KRudd Watch

Andrew Bolt

What a disgace that this should be necessary:

THE screening of an Israeli film in Parliament House has been postponed amid heightened tensions between Australia and Israel. How could that friendship be dropped so fast?

Meanwhile, the boats keep coming:

Last year it was 60 boats, so Kevin Rudd’s on the way to a personal best:

The Federal Government says a boat carrying 47 asylum seekers has been intercepted in Australia’s northern waters.

Christmas for do gooders:

KRudd has lured over so many boat people that the locals at Christmas Island are being squeezed:

IT is not the influx of asylum-seekers on Christmas Island that Andrew Gooley has grown to resent. Rather, it’s the cashed-up immigration workers who squeeze themselves on to the tiny Australian territory and push up costs.

Kevin Rudd has lured over so many boat people that the locals at Christmas Island are being squeezed: Not Christmas for the islanders

As long as they got a mosque they should be alright, no?

6 thoughts on “KRudd Watch”

  1. KRudd is pannicking S-O-O-O much about pleasing everyone in the lead up to the Federal Elections that he has forgotton about

  2. How long before the enrichers demand that Christmas Island be renamed because it is insensitive?

  3. Centrelink – see no evil … (includes nuggets from Keysar Trad)

    [A GROWING number of Muslim men and their multiple wives are exploiting a loophole to get taxpayer handouts.

    Centrelink has confirmed it has investigated up to 20 cases of multiple relationships, including polygamy, in the past two years for payment irregularities.]

  4. It is time for Mr. Rudd to pull his finger out. These boat people are not asylum seekers or illegal boat people, they are BLOODY CRIMINALS and the sooner Rudd realizes this the better for our country.

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