Qaddafi after declaring "all out jihad" sez "our jihad against Switzerland "not an armed struggle"

Update from Islamization Watch:

Berlusconi & the illustrious one

The Swiss have moved to block entry of top Libyan officials ~ including yours truly ~ King of King of Africa, King of the Berbers, and leader in the Arab World ~ Kadhafi of Libya!! AFP

The move “is an abuse of European justice for political motives,” the Arabs said at a meeting ahead of an Arab summit to be hosted by Libya later this month.

Just an economic and commercial boycott, that’s all. But of course Qaddafi would be the first to oppose any economic and commercial boycott of Saudi Arabia for not allowing the construction of churches and synagogues — and Switzerland has done far less than that regarding mosques. “Libya says jihad against Switzerland ‘not an armed struggle,'” from the Telegraph, March 4 (thanks to JW):

Libya said its leader Colonel Gaddafi’s call for “jihad” against Switzerland was not a reference to armed struggle.

Ali Aujali, Libya’s ambassador to the United States, said: “It is a call for (an) economic and commercial boycott against Switzerland, this is true, but it doesn’t mean by any means that it is an armed struggle.”

On Feb 25, Col Gaddafi called for a “jihad” against Switzerland, branding it an infidel state that was destroying mosques – an apparent reference to a Swiss referendum in favour of banning the construction of minarets.

But Mr Aujali said that Tripoli still expects an apology for US criticism of his remarks.

Well, I guess its all good then. Lets go back to sleep….

The Arabs support Gaddafi in his saber rattling against the West…

The Arab Lobby

“The legend of the Jewish lobby’s influence over US policies continues to grow – even as the Arab lobby, led by the Saudis, keeps racking up successes.”

Hugh Fitzgerald offers context:

There is nothing — nothing at all — that is constructed in Libya by Libyans. The most beautiful buildings in Tripoli and Benghazi were built during the period of Italian rule, from roughly 1913 on. Despite the hundreds of billions in oil revenues that Libya has received over the last decades, there is no modern economy, and everything depends on Europeans. Khaddafy for years has been threatening to let loose armadas of third-world “refugees” onto the coasts of Italy, even more than already manage to land or manage to be interdicted by the Italians who try to immediately bring the smuggled human cargo to the island of Lampedusa for prompt repatriation, unless the Italian government agrees to build a coastal road in Libya, something the Libyans simply cannot do for themselves. For they can do nothing for themselves except cash those oil-revenue checks, and those revenues reflect no work on the part of Libyans, but merely an accident of geology. The situation, in other words, is just like that in the rich sheiklets of the Persian Gulf, and in Saudi Arabia, and in most of the rest of the Arab countries. Total or almost-total dependence on the West for the right working of oilfields, the staffing of schools and colleges and hospitals — engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses, technological experts, contractors. And Khaddafy’s own sons, Seif, Hannifal, and Islam, spend so much of their time in Europe — chiefly Italy and Switzgerland — because they can’t stand (would you if you were a rich Arab?) the countries they rule, and prefer the luxe, the calme, and – especially – the volupté, that they find in Europe. They may be cruel, malevolent, decadent, primitive, their mental and moral growth stunted — but they are not fools.

Let the Western world boycott Libya. Intelligent Libyans, and intelligent maghrebins elsewhere, know perfectly well that under Italian, or French, rule, the people in North Africa had things much better than they do under their local Muslim lords of misrule. It was the French who brought modern methods of agriculture, who first opened schools and universities, who first established hospitals, in the Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia. It was the Italians who brought, for the first time since the Romans, beautiful buildings to Libya, and some hints of a civilization to which Islam had been indifferent. Now Khaddafy will never admit what, for example, Dr. Hadi Shalouf, a Libyan in exile, dared to admit the other day, dared, rather, to declare – to his tongue-tied host – right on Al-Jazeera. But he knows it. And Libya, and his regime, can be boycotted by the West, and it can sink into itself as itself, tel qu’en lui-meme, if there is no Western aid, no Western engineers or doctors or professionals of any kind, to rescue the Muslim Libyans from all that ails them, the despotism, the economic paralysis, the social and intellectual and moral failures, that come, almost inevitably, with untamed Islam. Khaddafy is merely one of the most comical and obvious of the malevolent buffoons or semidemihemi buffoons thrown up by the Muslim world.

For Dr. Hadi Shalouf, the Libyan exile, who dares to tell what for us may be, or should be, an obvious truth, see here:

MEMRI Transcript

MEMRI Video, here

Reader Tanstaafi also offers valuable insights:

There is no democracy in Islam. There is only the “rightly guided” emir, who rules in the name of Islam.

There is no work ethic in Islam. There are only raids against the kuffar, exploitation of scant natural resources to the detriment of future generations, theft, and, as Leon Uris wrote – “Me against my brother, my brothers and I against my father, my father and his sons against our uncles, our family against the clan, the clam against the country and always Islam against everything.

This is not civilization in any sense of the word. It is the barbarous code of the desert; cruel and ignorant, a worldview limited by the horizon line of the savage sands, trusting no one, driven by the imperative of survival by any means possible and the submission of those it conquers.

In the words of Sir Kenneth Clark – “I prefer civilization to the alternative.”

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  1. ‘Berlusconi & the illustrious one’.

    I see a Mel Brooks spoof from this!

  2. Thank you for that picture of Khaddafy and Bersculoni. Worth a million words. . I started making cartoons of Khadaffy in 2006, the year the islamic world declared jihad against 12 cartoonists, resulting in massive marches, scores of people killed, churches burned and a massive boycott of goods from Holland..They even called the Danishes they imported “roses of Mohammed” (Sort of like us calling french fries “freedom fries” after a tif with the french.). I remember Christopher Hitchens speech calling the people who stood up and rallied for the cartoonists “brothers”. I think people who stand up for the truth are my brothers, too. There was nothing offensive (nothing disrespectful or irresponsible in the cartoons at all..) Soo, an imam made his OWN cartoon..( lewd and so badly drawn only a third world ( or should I say 7th century person) would not know it did not come from a modern, intelligent person..with a descent sense of humor). Their own made up cartoon stirred up their own jihad. Why doesnt our government use cartoons for counter terrorism?: One terrorist group making fun of the other with cartoons until they destroy each other!

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