I have in excess of 200 people working full-time on counter-terrorism operations …

“Yes, it’s something that we need to be very careful about not to become complacent and we need to be able to spend all the time and money and resources to make sure we are following every particular lead down every particular burrow, otherwise we might miss something.”

The men sentenced on Monday are aged 25, 40, 32, 44 and 36.

Justice Whealy outlined their stockpiling of chemicals and firearms, as well as describing the instructional, extremist or fundamentalist material found at their homes.

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  1. Why is anyone bothering to listen to Sheik Catmeat?

    Why is Sheik Catmeat still resident in Australia?

    Memo to ASIO and the Australian police force, both federal and within each State: if you want to find all those missing weapons, how about you conduct simultaneous lightning surprise raids at midnight on ALL known mosques and Islamic Schools and ‘Islamic centres’ and residences of Sheikhs, imams, etc., within Australia? Take sniffer dogs – the kind trained to detect explosives, drugs and cadavers – and go through every building from basement to attic; search *every inch* of the surrounding attached property, e.g. backyards, school grounds, sheds and storage rooms. Use overwhelming force, up to and including the Army if necessary. Oh: I understand, too, that the Gang Boss of this particular lot of jihad plotters ran a business empire of sorts? All premises and properties – e.g. warehouses – known to be connected with his business/es or those of his mates, should be searched in the same way.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that even if you *don’t* find this particular weapons stash, you will find *all sorts* of other highly-interesting and illegal things.

  2. * Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, formerly Australia’s most senior cleric …

    Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Baptist …?

  3. Some time ago I said that I would put forward some suggestions as to how we can better work together on this blog to optimize our efforts to get rid of the islamist thugs that threaten us. This is still being prepared. However, some of you in Canada may wish to act on the following:

    The woman in question here is being held captive by her father in that shithole Saudi Arabia. However, her two brothers who are students
    in Canadian Universities are also actively supporting the father. Our task should be to locate these two miscreants and to inform the Universities and the local population as to what these two islamic shitheads are doing. Life should be as uncomfortable for these two creeps as possible and they should not have the freedom to hide from public scrutiny.

  4. Dumbledoresarmy,
    The catmeat sheik is actually respected only by the islamists, and he is now slowly pushing himself forward for deportation. He is not a real threat, just an annoyance. However there is a real islamic threat and it is supported and nurtured by the fuckwits that run our country – in particular the morons K.Rudd and S.Crean, as well as the Department from Immigration from whom I recently received a two page essay, essentially nonsense, purporting to explain the contributions that muslims had made to Australia. I read this when the commedy channels on the TV are dull. The essay, written possibly by a junior member, was ill-informed on many points, and shows that the Immigration department do not take the threat sufficiently seriously.
    I suspect that the AFP, as incompetent as it is, is effectively working with hands tied behind its back due to political interference – but that at present is just supposition.

  5. Sorry Kaw,for me no One muslims is a Canadian Citizen they can eat their Passport with the Strongest Mexican Piment between 2 slices of Bread… And i know that my Prime Minister think the same thing than me,it’s just too bad for them. HaHaHaaa…..if she want help from us it should rejected islam First and go on holiday in a country of waste such as Saudi Barbaria is really a Strange idea,they must be already crazy these Aliens.

  6. Sorry,i have again made a mistake i mean here ‘ Between 2 slices of rotten and decomposing Bread ‘.
    That it’s Okay !

  7. “the contributions that muslims had made to Australia”

    (A) Bravely attacking an unarmed picnic train near Broken Hill
    (B) Having rubbish bins removed from train station concourses
    (C) ?

  8. Porky – when a person calls for help we should help, particularly when the person is a she who is being threatened by the scum from Sowdee land. My personal opinion is that all Sowdee males should be castrated and then shot, just to ensure that the castration really was done properly. My feeling is that if I use this as a platform to win votes then in a few years I would walk into parliament. If there are any Saudis reading then understand that you are scum, and that you are considered scum, and that your oil monies, generated by OUR technology, will not save you in the near future. And when you are dead and screwing camels in allah’s “used camel, sheep, donkey and goat brothel in the sky” you will be forgotten – utterly.

  9. The politician who wrote that muslims contribute to our Australian society is either full of shit or an ignorant bloody dickhead. Muslims are a drain on our economy and a threat to our very way of life. The sooner Mr. No balls gutless Krudd kicks all these bastards out of Australia with just the clothes on their backs the better we will all be, safety wise and economically. Did these sonsofbitches pay their way and come here, the lying scruffy bastards. The begged and came by boat, these filthy PIGS. Yes, that’s what they are, THEY BELONG TO THE PIG FAMILY. Hope I’m not offending the pigs.

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