Correction: Vandalism of war memorial with "Islam will dominate the world" deemed "not religiously motivated"

The headline in the Daily Mail is misleading, because it says “not racially motivated”.

Spencer picks up on it, correctly:

Racially motivated? No. Islam is not a race. Religiously motivated? Yes, and very obviously so. But craven fear drives authorities to outdo Orwell himself, and sweep this affair under the rug as being merely “political” in nature. “Muslim daubs war memorial with ‘Islam will dominate the world’ – but walks free after CPS says he was NOT racially motivated,” from the Daily Mail.

Update: Local Media Cover up Islamist Graffiti Attack on War Memorial

Its worse than you think:

True to form, the Burton Mail only called the East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council for comment. A Mr Dennis Fletcher from that organisation was then quoted as saying that he “suspected someone from the far right was responsible.”

He said: “Graffiti of any type is terrible but when it includes racist material it has to be considered utterly unacceptable.”

In other words, the Burton Mail tried its very best to completely invert the memorial desecration by innuendo to imply that it was the work of the “far right” and that it was “racist” as well.

There is, of course, no evidence as to who was responsible for this outrageous act. It is therefore highly irregular and irresponsible for the Race Police and the Burton Mail to go naming the “far right.” More/thanks to Mullah

Islamic message: Tohseef Shah’s graffiti ‘Islam will dominate the world’ was not religiously motivated, according to the Crown Prosecution Service

The CPS said Shah’s offence could not be charged as a hate crime because the law requires that damage must target a particular religious or racial group.

(That’s right! Rembember: we had another judgement last week that said the grey mass of unbelievers is not a “particular religious or racial group”, but if you say the same thing about Muslims, you go into the can because THEY ARE a particular  religious or racial group./ed)

It said: ‘While it was appreciated that what was sprayed on the memorial may have been perceived by some to be part of a racial or religious incident, no racial or religious group can be shown to have been targeted.’

The case comes after a senior judge ruled on Thursday that Christian beliefs had no right to protection by the courts.

Lord Justice Laws told Christian counsellor Gary McFarlane he had no right to appeal after he was sacked for refusing to give sex therapy to a gay couple.

The judge said legal protection for views held purely on religious grounds would be ‘irrational’.

Just an ordinary Muslim guy:

Defending, Mumtaz Chaudry said Shah did not hold extremist views. ‘This is nothing to do with his religious beliefs, his family’s beliefs or his cultural beliefs,’ he said. ‘He is just an ordinary guy.

He is remorseful, but at the time of his interview he was simply answering questions and didn’t realise that was the right time to show remorse.’

Translation: he didn’t need to pretend. He got off the hook anyhow…..

Then, of course, some of us might remember this:

Dennis Fletcher, chairman of East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council, said he suspected someone from the far right was responsible….

The UK seems to be full of useful idiots like him.

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Just O-bumblin' Along….

Toon of the day thanks to Pamela/Atlas

Obama  plotting overthrow of Israel’s Netanyahu

WASHINGTON — The administration of President Barack Obamahas launched what officials termed a psychological warfare campaign meant to topple Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Infidel Bloggers Alliance has more>>

State Department leaves Chechen jihadist group that killed dozens on Moscow subway off official list of terrorist groups

The State Department seems to think that, among the other attacks carried out by Doku Umarov’s group, a massacre on the Moscow subway isn’t jihadi enough for the jihadi club. This decision seems far more political than practical, though it is not clear what Foggy Bottom hopes to gain by looking the other way. “State Department to leave Chechen rebel group off terror list,” by Josh Rogin for Foreign Policy, JW has more>>

Erekat: “We want to give President Obama a chance to destroy Israel…”

Obama gives Abbas private assurances over Israeli settlements: America will consider withholding veto protecting Israel at UN if building goes ahead at Ramat Shlomo/Guardian

What if Pauline Hanson is right?

From the Sydney Moonbat Herald of all places. H/T Mullah

Could Pauline Hanson be right?

It’s now an Aussie tradition to cat-call Pauline Hanson – and her statement about Muslims this week sure sparked the usual howls of derision.

Hanson is the former One Nation leader who pulled her Queensland house off the market today after the champions of religious tolerance swamped her in intolerant abuse. Hanson had declared (after being asked the question by an eager media) that she would not sell her home to Muslims because they ”are not compatible with our way of life, our culture” and ”I think we’re going to have problems with them in this country further down the track”.

Hell, what does a broad from a fish and chip shop know? What a fair-dinkum dill. Well, isn’t she? The radio shock jocks certainly thought so but, hmm, perhaps we had better check the record just to make sure. I mean, it is our beautiful Australia we are talking about here.

Just because we are “balanced & fair”:

So here’s Swiss MP Ulrich Schluer last year after the government banned the building of Islamic minarets on local mosques: ”The minaret is a symbol of conquest and power. We compare our situation to Germany, France or England and the (Muslim) problems they have in their suburbs. That is not what we want here.”

Hmm, Schluer seems to see ”problems down the track”. Sounds kind of familiar.

Well, here’s visiting Professor Raphael Israeli, quoted in the Australian Jewish News in 2007: ”When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems. That is a general rule so if it applies everywhere it applies in Australia”.

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Between a rock & a hard place…

French polygamous butcher, said to have beaten his wives and locked away children, forcing them to learn the Koran, is now being sued by Muslim group for saying mistresses allowed in Islam

Thanks to Islamization Watch

Should have paid the small burqa driving fine, it would have been about the same as he could get for a side of lamb, in his butchery.


His aim was to challenge the French system ~ but because of people power the system  challenged  him. He also likes to visit Pakistan, and has appeared on the terror suspect radar after a visit to London ~ all while keeping several women, each collecting money from the state as single mothers to his 12 children.

There are also some serious charges of abuse that have arisen. Abuse and beatings of  pregnant women. He is now suing one of the ex-wives/mistresses for defamation for speaking out on her blog! Some of the women are reported to have converted to Islam.

In an article published Wednesday in the newspaper Le Monde, the Minister Brice Hortefeux said he was ” ready to go all the way “” I will not give the advocates of political correctness, still prefer to say nothing, nothing do not think anything, to take any risk.”    Read more…

Allah is merciful & compassionate….

But not to  unbelievers:

Life at the Bottom in Cairo

When Egypt’s Muslims used ‘Swine Flu’ as a bogus excuse to slaughter pigs, they made life worse for the country’s poorest Christians. TROP

‘Islam Has Killed 80 Million Hindu People’

(Video) Scratchy quality but worth the extra effort. This video from a pro-Israel rally begins with spirited remarks from a rabbi, followed by an Indian speaker who explains the love and tolerance that Islam has shown for his people. TROP

Suicide Bomber Kills Two Policemen in Southern Russia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for a “brutal” response to terrorism after dual suicide bombings in Moscow subway stations killed 40 people during the morning rush hour on March 29. The Moscow attacks were followed by explosions in Dagestan and neighboring Ingushetia just days after.

Violent pimp freed because his mother is sick: court

Judges in Amsterdam have released a man sentenced to four years in jail for his role in a violent prostitution gang, because his mother is seriously ill, not because he is about to become a father, Amsterdam court officials said on Thursday.  Murat Ordu was part of a gang said to have forced over 20 women into prostitution in Amsterdam, The Hague, Alkmaar and Utrecht. Other members of the gang were jailed for six and five years.

Last year there was an outcry when another violent pimp Saban Baran left the country after was given a week’s leave to bond with his new baby despite being a known flight risk. He was serving a 7.5-year sentence. Dutch News

No Remorse:

“Islam Will Dominate” Graffiti Artist Vandal Walks Freeat least it was “not racially motivated”-

imagine if a local Briton had written “Muslims out” or some such, he would have got a few years in the can, at least…..

Unrepentant: the court heard that Mr Shah had shown ‘no remorse’

H/T Mullah

A British Muslim has shown ‘no remorse’ after desecrating a town’s war memorial with extremist Islamic slogans, a court has heard.

But the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that graffiti proclaiming future world domination for Islam, glorifying Osama Bin Laden and calling for the assassination of the British Prime Minister, ‘was not religiously or racially motivated’.    Read more:

More from the RoP:

Turkey plans constitutional reform granting prime minister unrivalled power

Slipping Into Darkness Thanks to Fethullah Gulen

Erdogan eliminated the military before they could eliminate him. The re-Islamization of Turkey is the result.

Turkey is preparing to hold a referendum next month on key constitutional changes that will grant its Islamist prime minister unrivalled power in a country traditionally dominated by the military.

by Damien McElroy in Istanbul/Telegraph UK

Parliament finished a debate Thursday on the constitutional package, which marks the culmination of a seven year drive by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. the prime minister, to make the democratically elected government Turkey’s most powerful institution.

Mr Erdogan used his AK Party’s majority to pass a set of 27 amendments over the opposition of the country’s minority parties. Antagonism between the factions escalated during the debate and three politicians, including the Trade Minister and a Kurdish leader, suffered facial injuries in attacks.

President Abdullah Gul is expected to trigger the referendum within two weeks.

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Jack Straw bends over, spreads, grovels, sux, pretends to love burqa….

From the Bunglawussi/Engage  mob:

The man who claimed ” The English Are Not Worth Saving as A Race” and the “alternative  would be too horrible to contemplate” (re Mohammedan non-assimilation) is the worst example of what a single cretin can do to destroy a country. Jack “the burqa” Straw is  a spineless, despicable traitor. If the Brits had any sense of self-preservation they would have  roasted this   worthless POS  long ago.

But no, the Brits are  civilized. They don’t do self preservation. They commit  collective suicide.

Jack Straw apologises for 2006 ‘veil’ comments

As the burqa debate raged in France this weekend, with the imposition of the first instant fine to a woman found wearing the burqa in a public place in Nantes, here in the UK former Justice Minister, Jack Straw, publicly apologised for having sparked controversy in October 2006 over making public his views that he would prefer Muslim women not to wear a face veil – or niqab – when visiting his MP’s surgery.

At a pre-election hustings event organised in Blackburn yesterday (Sunday 25th April) by ENGAGE, Jack Straw, addressing a packed hall of local Muslim residents, expressed his regret at having caused a negative media storm which he acknowledged may have adversely impacted on the Muslim community.

He said: “To be blunt, if I had realised the scale of publicity that they [his comments] received in October 2006, I wouldn’t have made them and I am sorry that it has caused problems  and I offer that apology.

“Can I just say, this is about an issue of communication (you understand). I wasn’t raising it to say it [the burqa] should be banned – quite the opposite. Let me say, I’m not responsible for those in France or Germany or in this country pursuing this. That is their business. I am fundamentally opposed to what they are doing.

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Poll Results

Regarding the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Russia. What should Russia do?

32 %  voted Deport all Muslims to North Caucasus and give them independence

54 % Kill all Muslims and keep its territories

8   % Convert to Islam and pray for mercy from Muslims

3   % Just complain to UN and NATO

3   % Do nothing about it, just welcome more terrorist attacks/ must be  our Mohammedan lurkers….


New Poll Starts Today:

What is the solution to KRudds boat people disaster?

Internment and deportation

Blow them out of the water

Roll out the red carpet and welcome them as new Australians

Take them into your home and make them feel good….

Alright. Let us know how you really feel….

UK: Mosque Trip & Muslim Clothing "Compulsory"

Ellesmere Port Pioneer

Verse 2:256 of the Qur’an“There’s no compulsion in religion” takes another twist in Nullabors England:

Ellesmere Port mother’s anger after daughter told trip to mosque is ‘compulsory’

A MOTHER is keeping her daughter off school after refusing to give her permission to take part in a trip to a Liverpool mosque.

Read it on Global News: Only 50% of Europeans opposed to Islamic veil in schools: Study

Mohammedan hysterics: Muslim groups fear ‘disastrous result’ if niqabs banned

Michelle Davis, of Bodiam Court, Ellesmere Port, claims she was left with no choice but to keep 14-year-old daughter Amy Owen at home after Ellesmere Port Catholic High School’s headteacher Peter Lee tried to encourage the pupil into participating.

Miss Davies said: “I objected to Amy being made to dress like a Muslim girl, the original letter from the school gave a dress code for the visit, including long skirts, leggings or tights and covering up her head.

“She’s been brought up in the Catholic faith and religion. Amy is not a Muslim and shouldn’t be told to dress like one.”

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French Halal Butcher With Four Wives Turns Out to be Hardcore Jihadist

Gee, why did it take so long to find that out?

Visits to Pakistan, wife beating and child abuse, will it ever end for France’s notorious polygamist, w/ the burqa driving wife

Islamization Watch

Of course this all started, with the wife / mistress being asked to pay a ticket for wearing a burqa while driving. If only they have agreed to pay the 22 euro penalty….

Along with the new allegations of wife beating and child neglect, he was actually on the radar for Muslim extremists after he made several visits to Pakistan and dangerously enough Londonistan. He enquired about opening a mosque near where he lives in France and was planning to open an …. Islamic bookstore.

It might be that the family’s - extended lots of mistresses/ Muslim wives – refusal to pay the fine ~ was a part of pushing back against French secular society’s encroachment on their Islamic way of life.

All while ~ they and their 12 children were living off the French state.
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