1st Price for Spin & Slanted Reporting Goes to Jordana Schriever, Adelaide Now

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“Racist Taunts” Made Poor Muslims Kidnap, Torture With Metal Poles….

  • Jordanna Schriever, Court Reporter  /  AdelaideNow
  • TWO Syrian brothers bashed and kidnapped two other men in a brutal revenge attack after being subjected to years of racial vilification, a court has heard.

    Will the spin and the grievance theater never end? Perhaps Jordanna Schrievers heart bleeds also for this guy:

    Today the District Court heard the brothers, who cannot be identified because one was a youth at the time, used phone messages to lure their victims into meeting them at a Golden Grove basketball court early on Christmas Day in 2007.

    They are charged with aggravated assault causing harm and kidnapping.

    With two other men, they allegedly beat their victims using metal poles and other weapons including large knives, and tied them up, putting one in the boot and the other inside their car.

    The man in the boot was later dumped near Gumeracha.

    Dr Peter Salu, prosecuting, said a mobile phone had captured a 15-minute “chilling and graphic recording” of the assault.  More

    Even the state run media doesn’t stoop that low:

    Brothers admit kidnap and violent assault


    Two brothers have admitted involvement in a violent assault and kidnapping in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide on Christmas Day in 2007.

    Their identities are suppressed because one was a youth at the time.

    The District Court was told the brothers from Syria used phone messages to lure their victim and his friend to netball courts at Golden Grove early on Christmas morning.

    With at least two others, they savagely beat both men, tied them up and put one in the boot of their car.

    He was later dumped near Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills.

    A lawyer for the elder brother said the attack was in response to racial vilification, including having the words ‘Allah is dead’ sprayed on their car.

    She said the accused feared for their family’s safety because the victim allegedly stole one of their cars and had keys to their house and businesses.

    The court was told a third party recorded the bashing because someone involved accidentally made a telephone call during the fight.

    There will be more submissions on penalty next week.

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    1. Poor Muslims – “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me?” Not if you’re a Muslim.

    2. Seen on a bus stop in an enriched area yesterday:

      (something like)
      “Guess which religion turns its kids into suicide bombers?
      Hint: Islam”

      I didn’t see any others.

    3. Exactly the same kind of reporting was seen in the British press when Keith Brown, a BNP member was stabbed to death in his own front garden by a muslim thug and his son. The muslim neighbour had poisoned several of Keith Brown’s dogs, and subjected his family to much abuse over a small land dispute (the muslim was trying to steal a piece of Keith Brown’s land).

      After the cowardly Habib Khan crept up behind Keith Brown and stabbed him in the back, he tried to hide the knife. Immediately in the news it was reported that the Brown family had subjected the muslims to years of racial abuse….. and blah-de-blah typically biased reporting.

      After the trial Habib Khan was let off with manslaughter and a jail term of 7 years (less than half is likely to be served knowing our “justice” system). I have no doubt whatsoever that by declaring the victims of these crimes “racists” the press are actually trying to justify the murders and in fact saying “it’s alright to kill whites, just remember the racist slur afterwards”!

    4. Any more reason needed why islamists are not wanted or needed. It really is about time that the moderate muslim speaks up, if he/she exists.

    5. It’s funny how in a multicultural country people are so disciminative. With all respect to all religions they are Druze not muslims! To who wants the truth the accused had his house broken into 11 times with beer bottles eggs letter boxes thrown through windows. The area of golden grove was being vandalized everyday. Cars being stolen windows smashed tyres being slashed and lives threatened everyday of the week. Wat would you do if yourself and your own flesh and blood is in danger of a loose criminal with a drug addiction who is a threat to his own life?and after numerous police reports on on these viscious terrorist attacks police were unable to bring justice upon these criminals and give this family to feel safe in their own home!

    6. of course there is evidence, but the media always tell one side of the story !!!!!!!!!!!!

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