Holy to whom?

“Medina Bar & Grill” makes Muslims throw hissy fits

Once it is safe to call a pub “Mohammeds Bordello” we can chill out….

Kurt Bayer/The Sun/thanks to ROP

A MUSLIM leader has blasted a pub for using the name of holy city Medina – branding it an insult to his religion.

The boozer in Dundee changed its name from Bar Rio to Medina Bar and Grill after a renovation.

But this has sparked outrage – as Saudi Arabian city Medina is the second-holiest site in Islam behind Mecca. Medina is also a term used for a market or trading centre in north African cities.

But Mohammed Bashir Chohan, chairman of the Dundee Islamic Society, last night said: “People are upset about it because Medina is a holy city. It does hurt when somebody misuses the name, especially if they are going to sell liquor.” More>>

12 thoughts on “Holy to whom?”

  1. * Medina is a holy city

    Really? I wouldn’t bet my zebibah on it being around for much longer.

  2. Ali Sina “More on the Policy of Divide and Rule” Page 86, “… At first Muhammad sent the early believers to Abyssinia, but later, when he made a pact with the Arabs of Yathrib, he chose that town as his compound. He even changed the name of Yathrib and called it Medina (which is short for Medinatul Nabi, the Prophet’s Town).”

  3. A holy city,Hum,Humm ….many things seem Holy in islam,example Mohamed the liar pedo is holy,a suicide bomber in a café is holy,Zarkawi,Oussama are holy man too and at the islamic paradise right now,Taliban are very extremely holy….wait,wait let me think again oké …Jihad is holy,Dominique is a holy moujahedinne on the web,killing in the name of islam is Super holy…Ohhh i almost forgot the Coran who is Fuc***g Holy, OLE,OLE.

  4. “Medinatul Nabi, the Prophet’s Town”

    I prefer Jerusalem – the city of the Great King. The false prophet can keep Medina, until islam passes its use-by date.

  5. The commenters on the Sun site have grown weary of muslim “hurt feelings” routine. Soon they will complain that they are stereotyped as complaining & getting hurt feelings over every piece of trivia (which they do).

  6. muslims obsess over stuff like this, but the amount of terror & mayhem carried out by “men” named mohammed doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

    (Hello Porky!)

  7. Sheik that gif is a Wonder…. http://tiny.cc/npvfo
    Hello Mullah,i was wondering where you were… I believe I saw you on the esplanade of the opera with 2 nice lady but i’m not sure,Yet (lol).

  8. Mullah Lodabullah,

    I too prefer Jerusalem. Trouble is, when you visit the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, it is dominated by that hideous gold dome.

    Imagine if Jews or Christians decided to go to Mecca and build a church or synagogue on top of that dumb black cube.

  9. I don’t think that gold dome will be there for much longer, Cassandra – the Temple will be built, & the recovered gold might come in handy for making temple objects. Imagine if muslims bulldozed churches, blew up buddha statues, firebombed synagogues … unthinkable, isn’t it 🙂

  10. I hope the owners do not back down and change the name. Also, all this muslim rubbish about alcohol is a joke..they drink alcohol every chance they get ..it is just that they are dishonest about it..try being on a plane flying out of a so scalled mucslim country.
    hello Mullah and Porky..

  11. A pub can use whatever name they choose. If muslims object, tough shit. Medina, a holy city? Who the hell do they think they are kidding. These filthy, godless, shit eating turkeys should keep their comments, views and religion to themselves. If the Chrustians or the Jews demolish that fithy black cube in Mecca and build a Church or Synagogue on that spot, these arseholes will cry bloody murder, but, it’s alright for these turds to build a temple to the devil on the site where the Temple Beautiful once stood.

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