Pecunia Non Olet

Italians arrest priest for importing African Muslim prostitutes

Thanks to Counter Jihad who translated this from Corriere Della sera

Slightly edited:

The racketeers  forged  fake documents for Muslim invaders who imported underage Muslim prostitutes. Among those arrested is an Italian priest, Don Carlo. He and eight others were arrested for selling forged travel documents to  illegals for a hefty fee.

The pastor of the  Bosco Minniti church, Don Carlo D’Antoni, was charged with others for belonging to a criminal group facilitating illegal stay of Muslims in the state of Italy, forgery and false statements to the authorities.

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The Italian authorities are investigating the crime network and its logistics base in the parish of Father D’Antoni. The crime group that facilitated the illegal Muslims, is charged with having produced and distributed forgeries for humongous fee for the Muslims to obtain their asylum permit, and being the national base for illegal Muslim immigrants from all over the Italy.

With the help of the networks, the organization was able to regularly smuggle young Muslim girls of Nigerian origin to Italy to work as prostitutes in Campania.

Two Muslim women were also interrogated for enslavement and exploitation of Muslim prostitutes.

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  1. i thought, hmmm let me check this, so i went to the original story, copied the url, and pasted into the results were slightly different. i will make a final comment at the end, please read:

    The racket of fake permits to illegal immigrants
    Those arrested included a priest
    Syracuse, Don Carlo and eight others are accused of having produced false documents behind generous compensation

    Father Carlo D’Antoni (New York Times)
    MILAN – There is Don Carlo D’Antoni, pastor of the church of Bosco Minniti considered “frontier priest” among the nine people arrested in Syracuse on charges of conspiracy to facilitate the stay of foreigners in the territory of Unlawful Italian state, falsification of documents and making false statements to government officials.
    SURVEYS – Surveys, coordinated initially by prosecutors in Syracuse, then from the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Catania, revolving around an alleged criminal organization that had its logistics base in the parish of Father D’Antoni. The clan, which had managed to remain in Italy for non-Chinese origin and Nigeria, is accused of having produced and released, after hefty fees, false documents necessary to obtain their residence permits for asylum or protection, becoming a reference point at national level for illegal immigrants from various parts of Italy. Through this system, the organization would be able to obtain a regularization of many girls of Nigerian origin, has long taken to prostitution in Campania. Two women were also questioned the crime of enslavement and exploitation of prostitution.

    PRIEST OF THE BORDER – Don Carlo is a priest involved long at the forefront in supporting the needy and especially to immigrants. The supposed crime against him by Gip Catania, who ordered his arrest, and conspiracy. Those offenses are also challenged Aldo Valtimora lawyer, a professional focus too much action for support and assistance to migrants, and his secretary, Antonio De Carlo, who were also places them under house arrest. A similar measure was narrowly run against two Nigerians. In two of their young compatriots was imposed restrictive measure of the mandatory residence. For two other Nigerians, the state found, however, the Gip Catania has issued arrest warrants in jail for slavery and exploitation.

    Online Editor
    February 9, 2010 (Last updated: February 10, 2010)

    you ask for the response to be truthful, here is the truth satire by its nature, is obviously not the truth, is why it is funny, it is easily noted that the story being told is grossly over exaggerated simply for the reaction it will produce. Even though you state it is “slightly edited” what was written was slanderous, not “poking fun of ” instead, what you did was poorly misrepresent what was the truth, in order to place blame on the Muslim faith. you took 2 faiths, and essentially made an ass of yourselves at the expense of 2 of the largest faiths in the world.

    A lesson! sarcasm or satire would have been:

    “priests caught selling falsified documents in forgery ring. Pope responds: “well, we had to do something to increase parishioners in Italy, the last movie Tom Hanks did, is killing us”” see page 5…

    nothing is sadder than a group that in the name of humor tries to create more anger and hate between faiths that has already literally killed hundreds of thousands over the last 50 years GET A CLUE before stupidity like this story causes another travesty like the world trade towers.

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