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Kumbaya Jambalaya via Politically Incorrect:

“Islam and Christianity becoming more alike”

Its no longer what is, its what you want to see:

While Islam becomes even more radical, and 200-300 million Christians worldwide, 80% of which live in Muslim countries — and in Turkey — are being persecuted, threatened and murdered, Radio Vatican happily cited the French philosopher Olivier Roy, who informs us that Islam and Christianity in Europe are becoming more like each other. [mehr]

Jihad Watch:

Liberia Jihad:

Religion of Peace:

How to Stifle Speech: The West is “accepting government prohibitions on the thoughts we may express, allowing extremists to shout us down and shut us up, and self-censoring out of fear or faux-sensitivity.”  (

Muslim Dominance in Europe – By the Slice: Tales from the crypt that used to be the cradle of Western civilization. (FSM)

Terrorists to be ‘de-radicalised’ in NSW supermax


The New South Wales Government says five men sentenced for terrorism offences earlier this month will be put through a “de-radicalisation” program in prison.

The men are serving lengthy sentences in Goulburn’s supermax jail, but Premier Kristina Keneally has told Parliament they still pose a danger and the Government wants to make sure they do not plot another attack while in prison.

Corrective Services Minister Phil Costa has asked his department to fast-track the development of the course that will try to deprogram radical tendencies in prisoners convicted of terrorism offences.

Specialist staff and psychologists will be brought in to take the prisoners through intensive one-on-one sessions in which they will confront the reasons why they turned to extremism.

They will also be encouraged to replace radical religious beliefs with more moderate ones. (Pray tell: HOW?)

The program will incorporate elements from similar schemes being run in US prisons. (Failures, all of them/ed)

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  1. “Islam and Christianity becoming more alike”

    Really? Do the son-less, crucifixion-denying allah and the Biblical God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) know this, or did God know beforehand and warn that such apostasy must occur as a precursor to the return of Jesus Christ for the Church, followed by the appearance of Antichrist.

    Denial of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (4:157)

    Isa ist the son of Marry (The Cow 2:253)
    Jesus is the son of God (John 1, 49)

    Isa is a prothet (Q. 5:75)
    Jesus is the Lord of the prophets (Matthew 22, 45, Luke 2, 11, Philippians 2:5-11)

    Isa is a creation (Q. 3:59)
    Jesus is the creator (John 1, 3)

    Isa had not taste the death, because God has taken him into heaven (Q. Women 4:157)
    Jesus tasted the death for all of us (Hebrew 2, 9)

  3. Yes – they are quite alike when you think of it
    muslims jump homosexuals
    Christians jump bus queues
    muslims burn churches
    Christians burn themselves eating curry
    Christians get angry when thery’e upset
    muslims get angry

    For the differences between muslims and Christians , google
    ‘reaction video pim fortyun’ – after watching that , there’s no need for further research into the situation in Holland !

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