Egypt TV-cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi: if your wife annoys you, beat her with a rod, break her head…

Gee, and I was told  to “use a toothbrush and beat her lightly….”


WoJ readers may remember Mazen Al-Sarsawi from this article here, where he calls   Shiites “Filthy,” “Infidels,” and “Dogs,” and Shiite Women “Whores”

Yet, another: this one is from the President of Al Azhar University and former Mufti of Egypt. Think he’s got his religion wrong?

Now is he a radical or a moderate? I’m so confused….

The following are excerpts from a sermon by Egyptian cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi, which aired on Al-Nas TV on January 7, 2010.

Said Ibn Al-Musayyib was a 7th-century Muslim scholar known for his piety. He married off his daughter to his student, Abu Wada’.

Mazan Al-Sarsawi: [Said Ibn Al-Musayyib] went to the home of his student, Ibn Abi Wada’, who was absent from his lessons for a day or two. Ibn Al-Musayyib asked him: Where have you been?

Ibn Abi Wada’ said: My wife died, and I buried her. I was busy with that. Ibn Al-Musayyib asked him: Are you single now? Did you marry again? Ibn Abi Wada’ said: No, I didn’t. I am broke. Who would marry me?

Ibn Al-Musayyib said that he would marry off his daughter to Ibn Wada’.


Ibn Abi Wada’ said: When I got home after the prayer someone knocked on the door. I asked who it was, and he said: It’s Said.

All the Saids I know came to my mind except for Said Ibn Al-Musayyib, who for 40 years did not go too far from his home or mosque. For 40 years, Ibn Al-Musayyib would walk from his home to the mosque, and back, without visiting anyone. He didn’t let anyone waste his time.


Ibn Wada’ said: I opened the door, and saw Ibn Al-Musayyib. Behind him was his daughter, whom he had married off to me. He pushed his daughter towards me, and said: I didn’t want you to spend even one night as a single man.

He shut the door behind him and was gone. When the girl went in, she was so embarrassed that she fainted. She wasn’t used to being around men. This may have been the first time she had seen a man other than her family members. When she found herself alone with her husband, she couldn’t take it, and she fainted.


After awhile, Ibn Wada’ went to Said who asked: How is my daughter treating you? Ibn Wada’ said: She treats me in a way that pleases my friends and upsets my enemies.

Ibn Musayyib said: If she bothers you in anyway use the rod on her. If she doesn’t behave beat her on the spot. He showed him the proper way to restrain her.


Ibn Musayyib said to him: If she bothers you – if something annoys you, or if you suspect anything – beat her on the spot with the rod. Break her head, as they say.

This should be the position of men who want to protect their daughter’s homes. Today, unfortunately, bad seeds have been sown by men who were not brought up on Islamic law. They do not follow the ways of Islam or the ways of real men. They were brought up on films and TV series. Satan has nested in their heads.

One of these men, when his daughter comes to him full of anger, says to her: I will bring your husband over here on all fours. What, he thinks he can lord it over you?! He gets his daughter even more worked up against her husband. The result is that her husband divorces her, and she ends up with her father. In other words, he ruins her life with this false bravado, which proves nothing but the mental feebleness of these people. Real men, however, act like Said.


The same thing happened with Zubeir. He had two wives, and whenever he would get mad at them, he would tie them together by the hair and would give them a harsh beating, in order to straighten them out. The wife who shared Zubeir with Asmaa [the daughter of the Caliph Abu Bakr] was savvy, and during the beating, she would move right and left, so all the blows would rain down on Asmaa.

Asmaa would turn to her father, all upset. Abu Bakr would say to her: “Go back to your husband.” She would say: “But he beat me black and blue, even though I didn’t do a thing. He had no reason, I didn’t say a word. It was the other wife. You know me – I didn’t do a thing, but I was the one who got all the beatings.” But Abu Bakr would say to her: “Go back to Zubeir. He is a good man, and he may become your husband in Paradise.”


When there are problems, the solution is to give the man a free hand to discipline his family members and to control them. By no means can a woman be the head [of the family].


For a century or so, the media, the TV, and the movies, and all that crap have been trying to carry out a revolution in domestic leadership – from the man to the woman. They have succeeded.

In many homes, the woman is the man. She tells her husband what to do, and he says: “Yes, ma’am.”


This is the influence of modern media, which destroys the homes of the Muslims. They want to turn things upside-down, and hand the leadership over to women. A woman cannot drive a car, let alone head a home, or anything beyond that.


Those supporters of women’s rights, who lead people astray, hate women. They bring them down to sin. They have taken the woman from her home, severed her from her children, and incited her husband against her. Today, the woman works, and when she comes home, she says to her husband: “We are equal. I bring in the money like you. I don’t want to hear another word from you. We will open up a parliament here. From now on, you must ask for my opinion on everything. We will have a discussion on whether to have sex or not.”

There’s nothing wrong with a consultation, but the home should not be turned into a parliament.


As I said, for 50-60 years they have been using movies and TV series, in order to effeminate men and make them soft. The boy grows up to be a Mickey Mouse, a mommy’s boy.

As soon as he is born, his father buys him a cell phone. He is still in diapers, and when he wants to cry, he cries into the cell phone, and his mother comes to nurse him. Then he goes to kindergarten or to school. As soon as he steps out of his room and into the living room, he calls his mother: “I am in the living room, mommy.” When he reaches the elevator, he says: “I’ve got to the elevator, mommy.” “I’m on the bus, mommy.” “I’m off the bus, mommy.” “I’m in the classroom.” “I’ve eaten my sandwiches.”

What is this?! His mother sits all day by the cell phone, to hear what’s going on with her sweetie. This way, her sweetie grows up to be a mommy’s boy – completely helpless. If anyone so much as scratches his head, he calls his mother. You tell me, can someone like this ever do anything with his life? Of course not. He is under his mother’s wing.

The Bedouins would let their boys grow up far away from home. The wet nurse would take the boys and bring them up away from their parents, so that they would grow up to be men, and not women.


Today, a boy grows up to be a sissy, who cannot do anything. Back in the day, when there was true Arab upbringing, they would throw the boy into the desert and let him grow up there, and they would not hear from him for 3 or 4 years. When he would return, he would be self-sufficient.


Not all homes are built on love and romance, like in those movies. True, there are homes where there is love, and Islam decrees this, but it doesn’t have to be love like in the movies. They teach people that love means listening to music and gazing at the stars. If you gaze at the stars these days, you will get run over by a car.


The women’s rights supporters in Europe and America are all swindlers. They don’t do any of the things they talk about. Their women are like merchandise. They talk about women’s rights and say that they are granting women their liberties, but they take them from their homes, and turn them into merchandise in the hands of lowlifes. They use women for ads. They use them as prostitutes.

Their women are in the gutter. They are exposed for anyone to see. Their women have become merchandise. When thy make an ad for men’s shaving cream, they put a naked woman next to it. What’s a woman got to do with something like that? In an ad for a coffee table or a car, they place a naked woman next to it.

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  1. I guess the muslim definition of a man is what we call a woman beating coward. The amusing point is that al-s, with the fungus on face, is a advert for islam and I suspect that most muslim cringe when they hear the moron speak. So the real question – if this disturbs moderate muslims why do they not shut the idiot al s up??? Or are perhaps moderate muslims enamoured of the trite pedalled by al. s.?? Remember al s. live in Egypt, the home of “enemy” and numerous other brain dead muslim morons.,

  2. Very Kooky – but this crap is believed to be the “word of G_D” by the uneducated muslim trash that supports Al S. The tripe that spews out of his mouth will be used to justify the most horrendous crimes On the flip side, as long as muslim men get testosterone kicks by beating up women they will still be the ones running away when the real soldiers arrive.

  3. Are these bastards for real? Western law must be forcibly introduced in every turdish muslim country and then let’s see how they get away with it when they beat their wives. This is the most primitive, beastial culture which was supposed to have been phased out in the year of 4000 B.C. How can such a primitive culture be allowed to exist and continue today?

  4. Robert Spencer shreds an “Islamic scholar” over wife beating verses:

    Muslim scholar offers lies about Muhammad to counter Spencer’s Truth About Muhammad

    Sometimes it’s just too easy. This started coming into the office in emails yesterday: “Incensed by Rampant Islamophobia, Muslim American Scholar Strikes Back.”

    Of course! The real problem Muslims have is not rampant jihad terrorism and Islamic supremacism, but “Islamophobia”! Pay no attention to all the jihad attacks committed in the name of Islam around the world, and the triumphalist actions and declarations of imminent Islamic conquest — the real problem is not with them, but with people like me who report on them and show their root causes in the Qur’an and Muhammad’s example (both copiously invoked by those same jihadists and Islamic supremacists)!

    And so now to counter my bestselling 2006 book The Truth About Muhammad comes Moustafa Zayed’s The Lies About Muhammad — and I’m sure that that’s exactly what his book is full of. I haven’t read it yet (yes, Zayed, I’ve ordered it — you’re welcome — and I expect to have a great deal of fun with it), but the press release announcing its publication contains one choice lie as a preview:

    Zayed comments, “Today’s Islamophobia is not a misunderstanding, or a difference in beliefs or opinions, but a deliberate fabrication and misinformation of clear facts perpetrated upon the American people.” Zayed gave an example: In his book, Mr. Spencer brought a verse from the Quran, claiming that it proves that Islamic law mandates male witnesses of “sexual immortality” [sic!] in order to support the male criminal! It appears that Mr. Spencer has intentionally omitted the first sentence of the verse that shows it is only related to recording debts!
    Unfortunately for Zayed, we can actually go to the Qur’an and evaluate the truth of his claim. There are several verses in the Qur’an that mandate four witnesses to establish a crime of zina, or sexual immorality. Let’s look at each:

    1. “As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death take them or (until) Allah appoint for them a way (through new legislation).” — Qur’an 4:15.

    That’s the whole verse. Does the immediately preceding verse, 4:14, have anything to do with “recording debts”? No. It says this: “And whoso disobeyeth Allah and His messenger and transgresseth His limits, He will make him enter Fire, where he will dwell for ever; his will be a shameful doom.”

    2. “And those who accuse honourable women but bring not four witnesses, scourge them (with) eighty stripes and never (afterward) accept their testimony. They indeed are evil-doers.” — Qur’an 24:4.

    Again, that’s the whole verse. Anything in 24:3 about “recording debts”? Here it is: “The adulterer shall not marry save an adulteress or an idolatress, and the adulteress none shall marry save an adulterer or an idolater. All that is forbidden unto believers.”

    3. “Why did they not bring four witnesses to prove it? When they have not brought the witnesses, such men, in the sight of Allah, (stand forth) themselves as liars!” — Qur’an 24:13.

    Whole verse, yes. Anything in 24:12 about recording debt? Strike three: “Why did not the believers — men and women — when ye heard of the affair, put the best construction on it in their own minds and say, ‘This (charge) is an obvious lie’?”

    That last one is referring to the accusation of adultery against Aisha, Muhammad’s child bride and favorite wife. Muhammad exonerated her after receiving these revelations that four witnesses were required to establish the crime, and her accusers did not have four witnesses. I invoke 24:13 in discussing this and its implications for Islamic law on page 67 of The Truth About Muhammad. Do I leave out part of the verse? No, actually I don’t quote it at all, just refer to it by the number. Zayed is…lying.

    And as for Islamic law: “When a person (who has reached puberty and is sane) voluntarily…accuses another person of adultery…then the accuser is subject to the penalty for accusing a person of adultery without four witnesses…” (‘Umdat al-Salik O13.1).

    The Lies About Muhammad. That’s a good title, Mr. Zayed, because clearly your book is full of them.

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