Willie Clitman Watch: Shrillary seen leaving hospital with lesbian lover Huma by her side…

Thanks to the watchful Dhumme Dhimmi:

Remember this? Hillary’s lesbian affair with Muslim aide?

Willie Clitman in hospital, Willary emerges with lesbian lover Huma Abedin:

Hillary Clinton leaves the New York hospital where her husband Bill underwent heart surgery today.

BILL Clinton’s doctor says the former president’s heart operation today went ‘very smoothly’ and that he had not suffered a heart attack.

Zimbio: Hugh Fitzgerald sums up the puzzlement quite nicely… if the reports are to be believed, Huma Abedin remains, despite living in the West, a “deeply conservative” Muslim. We are entitled to assume, therefore, that she still regards the Qur’an as the uncreated and immutable Word of God. And we are entitled to consult that “Word of God” to find out what she believes. And that includes 9.5, and 9.29, and another hundred deeply disturbing and hate-filled verses. We are entitled to assume that she is familiar with the most “authentic” Hadith in the most authoritative collections. We are entitled to assume that she regards … Read Full Story

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10 thoughts on “Willie Clitman Watch: Shrillary seen leaving hospital with lesbian lover Huma by her side…”

  1. Crikey!

    As far back as that. I am not interested in gossip, a person can do what they like in private. But…it does give a clue to their character what they do do.

    As a leader of a country you have to be of the highest moral character to lead sustainable and well. So much is at stake for millions of people.
    Any reading of past world leaders shows that again and again.
    When this sort of deviation occurs a huge doubt hivers over every decision they make. [Although I have noticed these days that ‘coming out of the closet’ seems to have removed most abhorant behaviours]

    That lady is performing a clandestine activity for Islam I think. Keeping as close to a US head of state as possible to ‘guide her to the right path’.
    Remember taqiyya and kitman. All is forgiven in the war to advance Islam.

  2. I am a Muslim Egyptian .. I like meaningful dialogue .. a believer in all religions

  3. Yeah and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya. Ok thank you come again would you like fries with that?

  4. That lady is performing a clandestine activity؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  5. Do what you do has to do with political or estimated on the husband sexual intercourse؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

  6. So you spell your name starting with a “baa” instead of a yaa”? what name is this? You are misspelling “Yousef” ? Can you even spell Arabic? Can you spell and say “Allah”? We are adults here not children.

  7. hey Red-dog : ” Who give u that name , i bet that the day u was born , u wasn’t crying … i guess u was barking ” loooool XD

    btw , im Egyptian- Muslim too 😛

  8. Hillary Clinton takes Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, under her wings

    “Under her wings” means between her legs– but they will never put that in the paper.

    SOMEWHERE between Abu Dhabi and Lusaka, the US’s most powerful diplomat sat down with her closest aide last week and talked of straying husbands, predatory women and internet sex.

    It was not quite what Hillary Clinton had intended when she set off on her latest tour as US Secretary of State; yet it is hard to think of anyone in Washington better equipped to offer advice on the painful fallout from a sexual scandal.

    For once, the shenanigans had not involved Clinton’s husband, Bill. Yet the saga of congressman Anthony Weiner’s penis and how its picture turned up in cyberspace has crushed one of the Clintons’ most cherished acolytes and added a poignant human twist to an otherwise farcical tabloid tale.

    She is officially Hillary’s deputy chief of staff but Huma Abedin, Weiner’s clever and glamorous 35-year-old wife, means far more to the Clintons than her title suggests. Hillary once described her as “a second daughter” and when Abedin married Weiner last year, Bill presided over their vows in his capacity as former president.

    Weiner seeks treatment and leave of absence

    Abedin was a political intern when she joined Hillary’s staff 15 years ago. She grew so close to the then first lady that rabid Clinton-haters began to spread false rumours of a lesbian affair.

    False my foot.

    When Hillary ran for a Senate seat in New York, Abedin went with her. When she joined President Barack Obama’s cabinet, Abedin became one of the few Clinton advisers who had worked at both the White House and the State Department.

    15 years is a long time for a Saudi operative that works for the Muslim Sisterhood.

    Last week, she experienced a less enviable aspect of life with the Clintons, as her husband bumbled his way through pitiful lies and tearful apologies for his so-called sexting habits.

    Marrying her off to Weiner was supposed to kill the nasty rumors:

    Weiner said he was confident he would be able to “right these wrongs” once his wife returned from Africa. Friends said he had not slept with any of the six women he admitted to texting, and that no more revelations would emerge. “He is not Tiger Woods,” an aide said.

    If Abedin returns smiling from Africa, throws her arms around her husband and declares herself determined to make their marriage work, Weiner’s career may be safe. Yet, in one sense, he will remain a loser, whatever his wife and colleagues decide.

    “throws her arms around her husband?”– I don’t think they have that kind of a relationship.

    He used to enjoy the Clintons’ favour but Hillary, for one, is unlikely to forgive him for embarrassing a loyal aide.

    The Sunday Times

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