Sikh tells Brits: "break out of the burkha called political correctness"

The Sikhs have fought against the Mohammedan invaders for hundreds of years. Here’s one who knows which way the wind blows:

Sikh wants to join British National Party .

Britain is becoming an Islamic republic, and Islam is dangerous.

“Most of them behave very nicely, but suddenly when they get together in the mosque and listen to the preaching, they acquire a collective identity that is formidable. It’s the collective being that frightens me.”

Rajinder Singh in the Guardian (of Muslims)

3 thoughts on “Sikh tells Brits: "break out of the burkha called political correctness"”

  1. I thought an older Sikh guy had already joined..he had helped them for ages. Earlier on the Sikhs said ” If you want us to fight them , we will , we have done it before.” Sometime after that there was some PC reason why there wasn’t allowed to be a Sikh regiment in the Brit army..there has historically been a regiment but with modern multi-cult rules , it was no longer permitted.
    More history on the Sikhs would be good.

  2. He certainly has a good up front attitude. Be interesting to see what the British establishment and its Marxist lackeys will make of this. Will they write him of as just another ‘Islamophobe’?

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