Declaration of War: 3,000 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa

Terreblanche murder is ‘declaration of war’ by blacks

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WTF does “Far Right” stand for anyway?

Members of the far-Right AWB threatened vengeance after he was beaten to death in a dispute with two farm workers over “unpaid wages”.

If you believe that, you believe anything. The lame stream media has been deceiving us for too long to be taken seriously.

Police said he was attacked to the head with a machete and a club in his bed at his farm outside Ventersdorp, North West province, on Saturday night.

Two men, aged 21 and 15, have been charged with murder and will appear in court on Tuesday.

Andre Visagie, the AWB’s secretary-general and a leading candidate to succeed Mr Terreblanche as head of the organisation, said the party was planning its response.

“The death of Mr Terreblanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for ten years on end,” he said.

He said there was “fierce anger” among AWB members.

“They all call for revenge for Eugene TerreBlanche’s death,” he said. “There are people who threatened to start with violence. We encourage them to wait until we can launch co-ordinated actions at one time right across the country.”

He refused to rule out violence “if we don’t have any option” and appealed for foreign intervention, including the provision of arms, “to assist us to defend us in this country where the white man is being murdered every day”.

The ruling African National Congress disputed Visagie’s statement and Mr Zuma called the killing a “terrible deed”.

“South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fuelling racial hatred,” he said. “The murder of Terreblanche must be condemned, irrespective of how his killers think they may have been justified. They had no right to take his life.”

Jackson Mthembu, ANC spokesman, added: “The black community has never declared war on any other nationality in South Africa. It is in fact incorrect and these are sentiments that fuel polarisation of the South African populace.”

White South Africans are not “another nationality”. They are South Africans. They have more rights to be there than the blacks who came much later.

Nathi Mthethwa, the police minister, visited the scene of the killing, a homestead surrounded by rolling fields on the highveld plateau in North West province.

He said: “We really appeal to people not to make inflammatory statements, no matter where they come from, because they are not going to be helpful.”

“helpful” to whom?

Mr Terreblanche, 69, rose to prominence in the 1980s, campaigning for a separate white homeland and championing a tiny minority determined to preserve apartheid.

He was known for his fiery rhetoric and his white supremacist movement mounted a bombing campaign to defend apartheid. He later serving a prison sentence for the attempted murder of a black security guard.

His death came amid an ongoing controversy over the ANC Youth Leader, Julius Malema, singing an apartheid-era song that advocates killing white farmers at a rally. A South African court has ruled the song, which includes the line ‘Kill the Boer’, is illegal but the ANC has defended it as part of its heritage from the struggle against apartheid. Boer is Afrikaans for a farmer, but is often used as a disparaging term for any white in South Africa.

Opposition parties have called for called for action and highlighted the fact that more than 3,000 white farmers are estimated to have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994.

There is growing disenchantment among blacks in South Africa for whom the right to vote has not translated into jobs and better housing and education.

Some consider themselves betrayed by leaders governing the richest country on the continent and pursuing a policy of black empowerment that has made millionaires of a tiny black elite while millions remain trapped in poverty, even as whites continue to enjoy a privileged lifestyle.

“Black empowerment?”

“Whites continue to enjoy a privileged lifestyle?” Sounds like the Obama-bastard is spreading his poison. Lets spread the wealth around then and see where it leads, you miserable commie rats….

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  1. You are lucky in Australia insofar as there are many South Africans who fled there and can tell you the truth of what is going on there. When there was a huge outcry in Britain about failed asylum seekers a year or so ago, the government promptly reacted and expelled a white Rhodesian whose asylum had been refused. He was most likely the only one they could find as he was law-abiding and registered his address and reported regularly as required. For the ultimate in irony, the home office announcement was made by a Mohammed something or the other.

    Unlike many other readers, I have lived and worked there, as well as in Rhodesia. It is true that many whites live a privileged lifestyle, the same privileged lifestyle they live in in all other countries where there is need for expatriates and their skills. It is the working class whites, the bus drivers, policemen, firemen, civil servants that have suffered and suffered greviously at that. I suggest you gooogle poor whites and South Africa to get a glimmer of what is in store for you if this multicultural madness is allowed to run its course. I now live in Canada, I recently had occassion to go to the tax office, everyone behind the counter was ethnic, the whites were the ones doing the paying.

    If you are a highly skilled white in South Africa you can get a high paying job, the downturn of it is that your boss who knows sweet F.A. of the job, can barely read and write and only got the job because he is second cousin of some politician. What is even more galling is that he will earn a lot more money than you. The white head of some water system recently went public about the fact that the system was breaking down and was turning into a major health risk, he was promptly fired for “revealing state secrets” or something like that. The University of Cape Town, now multiracial accepts the fact that there is a considerable difference between black and white, if you are white you need a 90% pass to get into the school of medicine, if you are black you need 70%. The first South African white was recently granted refugee status in Canada, the South African Government promptly protested and the minister is now reviewing the decision.

  2. Payback is sweet, after murdering hundreds of thousands of blacks, how does it feel now to be the hunted?

    1. Who murdered them, Sam?

      The Role of Islam in African Slavery
      Part 1 – Obtaining slaves on the African continent

      The number of slaves “harvested” from Black Africa over the period of the Muslim Arab slave trade exceeds 11 million

      One particularly brutal practice was the mutilation of young African boys, sometimes no more than 9 or ten years old, to create eunuchs, who brought a higher price in the slave markets of the Middle East. Slave traders often created “eunuch stations” along the major African slave routes where the necessary surgery was performed in unsanitary conditions. Gordon estimates that only one out of every 10 boys subjected to the mutilation actually survived the surgery.

      Muslim slave trade

      Sam’s e-mail

  3. Sam,
    You are a fuckwit – and that is being kind!! Murdering hundreds of thousands of blacks!!! Who murdered them idiot???!!! As is usual brain dead fools like you cannot blame yourselves for what YOU did. And if you are a PC apologist the same argument holds true. The vast majority of “black” casualties were caused by blacks!! But that is common on the continent. Rwanda was simply just a more publicised incident of African murdering African, happens quite often now – and stop blaming the WEST, blame yourself. The joke is however that fools like you are destroying your own country. SA was the leading industrial country until you racist baboons (yes – tribal africans are more racist that the Europeans ever were) with the help of a PC blinded Europe managed to get into power. You are now destroying your country, lowering its standards so that you can all “feel good” about achieving nothing, destroying the real intellectual base upon which your countries success was founded because the majority of these folks don’t have black skin (and you have the nerve to call whites racist!!!!). The joke is that you are the hunted, you are destroying your home, but you are simply too stupid to see it. Sadly, for the many white folks who built SA into the regional giant that she WAS, all their efforts have been in vain because mindless baboons, whose utterances mirror the drivel you contributed in your post, are now happily destroying the country. Sheik, can you post this morons IP address?? How does it feel to be the hunted idiot?? Ask yourself when you realise what you have done!!!!

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