Muslims Downunder Whine Over "Harsh Sentences"

The usual suspects throw hissy fits over “harsh sentencing” of Islamic terrorists:

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Can we really blame them? They are only following their religion, they are good muslims and good muslims are, by nature, terrorists. Their religion  commands them to ‘strike terrror in the hearts of the unbelievers’- and since all religions are equally bad, who are we to judge?

But wait,  isn’t jihad  nothing but inner struggle? Perhaps they were just misunderstanding their peaceful religion….? Just like this guy here:

Misunderstander of Islam’s wife misunderstood Islam, hoped he would kill many Infidels and get killed in the process

“Lets not rush to conclusions” -Hussein Obama would say…..


A sequel to this: Aussie Police: “Jihad is an ongoing problem”

SYDNEY Muslims are ”angry and frustrated” at the severity of the sentences meted out to five men convicted of terrorism offences, say community elders who worry that the strict penalties will serve to radicalise more young Islamic men.

”The penalties, while they are warranted, they seem really harsh,” said the president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ikebal Patel. ”There is a real possibility that this might alienate some members of the Muslim community … there’s a lot of frustration and anger.”

On Monday Justice Anthony Whealy of the Supreme Court sentenced the five men from Sydney’s west to jail terms of up to to 28 years.

Justice Whealy admitted there was insufficient evidence the men intended to kill, comments seized upon by Keysar Trad, chairman of the Islamic Friendship Polygamy Association of Australia.

”Even if they had talked about things like this,” Mr Trad said, ”it is very likely that there would have been a very large number of points along the way where they would have reconsidered because they didn’t want to kill anybody.”

Mr Trad added: ”It seems our standard has changed from proving a crime beyond reasonable doubt to the possibility that they might have intended to commit a crime.”

But what of the stockpile of weapons, ammunition and potential explosives?

”That doesn’t translate into a wilful intent to commit an act of terrorism,” he said.

Sheikh Khalil Chami of the Islamic Welfare Centre in Lakemba (also a promoter of polygamy) regularly visited the convicted terrorist conspirators, who range in age from 25 to 44, in jail. He is certain they were radicalised in Sydney.

Hmm, who or what could have radicalized him? Any idea?


$10m of taxpayers money to try terrorists

The Opposition condemned the spending, and said “thousands” of Australians were denied any legal assistance – let alone one million dollars. At a parliamentary committee hearing, the Government revealed the accused terrorists were given $10.1 million in legal aid. The Daily Telegraph seems to have the link removed. Here’s the article from Aussie News who comments: Always plenty of Money hanging about in Australia so long as you are committed to the destruction of it’s people or working against them and the nation you are a preferred recipient

5 thoughts on “Muslims Downunder Whine Over "Harsh Sentences"”

  1. Please note that Sydney muslims means the lebanese muslim shits who have been raping women and terrifying girls at the beaches for the last fifteen years.

  2. Lets hope they are not protected in prison that way a decent sentence might come their way rather than the pathetic 28years they are looking at now.
    Perhaps the smiles will be wiped from their faces when they get out and find Australia has awoken from its multicultural slumber and there is no longer a Muslim community for them to rejoin and waiting for them is a cattle class ticket to whatever sh1thole spawned them in the first place!
    Any Australian traitor who supports these pricks or thinks they have been harshly dealt with would you be so supportive if they had not failed in their plans and your children, friends or parents were among the innocent victims?
    Australia needs to see the Islamic iceberg and get rid of it before more than the tip is showing, either that or buy a prayer mat and get your daughters clipped!

  3. “There is a real possibility that this might alienate some members of the Muslim community”

    Alienate them sufficiently that they choose to go and live in a ‘more civilized’ islamic country? One can only hope.
    Keep up the good work. Disgusting the islamists might be the way out after all.

  4. Shrek Hilali claimed he hates terrorism and extremists, but what about him backed Hezbollah and HAMAS who created the suicide bombers, human shields and mass murderers? Or he would probably means that HAMAS and Hellzollah are not terrorism organisation, only the ASIO and AFP is, eh?

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